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Matt Cutts Answers More Questions About SEO

Matt Cutts Google SEO 300x178 Matt Cutts Answers More Questions About SEOWe’re going to talk about more questions and answers from Google engineer, Matt Cutts today. In fact, we have a really interesting one first up. A YouTube user asked him where he saw Google search 10 years from now and Cutts responded that he envisioned the search engine becoming much smarter. It would be integrated fully into augmented reality devices, include voice search, and may even be able to synthesize information. So, if you were to make a search for the top ten movies of all time, it should come back with results pulled from multiple sources to create a list for you.

Another question had to do with javascript and SEO. The user wanted to know if it would be okay to disallow Google from crawling javascript and Cutts responded that it’s fine to add nofollow tags to specific attributes or URLs in the javascript, but it’s not recommended to disallow all javascript. You see, when Google runs javascript, it can figure out a lot about your site and learn more about other pages on your site. It’s a much better idea to allow than disallow, across the board. Continue reading Matt Cutts Answers More Questions About SEO

Sunset at Clearwater Beach Florida

Sailing Into the sinset sm wm Sunset at Clearwater Beach Florida

My favorite time of the day is the sunset time and especially since I’ve moved to Clearwater Beach FL a few months ago.

I can watch sunset every day and will not get bored. Each sunset is different…

Here is one sunset picture I would like to share with you


Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress Development and SEO

wordpress logo we design 300x186 Matt Cutts from Google on Wordpress Development and SEO

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When building a website, you may be curious as to what platform to use. What works best? What does Google prefer? According to Matt Cutts from Google, they actually prefer WordPress development because it’s easy to use and provides clean design that is super easy for Google to crawl. This means your site is more likely to be indexed, which means it’ll be easier for people to find you using a search engine. For this very reason, WordPress design is perfect for those wanting to have a website that ranks high in the search engines without having to invest a ton of time.

That’s the key here: WordPress is like one massive shortcut for SEO implementation. You don’t need to get bogged down in the details. You don’t need to be an expert. What you do need, however, is to know how to use the tools you have at your disposal and the impact they will have on your site’s reputation.

When working in WordPress development, you should know that plugins are extremely useful. Plugins save you a ton of time. If you had to manually create pages, link them, and add SEO tactics to each, you’d have no hours left in the day to create compelling content–which is the whole point for having a site in the first place. Matt Cutts recommends a few plugins in particular as being especially helpful like Cookies for Comments, Feedburner, Enforce WWW, and WP Super Cache. All of these streamline site management and provide for a more pleasant end-user experience. Continue reading Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress Development and SEO

Major Brands Receive SEO Punishment Just Like Everyone Else

SMX Google Conference Major Brands Receive SEO Punishment Just Like Everyone Else

When modifying your website to implement SEO, you might be concerned about how you’ll compare up against some of the major brands out there. You might think that you have no chance at all of competing. However, this isn’t the case. You see, if a major brand makes numerous search engine optimization mistakes on its website, it will be penalized. Yes, just like every other website out there.

A lot of people used to think (and still think) that Google treats major brands differently that everyone else. The thinking is that since these brands already have national visibility, it doesn’t matter if they optimize their websites properly or not. They will be listed first in the search engine results for their industry because they are popular.

Just recently at SMX West, Matt Cutts was asked some specific questions about this very topic. Someone asked why major brands can spam like crazy and get away with it? Cutts’ answer? He said that all major brands are penalized by the search engine all the time, it’s just not so obvious because they don’t go around announcing this fact to the world. These big companies are likely embarrassed by their penalization so they don’t make mention of it or even seek assistance to fix it. It’s just not good publicity.

It’s rather interesting because if you search for a product, a major brand in that industry is almost always likely to show up at the top of the search results. However, it’s hard to test for penalties unless you watch the same search results daily over several weeks and note placement changes.

SEO is a lot trickier than people think and a lot of the time, major brands don’t invest in this area because they think they can get by on name recognition alone. Because they don’t hire dedicated people to this task, they kind of just guess at it and likely use very outdated practices to optimize their sites. This results in ineffective SEO at best and terrible optimization at worst that punishes your site rather than helps it. It’s feasible that many major brands fall into this latter category, and what’s sad, is they have the resources to change this and actually optimize their sites properly.

In any case, it ought to be refreshing to hear from Mr. Cutts himself that big companies have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

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Raytheon has created a system to spy on users of social networks

U.S. company Raytheon jointly with the U.S. government has developed a technology that can follow people and predict their movements on the basis of data from social networks. Software solution, the development of which lasted for two years, was named Riot – Rapid Information Overlay Technology. The new system, which resembles a search engine makes it possible to obtain detailed information about a particular person, including a list of his friends, he visited the place and other details.

An important feature is the ability to predict Riot users move further. For this, the system not only uses data from Facebook, but the GPS-coordinates of Foursquare, as well as information from the micro-blogging on Twitter. After analyzing the patterns of user behavior, Riot can make a chart with the most frequently visited by the user specifying the time and places of visits.

Raytheon to sell their development is not intended. The company, which is among the largest providers of solutions to the national security, plans to use new technology to improve its products.

A Few Words About Panda Updates

GooglePanda 287x300 A Few Words About Panda UpdatesIf you keep abreast of anything having to do with SEO, you’ve likely heard of Google Panda before. Panda is Google’s latest algorithm. They use this to determine how websites rank on the search engine and what attributes go into this determination. Since people tailor their content to meet what they think the algorithm contains, Google is always having to roll out updates to keep one step ahead of spammers.

One of the latest Panda updates is slated to be released at the end of this week or the beginning of the next, according to Matt Cutts. This is big news for those who work in search engine optimization as well as anybody who has a website (and they want it to rank well). Basically, this is important for just about everyone to know.

When Panda first debuted in 2011, its goal was to ensure the sites that appeared at the top of any search query were of high quality. That trend is continuing as new updates are released. The newest one is slated for release either March 15 or March 18 and it’s currently unclear as to what specifically will be changed. That’s one of the more frustrating parts of the Google algorithm: no one knows exactly what they contain, only the effects they have on live websites.

Continue reading A Few Words About Panda Updates

Why Small Businesses Needs SEO

Small Business and SEO Why Small Businesses Needs SEOWhen building a website or trying to promote your company, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind: SEO. You see, without search engine optimization, no one will be able to find your site and if people can’t find your site, they won’t become patrons of your business. Small businesses thrive on the Internet. With more and more brick and mortar stores closing up shop, online is where it’s at. But how can you take advantage of this prosperous space? And why do you need to in the first place?

For starters, small businesses need to pay attention to how their businesses are promoted online because it’s actually very inexpensive. You don’t have to invest really anything to utilize online marketing. You can implement search engine optimization yourself and increase the amount of traffic your site receives. If that traffic is targeted, you should see a rise in sales as well.

Another thing spending time on SEO can do for your small business is to increase brand awareness for company. Over time, how you market your site and business will have a direct impact on how your company is perceived by the public. It’s very hard for small businesses to complete against corporations, however. With online marketing, you can boost your site ahead in search engine rankings and allow more people to find out about you, even if they don’t know your company by name at first.

As we mentioned earlier, how you optimize your site will play directly into who visits you. Now, you want to increase the number of people that visit your site, of course, but you also want to make sure the people that visit are actually interested in what you’re selling. Targeted traffic is key for success here.

Small businesses also need to utilize SEO because it can actually produce more sales. Over time, as your site climbs up the search engine rankings, people will begin to notice it and start to buy more things from you. The key is to produce compelling content on a regular basis that attracts attention, both from readers and from search engines. This will keep people coming back for more and produce positive sales numbers for you.

Finally, using search engine optimization allows you to keep tabs on what tactics work best for you. That is, you can see what keywords and strategies attract the most attention. These things can become a part of your long term marketing efforts.

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Selling PageRank Links is an SEO No-No

SEO Links Exchange Selling PageRank Links is an SEO No NoWhen building up your website, it’s important to think about how you’re going to promote yourself. Online, this usually means creating and implementing an effective search engine optimization or SEO campaign. This can involve the use of keywords, linking, and targeted ads to increase your site’s page rank or where it rests in search engine rankings. However, if you abuse the best practices, you could wind up punishing your site and casting it to the back of the results.

One way people do this is to sell PageRank links. Selling pages that pass PageRank is in violation of Google’s usage guidelines. This has been so for years yet the search engine still has to remind people of this fact on occasion.

If anybody approaches you and offers to pay for links on your site, don’t do it. The selling of links isn’t allowed and can cause your site to be heavily penalized by Google. Your site will be dropped down in the rankings and won’t be as highly trusted as it was in the past. This will also cause your PageRank to drop. You may even find your site showing up deeper in search results than it did previously.

You’ll likely be warned at first before serious action is taken, especially if this is your first offense. Still, why take the risk? You work hard on building up your site’s SEO, so why would you compromise that on a simple scheme? Your site is worth more than that so you should treat it as such.

If you do get caught selling PageRank links, you need to act quickly to remedy the situation. Your first task is to make sure any links that you pay for on your website don’t pass PageRank. Remove them or the pages they appear on to be safe. Another thing you can do if you really want to include paid links is to include the re=”nofollow” attribute on them. This can save you a lot of trouble. Once you’ve fixed the problem, you can send in a reconsideration request to Google to make sure the site is no longer in violation. From there, you’ll receive either approval or disapproval depending on if the fixes you made are deemed acceptable.

Google doesn’t joke around about this, so be mindful of selling PageRank links so you don’t lose your current status in the search results and damage all of the hard work you put into building up your SEO campaign.

SEO Optimization Using Link Schemes

Inbound Links SEO SEO Optimization Using Link Schemes You likely know by now that SEO, or search engine optimization, requires significant dedication and commitment. While you may be familiar with some aspects of the practice, you may not know all the details. And in this case, the details are very important. They will take you from a moderately successful campaign to a very successful one. They will also prevent you from encountering problems with search engines when they change their algorithms.

Link schemes are something that people used to do with great abundance as a part of SEO optimization. It was just the way to go. However, search engines like Google will now punish you for doing it, which could knock your site back down to the bottom of search engine rankings. That would mean all your hard work building up an SEO campaign would go out the window.

So, what is a link scheme exactly? Well, normally a search engine evaluates the links that point toward your website. These links indicate what your site is about and how popular it is. A link scheme occurs when you’ve done something to manipulate the links that point to your site in some way. This can manifest itself in many different ways and can seriously injure your site’s rank.

A few examples that you’ll want to avoid for SEO optimization include buying links. This could mean exchanging money for links, goods, services, or what have you. It could also mean exchanging blog posts filled with links as well. Link exchanges are another red flag to search engines. This occurs when people link to each other and it’s completely mutual. This can seem a bit too targeted and may punish your site. Having links from sites with poor reputations or linking to such sites can be negative as well. There are programs you can use to automate the link building process. This is also a violation.

Some other things you should avoid when building a SEO optimization plan is putting links all over content for no reason, directory pages, widgets with text links, the same link used in the footer of a site over and over again, and optimized forum posts. Being careful is the best way to go in terms of preventing damage to your page rank due to poor link scheme practices. Make sure you’re following the latest protocols and making links in good faith. That’s all you really need to do to stay on the up and up.

What You Need to Know About SEO This Year

seo 07 What You Need to Know About SEO This Year

What You Need to Know About SEO This Year

So, you likely already know that your website needs proper search engine optimization to be successful. However, standards change each year and you may not be one hundred percent certain on what you need to do on your site in 2013. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

You should start using the rel=author tag on your pages and blog posts. This can help show the influence of your blog and keep you connected to other authors insights that may have a better reputation than yours. All of this can work to build your site’s ranking.

Another thing you need to do for SEO  this year is to utilize social search at every opportunity. This means utilizing Google +1 shares, Facebook shares, and other social media sharing tools. This will help more people find your site and spread your content easily. The easier you make sharing for your visitors, the more likely it is you’ll see an increase in traffic.

Continue reading What You Need to Know About SEO This Year

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