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Matt Cutts Answers SEO Questions About Common Mistakes, HTTP Vary: User-Agent and Negative SEO

Matt Cutts Google SEO May 2013 300x169 Matt Cutts Answers SEO Questions About Common Mistakes, HTTP Vary: User Agent and Negative SEOIt’s time once again to dive into some answers Google engineer, Matt Cutts, provided to questions on his YouTube channel. Hopefully his answers will give you the tools you need to make significant improvements in your own SEO strategies.

The first question we’re going to cover has to do with the most common mistakes people make regarding optimization and what web masters can be doing better. He first points out that not having a crawlable website is offense number one. Another common mistake is failing to use the right wording or keywords. He suggests thinking about what the user will type into Google and use those phrases in your site optimization tactics. Make business information as accessible as possible like business hours and things like that.

The next question has to do with the HTTP Vary: User-Agent header and whether or not Google still recommends using it. Normally, when you visit a website, it is cached so you don’t have to put a load on the server every time you visit it. However, if you’re visiting from different devices (like a desktop and a smartphone), it’s important that the server sends you the appropriate version of the site. Inserting an HTTP Vary: User-Agent header in your site’s header will tell the server which version of the site to load depending on what device you access it from. Google still suggests using this even though Akamai no longer supports it. Continue reading Matt Cutts Answers SEO Questions About Common Mistakes, HTTP Vary: User-Agent and Negative SEO

Where Will SEO Be in the Next Few Months for Google?

Matt Cutts Google What is next SEO Where Will SEO Be in the Next Few Months for Google? It’s time yet again to take a look at one of Matt Cutts’ videos and break it down into bite-sized chunks of usable information. Cutts is the chief engineer at Google and at the beginning of May, a user wrote in to ask about where SEO would be in the next couple of months for Google.

The key thing he suggests for people to do is build a great website. Have good content and share it with the people you know. However, in terms of what Google is doing, he cautions that plans could change, but at the moment, they’ve just finished up the next generation of Penguin. It’s called Penguin 2.0 and goes a bit more in depth with catching poor quality content. According to Cutts, the update will affect 2.3% of regular U.S. search queries on Google. He notes that it’s the second update to the algorithm they’ve launched and he encourages anyone who spots a spam site under this new algorithm to report it to Google. They are always looking to improve!

Another thing they’re doing is looking at advertorials and other things that violate their quality guidelines. Basically, if you pay for reviews on a site, it shouldn’t flow PageRank. They’re also looking at a new way to conduct link analysis. It’s in the earliest stages of development right now, but Cutts feels it’s looking promising. Continue reading Where Will SEO Be in the Next Few Months for Google?

Affordable SEO Now Offers Negative SEO Remediation Services

Affordable SEO
28870 US Hwy 19 North
Suite #336
Clearwater, FL 33761

Affordable SEO Now Offers Negative SEO Remediation Services

May 20, 2013 — Clearwater, FL — Optimizing websites is big business; so big that some people are using unscrupulous tactics to rig the system. They’re implementing negative SEO to push down competitor’s sites in the rankings, subsequently boosting their own. Thanks to Affordable SEO, however, website owners now have a way to fight back against this injustice. It’s called negative SEO remediation.

These services both identify and repair damage caused by negative SEO tactics. Business owners in the Clearwater, Florida area no longer need to fear what their competitors may be doing behind their backs.

Negative SEO remediation service offerings include confirming whether or not people are trying to negatively impact search engine rankings of a site and implementing fixes that target site scraping, poor backlinking schemes, slow site load times, bad reviews, and more. There’s no reason to sit idly by while others attempt to tear down companies using these unethical means.

Affordable SEO gives business owners a way to fight back.

About Affordable SEO

Based in Clearwater, FL, Affordable SEO offers a wide range of SEO services to bolster the reputations of online businesses. Both onsite and offsite optimization services are available, the newest of which is negative SEO remediation.

Is My Website Affected by Negative SEO?

negative seo 006 300x203 Is My Website Affected by Negative SEO?Continuing on the topic of the negative SEO I started a couple of weeks ago.  It’s been a couple of busy weeks as we started to offer a new service, the negative SEO remediation.

It’s obvious now that the negative SEO has arrived and is not going anywhere for a while. So you as a website owner have a couple of choices, (a) get used to it and wait till Google comes up with the fix (b) do something about it.

I don’t think the solution (a) is acceptable for anybody as the effect of negative SEO is to downgrade the reputation of your website which subsequently leads to the downgrade of the ranking. Even if your website seems to be doing fine in terms of the ranking eventually you will start seeing results of the negative SEO as traffic slow down and ranking degradation. Then it will take much more effort to address the effect of it. My recommendation is don’t put it on hold and instead proactively remediate the negative SEO.

Here is what you can do to proactively monitor the negative SEO with Google’s rudimentary tools. Well … we have not had these tools a year ago and despite my extensive unhappiness with Google’s effort on improving the remediation tools, I am glad there is a set of tools which may help you to keep the negative SEO at bay. Continue reading Is My Website Affected by Negative SEO?

A Brief Look at How to Build a Mobile SEO-Friendly Website

mbile seo iphone interface 182x300 A Brief Look at How to Build a Mobile SEO Friendly WebsiteDeveloping your online presence is about more than simply building a website nowadays. You also have to think about the presentation of your site on mobile devices. Beyond looks, you need to think about search engine optimization or SEO as well. this might sound intimidating at first, but we promise it’s fairly straightforward once you get a handle on the basics.

There are a couple of different types of mobile sites you can build that employ mobile SEO. First up is responsive web design. These sites use the same HTML on all versions of the site but different CSS is loaded depending on what device you view the site on. If you decide to build a site this way, you’ll need to use an @media only screen that has a max-width value of 640px. This will ensure the optimum presentation of your content on a smartphone-sized device.

Now, you could also offer different HTML from the same URL. This is called dynamic serving and is a server side specification that offers up different HTML and CSS depending what device you use to request information from a URL. Same URL, different content, pretty much.

Another thing you can do for mobile SEO is to use the Vary HTTP header. This tells the server to consider the device being used before serving up a page from the cache. It can also tell Googlebot about the mobile version of your site.

Your last option is to use different URLs for your regular site content and your mobile content. So, if someone visits your site from a desktop, they’ll get the regular version of your site but if someone visits from a mobile device, they’ll get the mobile URL, which is usually something along the lines of

All of these methods are suitable for developing a good mobile SEO strategy, however, the first two are preferable because they are the easiest for Googlebot to crawl and it’s more likely for your mobile site to be cached faster these ways.

Truly, developing a site for mobile devices isn’t all that different from developing one for your standard desktop, however, there are some things to keep in mind in order to make your mobile site easy to find by the search engines. As you know, SEO is vital for improving site visibility. So it stands to reason that taking your mobile site into account will further boost your rankings.

A few words about Negative SEO

Negative SEO technique A few words about Negative SEONegative SEO is not something new as I think it has been used for a number of years. These days Google search engine updates (Penguin and Panda) have made search engine filtering more sophisticated and at the same time it has made Negative SEO more efficient and easy implemented. More and more cases of Negative SEO have been seen lately. That’s why I find that it’s very important to know how to protect your website from the Negative SEO and how to remediate effects of Negative SEO.

Okey let’s start. First thing first. What is the Negative SEO?

The term “Negative SEO” is pretty much self explanatory. However I will try to explain it in layman terms.

Negative SEO is a black hat SEO technique that leads to downgrading a website ranking (SERP) for lead keywords and may also lead to the website ban or to even placing a website into the “sand box“.

If your website is affected by Negative SEO (and we will talk later about how to recognize that) then most likely it’s done by your competition.

It does not take too much time nor knowledge in white hat SEO to apply Negative SEO to a website you don’t appreciate. There is a number of companies with roots most likely outside of the US which offer Negative SEO services.

To be continued …

Matt Cutts Answers Questions About SEO Links, Archives, and Reconsideration Requests

Matt Cutts Google SEO 20130430 300x201 Matt Cutts Answers Questions About SEO Links, Archives, and Reconsideration RequestsIt’s that time of week once again where we sit down and talk about some recent answers Google engineer, Matt Cutts, provided to questions about common search engine optimization problems.

First up is a question about using the same anchor text for several internal links on a site. The user was concerned that by doing this, he’d cause his site to be penalized. Cutts explains that for the vast majority of websites, internal links with the same anchor text won’t cause harm to your rank. While there are exceptions to this rule, it’s generally not something you’re going to have to worry about.

The second SEO question has to do with launching a site with hundreds of thousands of pages at once. The user wanted to know if doing this would penalize the site or make it difficult for Google to crawl. Cutts explained that while there’s nothing wrong about doing this, it may require the webspam team to take a look at it before it can rank. Likewise, Cutts recommends rolling out the content over time to make it a bit easier on everyone. A few thousand pages at a time, perhaps. Continue reading Matt Cutts Answers Questions About SEO Links, Archives, and Reconsideration Requests

Sunset in Clearwater Beach

It’s very relaxing to watch a sunset and especially in Clearwater Beach FL.

I leave at Clearwater Beach Florida these days and like to watch sunsets almost every day. Today’s sunset is different from yesterday’s and tomorrow’s sunset will be different from today’s.

Enjoy a beautiful Clearwater Beach sunset captured on Monday, April 22 2013.

Matt Cutts Answers Questions About Domain Names, Page Ranking, and Unnatural Links

Google SEO Webmaster Tools 300x212 Matt Cutts Answers Questions About Domain Names, Page Ranking, and Unnatural LinksIt’s that time of the week once again, where we look at some of the questions Google engineer, Matt Cutts has been asked and the answers he provided. Hopefully, this will give you some good insights into current SEO practices and what you can do to further optimize your website.

The first question had to do with someone wanting to buy a domain name that used to be full of spam and whether or not he’d be able to rank with new content. Cutts said that it largely depends on what kind of spam currently sits on the site. If it’s just manual spam, or bad SEO content, then the user could feasibly clean this up and submit a reconsideration to Google. It may take some time but recovery is totally possible. If algorithmic spam was used, however, where a bunch of spammy links point to this domain, it may be best to pass on it and look for a domain that hasn’t already been thrashed. Continue reading Matt Cutts Answers Questions About Domain Names, Page Ranking, and Unnatural Links

Matt Cutts Answers Questions About PankRank, 301 Redirects, and Link Purchasing


Matt Cutts Google SEO 20130415 300x202 Matt Cutts Answers Questions About PankRank, 301 Redirects, and Link PurchasingIt’s that time once again where we look at some recent questions and answers offered up by head Google engineer, Matt Cutts. As the resident SEO expert, he provides detailed answers to people all over the world about how they can make their sites rank higher in the search engine.

First of all, a user asked how much PageRank dissipates when you use a 301 redirect. People have started using 301s thinking they will preserve more PageRank for their sites than using regular links. However, Cutts quickly asserts that 301s and links carry the same weight so it’s always best to just use what makes the most sense for your purposes.

The second question Cutts answered had to do with backlinks. A user asked why some sites with poor quality backlinks still manage to rank high for certain keywords. Cutts asserted that it may just be a case where the algorithm hasn’t gotten good enough yet to catch everything. It may also be that the links the user saw weren’t the entire picture of the site. That is, the site might have had some great backlinks that the user missed, giving the false impression that the site was filled with SEO spam. Continue reading Matt Cutts Answers Questions About PankRank, 301 Redirects, and Link Purchasing

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