July, 2011:
Affordable SEO Company offer 4 SEO optimization packages based on different levels of SEO activity, the more activity the more traffic you will get and the quicker you will get it for you or your Marketing Manager the choice is as simple as that. Affordable SEO of Tampa won’t make promises they won’t keep but they will advise you on which package will be best for you based on the current performance of your website, how much traffic you want and how competitive traffic for your kind of business is.

July, 2010:
IB Systems has announced a new program – Free Website for not for profit Organization. Please apply for a program here —>

June, 2010:
IB Systems continues to sign local small businesses for SEO optimization and internet marketing services. We deliver great results and make our customers visible on the net. The goal is not only to be #1 on Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines. the ultimate goal is to increase number of leads for our clients.

May, 2010:
IB Systems has completed development of a new website based on the Open Source technology: PHP, MYSQL and Drupal CMS.The application has been developed based on the Technical Specification document developed by IB Systems. IB Systems will be providing support and maintenance of the application for the company.

February, 2010:
IB Systems signs new local clients to provide SEO optimization and internet marketing. A new web shopping cart application has been delivered – The application has been developed utilizing the Open Source technology: PHP, MySQL and Drupal CMS

December, 2009:
New clients were signed to provide IT Support, Web application development and SEO/Web Marketing services. IB Systems has been approved to provide maintenance of the Lotus Notes/Domino application for Prudential Financial. IB Systems has been approved by IBM to resale the IBM X-server for Lotus Foundations appliances. IB Systems has been also approved as vendor for the Federal Universal Service Fund programs. IB Systems is in negotiation with local Florida companies to provide SEO and web development projects.

October, 2009:
IB Systems has signed up two new local clients to provide IT and Networks Support. In the beginning of September IB Systems started to provide a Lotus Notes and Domino administration support for a client located in NJ. We are currently negotiating a couple of contracts with clients in Florida to provide Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services.

May, 2009:
IB Systems installs IBM™’s new bundled small business, network solution, Lotus Foundations, in Tampa Bay area business. Windows compatible, Lotus Foundations from IBM™’s is designed to support 5 to 200 users and is delivered as a turnkey IBM™ network. Lotus foundations includes an IBM™ server, operating and applications software, robust system security as well as many other features to support small businesses with little to no internal IT resources. Scalable to each application, IBM™’s most recent installation of Lotus Foundations supports 15 users, hosts multiple existing Windows applications via Foundation’s VM ware, and multiple sites for the client’s various operating units. IBSI is Florida’s sole IBM™ Lotus Foundations business partner. IBM™ small business financing available.

May, 2009:
IB Systems completes ground up development of B2C website with CMS created in Drupal environment. Site deployment prior to June 1, 2009, client acceptance testing completed.

April, 2009:
IB Systems completes and launches large website for international commercial property developer. With offices in the United States and Greece, client requirements included marketing of multiple services and solutions offered by this multi-national firm.

April, 2009:
IB Systems undertakes two web marketing, SEO projects, for regional as well as national search placement objectives.

April, 2009:
IB Systems completes two website projects for Orlando advertising agency. Deploying a combination of limited flash utilization with extensive HTML development, IB Systems was able to deliver both projects within demanding budget constraints.

January, 2009:
IB Systems continues to expand its long term relationship with IBM. IB Systems agrees to become IBM’s first Florida based LOTUS FOUNDATIONS business partner upon conclusion of annual Lotusphere conference held each January in Orlando. Lotus Foundations is IBM’s new turnkey small business server solution.

September, 2008:
IBSI concludes eighteen month development project for long standing client, Prudential Insurance. Development environment for project was Lotus Notes.

March, 2008:
IB Systems offer of a Free SEO Report that shows your business how high they are ranked among their competitors when being searched by key phrases that are detrimental to their business has kept us very busy with many such requests and resulted in new clients and potential new clients. We have begun providing SEO (search engine optimization) for a couple of new clients and the development of several new custom websites. SEO is becoming a really key aspect in the internet marketing strategy. SEO has been important for several years among the larger businesses, keeping them a top of most search engines, but as of late small businesses are realizing that it is a necessity in order to compete in their industries over the World Wide Web.
It is important to start early with SEO and not fall behind in this race for search engine popularity. The sooner a company begins their optimization process the less competition they will have to worry about and the more money they can save on this crucial service. Therefore businesses have to choose wisely and confidently in the provider for such services.
IB Systems is a company that has been in business for over 13 years and what has kept us in business and successful for all this time is our belief in making sure that our clients get the very best service possible, we are always updating our technologies and offering our clients the very best and newest solutions for very fair prices. So if you want your company to get ahead in the internet marketing race contact us for a Free SEO Report (this will show you where you stand in the rankings for the key phrases that matter most to your business).

November, 2007:
Prudential Financial, a longstanding IB Systems client, awards IBSI a long term project to develop new internal applications in Prudential’s Lotus Notes environment. The project, which includes IBSI placing a Lotus Notes resource dedicated to this project, includes ongoing support and maintenance once the project is complete.

August, 2007:
IB Systems has been involved in some significant and valuable ventures in the past few months. We have completed two large RFPs, one for Family Resources, and another for Florida Suncoast Tourism Promotions. Both proposals are very interesting and could potentially lead to the development of very intricate websites, implicitly benefiting the Tampa Bay community. Additionally, we recently finished developing two other websites: one for Deeb Family Homes ( and the second for Hunters Ridge Villas (
One of our newest clients is Suncoast Sales LLC; we have been providing them with tremendous service accomplished by our IT Support team who has been taking care of all their IT needs. Our partner relationship has been very successful, as we have helped them increase their efficiency in and out of the office, which materialized by raising their profits by 25% in their last quarter. Currently, we are in the middle of creating a website for Wallpaper Mart. The company has been a family owned wallpaper, flooring, and borders store since 1983, and offers more than 900 patterns of in-stock wallpaper and borders from which to select.
Looking from an outsourcing perspective, we have placed a few developers among some well know companies. At Prudential qw have placed the senior Lotus Notes developers and architects. We hope this leads to more arrangements like this in the future, and other prospective developments with Prudential. Furthermore, we have become members of the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce, and are looking forward to participating in the outstanding chamber events and hopefully contribute to our community with other affiliate Clearwater Chamber members.

November, 2003:
IBM developerWorks publishes “Creating dynamic categorized views” by A. Hovhannisyan. As the number of documents in a Domino database grows, categorized views become increasingly important. By clicking on categories and drilling down to the last level, users can filter out redundant information and find the documents they want faster and easier. When you create a categorized view, you have a choice of displaying it as a Java applet or as an HTML view. Applet views have the same features as native Notes client views. But they take a fair amount of time to load, and as the number of documents grows, view applets are known to show some problematic behavior.

September, 2003:
IB Systems completes installation Websphere Portal for Integreyted International.

June, 2003:
IB Systems is certified to conduct business with Florida State(SNAPS II program) The State of Florida awarded IB Systems a State Negotiated Agreement Price Schedule (SNAPS II) contract. SNAPS II is a vehicle that enables Florida State Agencies, Local Government entities, and other eligible users to obtain products and services at highly competitive prices. SNAPS II is established for a one (1) year term, and may be extended for up to three additional one year terms.

May, 2003:
IB Systems becomes Microsoft Business Partner to provide broader IT consulting services for its small business clients in Florida. IB Systems will provide support and maintenance of Microsoft Windows 2003, .NET frameworks, SharePoint Portal Server.

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