What’s The Story On Google’s Pay Day Loan Algorithm?

640px Payday loan shop window1 135x300 What’s The Story On Google’s Pay Day Loan Algorithm?With much anticipation in their war on spammy websites, Google’s heralded Payday Loan Algorithm hasn’t lived up to what it was cracked up to be.

Website owners, spam watchers, and SEO optimization experts have all been chomping at the bit regarding seeing this software do its job in getting the spam off the search engine and allowing legitimate sites to see their day in the higher rankings.  After the announcement that the software was up and running, aficionados watched intently to see the results.  So far they’re not satisfied even from the responses of Google’s SEO expert Matt Cutts who enlightens the public on everything Google and SEO related issues.

It was on June 12, 2014 that Cutts made the announcement that the software was up and running but so far the satisfaction level just isn’t there for the public.  Lots of speculation is emerging from experts in SEO and those on the sidelines.  The Payday Loan software was touted as a something like a dream come true.  Something the hard working website owner or webmaster could count on to give them a fighting chance against the black hat spammers who often thwart the search engines and dominate the top rankings.  They populate Google with low end quality content written by hack writers from third world countries.  The average and above average website owner and webmaster doesn’t have a chance nowadays.

That being said, it’s going to take serious vigilance to see where this SEO algorithm is going and whether the spammers can compromise it.  It’s like as soon as Google gets ahead these people are right on their tail and they’ve got to start all over again.

The Payday Loan 3.0 algorithm follows the Panda 4 software that Google initiated recently to do somewhat of the same thing.  One might think that with this one two punch that Google would be well down the road to beating back the spammers but so far no flags or fireworks of celebration have been seen.  It may be that due to the sheer volume, perhaps billions and billions of spammy websites are too much for the algorithms to handle in a speedy manner and may well take weeks or months to show results to a satisfactory degree.  If that’s the case then it could be a double edged sword for Google in that by the time the software takes hold and shows results, the spammers and black hatters will have back engineered things and Google will be back where they started.

It’s all about the math here.  With billions of people on the web and millions of spammers and those who would undermine things for greed, it may call upon Google to really pour on the heat and find a way to combat it all.  It may take something drastic that will upend the SEO world but something has to be done before someone else comes up with a search engine that can’t be compromised and Google will go the way of Yahoo.

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A Business Needs The Best SEO Service

SEO Great Reputation 300x199 A Business Needs The Best SEO ServiceIf one has a business presence on the web then it is paramount that it uses the best SEO service available.  That being said, here are some things to look out for when searching for one.

A great SEO service is one that stands by you every step of the way.  They won’t cut and run once the job is done.  Making sure they apply the smartest and most efficient SEO service depends a lot on what you do in concert with them.

First of all an SEO service is going to ask you a lot of questions and vice versa.  This is part of the evaluation process both sides should take enthusiasm in. Reason being is because no two company websites should be alike and one’s unique business signature should resonate on the site and the SEO service should recognize it or emphasize its importance.  An SEO service will analyze what you alredy have or will walk with you as you develop your site giving tips and such along the way.  This is vital in that it lays the foundation of work well done and nothing left unfinished yet enough room for future improvement.

A website shouldn’t be a static thing.  Optimizing it along with its changes is what a good SEO service should do.  They know that the number of staff members of your business may increase as well as services you provide and that your market may expand or diversify.  New technologies and techniques may emerge and you’ll want that information on your site and the search engines to know about it.  The seo experts are fully aware of these issues and will strategize with you to ensure you capitalize on each contingency.  They may introduce you to methods and terms you’re unfamiliar with so you’ll have to do your own due diligence to maintain your education and responsibilities.

Simple things done to a website can drastically improve your search engine results and these may include:

Simple design.  Keep It Simple is a catch phrase that embodies what experts on the web use all the time it seems.  It has its benefits as your clientele want information not wildly elaborate websites with all the bells and whistles and no valuable content.

Easy navigation.  Finding one’s way around the website allows for the customers to see what you have, where to contact you and other vital information.  Not having a well navigable website means you offer confusion and frustration not service and education.

Get organic.  Etting organic traffic is the best.  It means the people finding your site are interested directly in what you have and the SEO service you choose should be well aware of the importance of organic traffic and how to gather it.  Anything less is money and time wasted.

Again, an SEO service isn’t one that will cut and run after a day or two.  They won’t make grandiose claims of getting your site to the top spot on Google in an hour or any other such nonsense.  SEO takes time and planning and has to grow.  Anyone or service that claims otherwise is lying through their teeth and are only out to make a fast buck and leave you dangling on the web.  Remember, fine SEO service takes expertise, strategy, planning, great communication and responsibility.

Check customer satisfaction and don’t fall for fake reviews.  You’ll know from the start if the company offering SEO service is legit or not by the way they conduct themselves.  Pushy, arrogant, grandiose behavior are all indicators of a scammer.  Keep on your toes and you’ll find the right SEO service for your business.

Google’s Panda 4.0 Changes The Game

panda4 255x300 Google’s Panda 4.0 Changes The GameHere’s the game changer coming as Google has announced that their next version of their search engine will use their Panda 4.0 algorithm.

Google is doing this for one primary reason.  Results that bring more quality sites to the fore and not those spammy, hack sites that SEO marketers have put out by the millions.  Those pages with low quality content and crammed with keywords and keyphrases gum up the search engines and result in poor quality returns on search queries by the public.

This upgrade of their Panda SEO software algorithm is sending shockwaves throughout the internet.  Google being the largest of the search engines means people who are into the web for money making use it to promote their goods and services.  From websites to blogs and more, Google is the place to be if you want that global exposure.  That being said, underhanded and unscrupulous types have been taking advantage of the old algorithms by using an y number of devious methods that Google has had to battle from the ground floor up.  With Panda 4.0, Google hopes to put the bad guys in check and get the quality content to the fore.

The amount of concern about SEO and Panda 4.0 has webmasters the world over scrambling to catch up but it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to for quite a while.  Google is getting better at staying ahead of the rotten webmasters who use every tactic they can to get to the top of the search engine pages.  There aren’t just a few hundred working on beating Google, we’re talking about millions.  Their livelihoods depend on them propping their websites in the top SE results where they mostly divert searchers to less than reputable results such as spamware, malware, and adware. These webmasters know SEO inside out and have been a plague to Google and other search engines for years.  Changing their algorithms with Panda 4.0 allows for Google to thwart these underhanded attempts and allow the average web surfer to get the search engine results they deserve.

Panda 4.0 was developed just for this contingency.  Google’s tech specialists looked at every tactic and technique they could get their computers on and strategized with their programmers to come up with a solution that they feel will be the game changer regarding SEO.  Google has to have the best relevant SE results or surfers will get frustrated and turn away.  We’ve all been victim of these websites that have been SEO’d to within an inch of their lives and rise to the top of the SE results and come to find out that nothing worth of value is on the pages.  We end up going deep into the pages for the real results burning up valuable time and effort.  Google realized this and went to work developing Panda 4.0 to put a damper on these tactics and thereby bring about the kind of search engine results that surfers deserve and honest, competent websites do too.

Things You Need To Know About Social Marketing

social media marketing seo 300x277 Things You Need To Know About Social MarketingBusiness nowadays is relying more and more on the advances of social media.  The social media websites and venues are growing at an alarming rate and marketers are often challenged on how to utilize them best in their business.  There are emerging solid routes to better efficiency but it takes a good deal of common sense and ingenuity to fully exploit what social media marketing has to offer.

The biggest danger in learning social media marketing is to avoid the know-it-all gurus who put out ads and courses of such expense you could buy a car instead.  You’ve seen these ads where some guy in a t-shirt and jeans is posing in some tropical region with a pina colada drink in one hand, a hot sports car and mansion in the back and a good looking woman in a bikini on his lap.  This is all bull and that so called guru is making money by selling guru stuff not expertise in social media marketing. The best route is to use common sense and study on your own and be innovative when it’s smart to do so.

First of all don’t be a know-it-all yourself.  Realize that you have a learning curve that is made up of smaller learning curves and organizing your study time is important so that you don’t miss a step.  Knowing the tools and terminology of social media marketing is the first step.  The language changes every week as new technologies and techniques emerge but knowing the basics will allow you to have something to stand on.  Then as new terms and software, techniques emerge, your learning curves will be less of a challenge.  Again, knowing what you’re doing is the first step.

Once you’ve got your training in it’s time to go to work.  You have a brand that you’re trying to raise trust in so that you can sell and raise capital.  You don’t just jump into a social media group and start blabbing about yourself or plastering spammy ads and messages all over or you’ll be asking for trouble.

This is where the most important part of your social media marketing comes in, trust.  Without people trusting your brand you are not going anywhere.  You’ll be sitting there with people dropping you from their contact and friends lists and reporting you for being an annoyance and spammy.  You would literally have to start over from scratch and that’s not easy.  Trust is built up over time and with smart communication and follow through.  Joining a social media site you should play things soft, don’t ever get involved in arguments regarding politics and religion and don’t let anyone get you angry.  Let your conversations lead to your skills and services.

In addition to knowing what you’re doing and carrying yourself professionally using social media marketing, don’t forget or underestimate the tried and true offline methods.  Always have business cards with your websites, blogs, etc. on them.  Make cards for different people you would meet.  Newspaper ads, circulars, and the like as well as just chatting it up at social events and business gatherings can add to the success of  your social media marketing goals.

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Battling For That SEO Victory


Matt Cutts Google SEO Tips 20140518 300x190 Battling For That SEO VictoryMatt Cutts from Google has added his expertise again and again regarding SEO.  Anyone trying to get good placement on Google had better listen to what he says and do your due diligence so you can beat the competition.

It’s all a matter of following certain basic principles that go along with SEO.  The small time site that might have superior content might not at first get that high placement but there are things that a website can do to rank higher in the short and long term.  Nothing happens overnight so patience and diligence are required here and that’s as basic as it gets.

Big sites have had two advantages, they’ve either been around longer with more links and interaction than yours and they’ve had SEO done to keep them on top.  Some started out small and worked their way up with large fanbases, in and outbound links, press, media, and social networking.  If your site has none of these it’s time to get busy and do it sensibly.

Your site might have far better content than the top ones.  You’ll need to get your site’s visibility out there so that the public can see this, bookmark you, share you, and more.  A well organized site is of utmost importance too.  Absurd graphics and wild bells and whistles won’t do it.  Sometimes with luck something on your site may go viral and you’ll suddenly find yourself at the top but it will be you that keeps you there.  Often a subject of controversy in your field of interest will emerge in the news.  Let’s say you covered this area of interest before the media put it in the spotlight, well it’s good to reason that when people are searching for relevant data your site will emerge suddenly as the premiere website regarding the subject.

Maybe a picture of let’s say a band you know of that isn’t popular but you’ve covered them on your site from their early beginnings.  Suddenly they have a hit song or one of the members has made headlines another way.  You suddenly see your stats rise and that’s when you strike.  Add more relevant content, interact via social media and pour it on.

Those are the startling fast ways but the old tried and true hold up as well.  The well paced webmaster will examine the site and update data and tweak the site so it doesn’t remain stale.  Adding a forum or some form of interaction boosts visibility and link exchanges.  As time goes on you’ll see your stats rise slowly but surely and will be based on a solid foundation of reliability instead of quickie techniques that only last a short time.

Slow as you go is the philosophy here because you can better gauge your success via the statistics showing hits, views, etc..  Once you see what’s successful you don’t futz around with it, you rinse and repeat that successful action or actions until you get to a point of recognition and statistical reliability.

Don’t go for the quick routes that call for shady companies that say they can get you to the top of Google after charging you an arm or a leg.  Google is always looking at ways to improve relevance and one day might just drop the importance of linking altogether as they know there are link farms and scams go ing on.

So remember, slow and steady wins the course here.  Keep on asking the official Google pros and other pros at the other search engines and keep your course straight.  Don’t fall for scams and never engage in unethical practices no matter what others say.  Google will catch on and slam you.


how to seo 06 300x203 HERE ARE SIX GOOD INDICATORS TO REVISE YOUR SEOYour website or blog cost you money and time to build.  It is your window online to your business or interests.  Getting traffic from the search engines calls for precision Search Engine Optimization and when you don’t see results you can see these six signs your SEO service needs revisions.

1-  A trickle of traffic.  Your site has all the bells and whistles you want but you’re only getting a trickle of the traffic you want.  You hired an SEO service or did the job yourself and to no avail.  The search engines’ spiders look for keywords, keyphrases, placement of such, image tags and more in order to properly list and categorize your site.  Inefficient SEO will lead to little or no traffic at all.  This calls for revisions and it starts from the ground floor up.  You’ll need to look at every aspect of your site to see where you’re blocking or leaking traffic and then have the right expert come along and do the fixing.  Some experts can at a glance see what the overall problem is and in a few hours have things up and running like magic.

2- A drop in traffic.  Your site was doing good and traffic was pouring in then suddenly you check your stats and there’s been a major drop in traffic via the search engines.  That can mean only one thing, the present SEO you’ve got is out-dated and needs to be revised. Search engines change their algorithms constantly because as soon as they set up a new protocol some genius somewhere cracks it.  They exploit it and turn everything upside down. Now the search engines have to come up with a new algorithm to offset the exploiters and that means your site can take  big hit.  You’ll need a sharp SEO service to come along and tweak the revisions so that you can fairly get back into the game.

3- Lack of or drop off of conversions.  Some of your traffic converts.  The percentages vary which only your stats will show.  For example if you get one conversion out of every 1,000 hits and suddenly you see a drop in conversions then it means you have some SEO revisions to do.  An SEO service will go through your stats, history and find out what’s going on.  From there they’ll tweak anything that needs tweaking and you’ll be up and running.  Only a top SEO service can do this so shop carefully.

4- Inconsistent traffic.  You’re sitting there checking your stats and they bounce up and down like a rubber ball going down the stairs.  Some days are good, some days are rotten.  It’s because your SEO is not fine tuned and only a great SEO service can do this.  Somewhere in your text or tags there’s something causing this inconsistency.  It could be placement or an updated algorithm from one of the top search engines.  In either case you had better have it corrected quick.  Get your gear in order at the first sign of traffic inconsistency and let an SEO service do their job.

5- Not being at page one of Google.  Everyone wants their sites on the first page of Google.  The competition is so fierce that it’s a wonder sparks don’t fly off one’s computer when going to Google.  Google is the apex predator of search engines and a first page placement for your keywords is a major coup.  It takes fine tuning by a SEO service to achieve this and many will make the claims but you’ll need to do your due diligence to determine which SEO service to choose but once you find the best ones you’ll be back in the sunshine again.

6- Low return on investment.  To hedge your bets regarding paid for traffic like PPC or Pay Per Click ads you may notice a miserly or sudden drop in traffic that is quality and conversions.  You’ll need to get a SEO service immediately or you’ll be bleeding money.  PPC costs money.  It’s an investment where you want results from targeted traffic but when that investment doesn’t pan out it’s time to call in an SEO service and quickly.

Any of these six indicators are a cause for alarm to get an SEO service on your side and get things done right.

Six Great Tips On Selecting The Best SEO Firm For You

How To Select SEO Firm 123rf Six Great Tips On Selecting The Best SEO Firm For YouJust like any other service, SEO is one that is essential if you’ve got a website or blog and are doing business on the web.  That being said, you’ll need to know the right criteria in how to pick the best SEO service for you.  Here you’ll find 6 tips on how to select the top SEO firm for you.

First of all, you’ll notice on any search engine query about SEO firms that there are a plethora of such services being promoted.  The competition is fierce and rife with fraud.  Navigating through this nonsense can be a chore to say the least. You’ll see the results being listed making all sorts of promises such as boosting your website to the top of Google or Bing in a matter of hours or keeping your site or blog on the top first pages of these search engines.  Claims like that are absurd and there are only a few firms that can do this but keeping that position is not likely using their methods.  The reality is that a well laid out website with recommendations from other websites, reviews and such will boost your site upwards and onwards.  Using the right keyword and keyphrase density in just the right position, image tagging and other tweaks optimize your site or blog so that the search engines can index them just right.

In searching for a legitimate SEO firm you’ll want to make sure to follow to make sure you get the best for your hard earned dollar.


The proof of the pudding is in the tasting it’s said and same goes for SEO firms. Here the proof of the SEO is in the results.  Reputation is a big part of this and to skate past the fake and bloated testimonials and reviews.  Yes there are firms that lie through their teeth to get your money and to avoid this you need to check with the age of the company, their list of clients, BBB or Better Business Bureau and double checking on their claims vs results.  There are tons of forums and blogs that police these sites and this is where we separate the chaff from the wheat by asking in these forums about said companies.  Experts, clients, will show up and give you their two cents of opinion and you can get a better idea of their real reputation.


Look at what the companies are charging and compare prices vs services.  You must do your due diligence in order to make the right decisions.  Prices that are too high and offer less services and prices that are too low and offer the world. Somebody is lying here.  An even keel is what’s needed and a clear and precisely laid out site will allow you to see where your money is going and for what.  You can then contact them and ask precise questions so that you’ll have a better understanding.


Just what do the SEO firms offer  Are they just going to stuff your website with keywords and keyphrases and when your site doesn’t reach the top state that your information is out of date and you need to upgrade to a new level of their services  How about if they offer software that you have to buy in accordance with their services  You could do a better job on your own.  You’re looking for a SEO firm that walks you through each and every step and isn’t pushy.  The honest ones won’t let you take the next step without fully understanding each step of the way and what they offer.


Like reputation, is the SEO firm going to be around to keep an eye on your site to make sure you’re growing and expanding.  If a firm just takes your money, does some SEO and then cuts and runs then you’re back to square one.  You want an SEO company that will ride along with you for a good amount of time to make sure you’re stable and profiting from their services.


An SEO firm has to do their due diligence.  They just can’t see that your site is about dog care or fishing and plaster those words all over your site.  A great SEO firm is going to do some investigation and ask you tons of questions.  This is a key factor in a successful SEO firm as they’re looking for every facet of your site to best serve you.  They’ll want to fine tune things to the point that your site is spot on targeted by people, consumers, who are looking for what’s on your site.


A good SEO firm knows that you have a budget.  They’ll have a series of levels of services just to fit your budget and target.  Don’t fall for those companies that push you to upgrade fast or buy additional services.  That’s a clear sign they’re not honorable.

Overall, it’s just like shopping for a house, lawyer, doctor.  You have to look for the right indicators to make your decision and hopefully these 6 tips for finding an SEO firm are important.

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Doing SEO The Right Way

People try to do SEO on their own and some are pros and some aren’t.  There are those that apply SEO ethically and some that do not.  Knowing the inside and outside of SEO is a major plus in today’s need for website traffic and knowing what Google penalizes you for is the first step.

seo service in Tampa fl 1024x768 Doing SEO The Right Way

Doing SEO The Right Way Tips

First of all don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  Google’s algorithms change often but there are certain fundamentals that remain stable.  It’s because of so many people and companies that try to fool Google and don’t do SEO properly.  There’s always someone trying to outwit Google and goof up things for everyone else. They’ll pepper the web with their silly and contrived websites loaded with keywords and keyphrases in total disregard for SEO.  They’ll have irresponsible backlinking and all sorts of things that are despicable to say the least.  When Google finally busts them they end up getting penalized so badly that they have to start all over again.

The regular people doing SEO can often fall into these traps by buying SEO courses or attending webinars that aren’t all that reputable.  They’ll apply these techniques and then Google comes down on them like a pile of bricks.  This is why people need to study SEO from official Google and Bing sites.  There are plenty of tutorials and forums around where ethical approaches can be found.  The process now involves a methodical application of scanning a website and its associated sites like reviews, testimonials, and fans.

There are other criteria but Google and the other search engines keep these close to their chests.  It’s because if they were uncovered the balance of power would shift drastically.  People rely on Google for that traffic and having the right SEO approach.

Remember, trying to circumvent the ethical approach to SEO means sooner or later you’ll get slammed by the search engines and if you’re representing a client and their traffic drops and their sites get booted you can find yourself sitting in court answering a lot of questions you don’t want to answer.  It’s because no one likes a crook and although puffing up your website and doing SEO unethically isn’t a crime, it is a misrepresentation and underhanded to say the least.

Yes there’s competition and there are so many experts out there but that doesn’t mean you have to stoop to the level they do to get over.  Their path leads to major losses in capital and reputation they won’t get out of it anytime soon.  So keep your chin up and study from the honorable SEO experts and you’ll do alright.

Now that’s been said it’s time to move on to studying SEO and seeing what you come up with.  You may well find that you’ll find a way to optimize your SEO that others haven’t come up with and put you way out on top.  That’s what’s cool with SEO.  You can stand on the fundamentals and experiment and come up with something new and improved.  It’s just a matter of getting in there with the right professional attitude.

Six SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

6 seo tips 300x200 Six SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an acquired skill that no webmaster can do without.  The skills required take a good amount of study and practice.  There’s lots of theory and application and there are some basics that need to be followed to get the best out of SEO.

1-Social networking.  Social networking is the biggest thing to come along to SEO since html.  The reason being is because of the math.  One good post or picture can go viral at any given time and then the next thing you know your website has shot to the top of the search engines and people are piling in.  This is why Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the rest are so important.  They’ve changed the way that traffic and notoriety is by placing it in the hands of the people.  This way you not only get mounds of traffic but also targeted traffic which will convert and return.  You can’t underestimate the power of social networking and it’s only getting larger.  As new technologies emerge the social networks will be more efficient like what’s happening with Facebook recently.  They’re cleaning house and getting rid of the spam pages and fine tuning their ad interface.  Now you can get in there and target your ads better and get a better return.

2-Allow for feedback.  Having links on your site that allows for visitors to leave comments, reviews, etc. can really be a big boost to your traffic and conversions.  There are plugins and scripts that you can easily implement and on top of that you can ask that they share the content on your page via social networking.  Have them hit those links to the search engine review site options so they’ll go to Google or Bing and drop a comment or review in your favor.  These links will lead back to your site and look good in the eyes of the search engines.

3-Go mobile efficiently.  Optimize your site so that it works well on the mobile platforms.  Don’t underestimate the power of mobile as indicators are it will eclipse the standard desktop searches.  Missing out on mobile efficiency is like cutting your own throat nowadays.  It’s not that difficult to do as there is software to convert your site to mobile and manage it easily.

4-Know your tools.  There’s a plethora of SEO software out there and a lot of it is free.  Even the search engines offer software to use to optimize your sites.  Look around for what others recommend and try them out.  Don’t fall for that “our software will get you in the top ten of Google” nonsense.  No one’s software can do that.  Only ethically applied techniques and strategies will get Google and the other search engines attention.

5-Stay cool.  Don’t get upset if your efforts don’t happen overnight.  It takes time.  Sometimes you’ll luck out due to either someone at the search engines will love your site and boost it up or some social networking thing of yours goes viral.  You might have your site picked up by one of the big news services and announced on television or a popular television show might mention you.  It’s all about staying the course and not letting yourself get depressed because numbers don’t shoot up as fast as you want.  Do the right thing and let it ride.

6-Don’t play around with Google.  Google has it’s algorithms developed by their experts to handle the constant barrage of spammers and irreptuable types.  Dealing with millions of these crooks per day has Google and other search engines on their toes 24/7.  Filling your website or blog with spammy terms and black hat scripts is suicide.  Google will find out and then penalize you.  If you’re representing a client you’ll end up probably getting sued by that client for the detriment of your dirty tricks.  Instead, pick up the free Google tools that are available like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.  Do not abuse this privilege and you can gain more by contributing and chatting it up with other webmasters using these tools perhaps on Google Plus.  The technologies behind the search engines are changing rapidly and pretty soon it will be next to impossible to put up an unethical site with unethical SEO techniques.  You do not want to get blacklisted or hauled into court.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

social2 300x300 Benefits of Social Media MarketingIn today’s world of marketing the use of social media marketing isn’t just a quaint idea, it’s a reality that every business must embrace.

Social media marketing is the means by which companies and people use the various social networking sites to advertise their goods and services. Not only that but these social marketing tools and techniques establish and expand one’s presence all over the Earth. There are billions of people using social media. Every language, country, race, religion, and creed. They often just chat with their families and close friends but the math involved can catapult a comment, picture, opinion spreading all over the world in a matter of minutes or hours. This is what we call viral, and going viral can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Many marketers using social media marketing strive at making things they control go viral. They advertise that they can make things go viral but they usually use a network of their own sites they’ve hired numerous people to make and interlink to one another. These can be thousands and thousands of sites on Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest and more. These strategies work however and some are questionable but the bottom line is doe these techniques generate capital for the small and big business person.

When one decides to delve into the world of social media marketing then one has to be careful what to look for. There are so many various strategies that what works for one client or company may not work for you or yours. This calls for study, lots of study and a learning curve that looks like a seashore during a storm. This is where the foundations of success and failure start regarding social media marketing. Remember, we’re talking about numbers here. Statistics are where you’ll be able to gauge your success to a great degree but all the statistics in the world have to display sales or leads or they’re meaningless.

You’ll need a personally structured social media marketing strategy. Make sure it covers the basics and don’t get to innovative early on. Let the tried and true be what you establish your strategy on. Later, when you have that brilliant idea or new found secret you’ll be able to try them out and see if they’re successful and if not you can take them out and go back to the well tread path.

That’s where social media marketing comes in. Tapping into the vast communities around the world where you can show off your goods and skills, make new contacts, and grow to levels that would have been impossible 20 years ago.

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    Many people think that getting the top rank on Google is a sure bet to winning revenue and domination of a market.  That’s nowhere near the truth. What matters more than just ranking high on Google is driving traffic to your website.  Not just everyday traffic but what is referred to as organic traffic, traffic […]
  • Email Marketing, Used Effectively Can Boost Your SEO Results
    Believe it or not, email marketing, used effectively can boost your results in the search engines and should be considered a vital part of your SEO campaigns and finding the right SEO company. One might think that SE’s don’t post emails as part of their rankings but that’s not what we’re driving at.  The key […]
  • Video SEO And You
    Today, video is such a major part of the web that billions of them are loaded each day on sites throughout the world.  They range from every topic imaginable and with the easy access to smartphone cameras and software, the average Joe or Jane can easily become a videographer of sorts.  That being said, the […]
  • Some Reasons Your SEO Campaign Might Lose
    Many people launch their websites or blogs with all the good intentions of doing well.  However down the line they suddenly realize things aren’t going according to plan.  They start to fret and sometimes miss the key indicators that should make a SEO campaign successful.  If you’re missing these indicators then you’re bound to lose.  […]
  • What To Watch Out For From SEO Companies
    Every webmaster who owns a company or anyone who wants their websites to get noticed by the search engines should know what SEO or search engine optimization is all about. If one isn’t savvy it can be a bumpy and disappointing, as well as costly foray. To help avoid these pitfalls let us take a […]