SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed so much over the years and it is vitally important to understand not only what is important to do for today’s search engine algorithms, but perhaps more so what is important NOT to do because this can do irreparable and substantial harm to your website, potentially to the point of negating any future success. Today’s search engines are many, many times smarter than what used to exist and so the old tactics of trying to fool them automatically turn Read More +

How to Reduce SEO Costs

Search engine optimization is increasingly important for webmasters in order to keep their web pages at favorable positions with Google and other search engines. The downside, however, is that as SEO becomes more important and more people realize the power it holds, it quickly becomes a race to spend more resources on improving positions- this can quickly become very expensive. It is important to always keep an eye on ROI (return on investment) when it comes to SEO spend. For most people, the end goal Read More +

AMP, More Headache Or Headway

Buzz about AMP aka Accelerated Mobile Pages area to be anticipated to be a must have addition to your web design for mobile devices.  It’s sill spanking brand new and the debate rages as to how easy and effective the AMP prospect will be.  There are high hopes for it but also a sense of dread.  The reasons for this are many and chalk up to confusion and gossip as well as technical issues that have cropped up. Since AMP is an open source option, Read More +

Fixing Your Site’s Negative SEO Remediation

There you are cruising along enjoying your new found success with your website when suddenly your sales crash. Your traffic dries up and you can’t figure out why. You do some investigating and you find out some competitor or unhappy customer has spread one complaint or lies after another and the pages they’ve posted to have overrun your popularity on the search engines and your reputation is now in the trash. This can happen at any time and it calls for efforts of unimaginable resources Read More +

Effective Guidelines on Online Reputation Management

Though the world of trade and commerce has evolved tremendously since the advent of the Internet, there are some aspects related to your business that haven’t changed and aren’t likely to change either. For instance, brick- and-mortar businesses always had a reputation to safeguard (and they still do). If you were honest and sincere in offering the quality product to your customers, then you could’ve taken it for granted that your business would prosper. On the other hand, an awful customer experience could spread like Read More +

7 Resolutions for Enhanced SEO in 2017

As the curtains fall on 2016, SEO specialists and online marketing strategists roll up their sleeves to plan well in advance, the innovative techniques that’ll set the ball rolling for their clients’ firms. SEO spin-doctors are now focused on developing or rather orientating their marketing campaigns around the evolving search engine landscape in the upcoming year. The following blog introspects and analyzes how search engine optimizers should adapt themselves to the continuously transforming search engine results scenario. This article outlines and elucidates the resolutions or pledges Read More +

SEO And PPC Needs Special Skills

Every business using the web to get ahead needs to have mastery over PPC and SEO. Too often the mistake is that the marketing teams hired by the business don’t make a meld of both practices and much is lost in efficiency and progress. This is something that has to be addressed immediately and the rewards of doing so will show up in the short and long term. To neglect so, means losses in revenue and organic traffic thus allowing for competitors to gain the Read More +

Preparing For The Ever Changing Face Of SEO

With the future rolling on top of the SEO industry, it’s time for experts and customers to really take note as to what to watch out for in the near future. It’s an issue of what does work, what has worked and what is expected to be the next trends in technologies and tactics. To look at things overall, it appears that the old tried and true and mastering the skills of what will be needed. First of all, one needs to go back to Read More +

What is Local SEO, and Why is it Important? (Infographic)

Most website owners have heard more than a few things about SEO, but local SEO is a subject that often goes undiscussed, which shouldn’t be the case. As Google seeks to become more personalized and hyper-accurate with search results, localized options are more important than ever before. In short, if you’re a business with an online presence and a physical location, you absolutely must get onboard with local SEO efforts. Today, we’ll look at some epic reasons why you should get started with this optimization, Read More +

Getting the Inside Scoop on Your Competition, the SEO Way

Yes, it’s getting more competitive every day when it comes to websites and page rankings. Today’s strategies have to incorporate some of the fundamentals of old and the new innovations. It takes super skills to play the SEO game and part of that game is comparing your site to your competitors who are leaving you in the dust. People think that the reason for the top sites getting the best positions, but usually that’s due to paying for the spots. Then there are sites whose Read More +