Honesty Is The Best Policy With SEO

SEO Great Reputation 300x199 Honesty Is The Best Policy With SEOYou’ve seen the ads all over the web.  Some company is going to provide you with the best Search Engine Optimization there can be.  That’s SEO for short.  They make all kinds of claims and so on but in the end you end up losing your ranking on Google and getting penalized not to mention with a hole in your pocket.

SEO is both a science and an art.  It’s not something that remains the same year after year.  It’s a process by which experts, those well heeled in the workings of the search engines have spent countless hours working on.  This calls for research and application and sometimes what is referred to as luck.  The best at SEO rely on math and procedure.  They have to be two steps ahead of the competition and three steps ahead when search engines like Google change their algorithms and procedures.

When hiring a SEO expert or team, take into account their claims.  Check on their testimonials because faking testimonials is a common practice with all businesses nowadays.  Check consumer report sites and Better Business Bureau data too.  It’s all too easy for a SEO scammer to make your site look important with a list of spam site backlinks that will definitely get you penalized by Google and other search engines.  Ask about what they’re going to do and an honest SEO company will walk you through each step of the way without revealing their top secrets.

SEO is a monster of an industry.  You can get a pro SEO expert and reach the first page and top ten of Google but a week later the competition will beat you down then it’s back to stage 1.  So make sure you understand that honesty is the best policy when it comes to SEO.  Soon the search engines will come up with a system that lists sites more fairly as the scammers get deflected and deposed.

In the meantime, study a bit on your own.  Know the language and basics of SEO.  Once you’re familiar with that it will make your SEO options easier to understand and implement.  Again, be careful of hiring someone else to do your SEO for you.  Just like buying a used car you’ll find enough people banging at your door with offers.  Same goes with those how-to courses you’ll find online.  Some cost a small fortune and deliver nothing but old and outdated tools and techniques.  No one is going to expose their top methods in a course until they’ve exploited it themselves.

So that’s the best in SEO.  Honesty is the best policy regarding SEO.


Benefits of SEO to Small Businesses

small business seo 0002 300x225 Benefits of SEO to Small BusinessesContrary to popular belief, SEO is very important to businesses of all sizes. Whether you operate a large company or a business with just five employees, local SEO is an excellent marketing tool. If done properly, it can help a business achieve incredible success on the internet.

Increased Traffic to Website

When a local SEO marketing campaign is done properly, the website it was created for will see an increase in traffic. The website can be a company site or a blog. In all aspects of an SEO campaign, there needs to be content involved. The majority of the content is textual, with some videos and audio files strewn in here and there.

Increase of Paying Customers

With any good small business SEO campaign, the goal is to increase the amount of paying customers that visit your company’s website. You don’t want people just visiting the site, browsing around, and then leaving without making a purchase. You want these visitors to purchase the products or services offered on the site.

Social Buttons Can Add Traffic

When you post a blog, it should have social media buttons on it. These buttons should be a Facebook ‘like’ button, a share button for Twitter, an email button and any other media buttons you like. By having these buttons in each post, you are increasing the likelihood that you will acquire more traffic for the website.

Using Google Alerts Helps

If you are going to create an SEO campaign yourself, it is best to use Google Alerts. Set up various alerts to figure out how people search for your company or website. This will allow you to focus on specific keywords or phrases for the small business SEO campaign. Also create an account with Google Adwords to find out what the most common search phrases are for your industry. You can then use them in regular blog posts and as meta tags on your company website.

An Increase in Sales

Once you have established your local SEO campaign, you will hopefully begin to see an increase in sales. These sales could come through the website, over the phone or at your store, should you have one. Just because you have an increased amount of website traffic, it does not mean that those numbers will correlate to sales. You need to entice your visitors into purchasing the products and services offered by the company.

Small Business SEO Tips

Some of the most important tips for an excellent SEO campaign include using fresh content and doing research. The website or blog needs to be updated at least once per week. If you can find a way to update it daily, or multiple times per day, then you will be putting yourself ahead of the game.

The research involved is keyword research. You need to figure out what search terms are being used by customers who need your products and services. When you figure out the keywords being used, you will be able to implement them in the campaign.

Affordable SEO offers Mobile Website Design Promotion

March Special: Mobile Website Design promotion

mobile website 183x300 Affordable SEO offers Mobile Website Design PromotionPRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 3, 2014 – TAMPA, Fla. — It’s no secret that small business can not survive now without online presence. Without online visibility most of your potential customers, clients, patients will not find a way to the services and products small businesses offer.

Not to many people searching for a dentist or a lawyer via newspapers, catalogues and Yellow Pages. Over 95% of all searches for services and products have been originated on internet via computers and mobile devices last year.

With a huge popularity of smart phones and low cost mobile devices the mobile internet traffic  is growing rather rapidly. Statistically depending on a type of services or products small business offers the internet traffic originated from mobile devices varies between 20% and 50%. That’s why mobile website presence is very important for a small business which planning to be busy at the current challenging economic time.

Affordable SEO Tampa announces March Special: Mobile Website Design promotion.
Get you new mobile website redesign, developed from scratch or converted to WordPress platform for just $399 (Regular price $590).

Offer is valid through March 31 2014.

The website design includes the following features:
– Custom designed user interface.
– Website design including a blog section.
– Interactive Contact us form.
– Custom designed Navigation
– WordPress platform

Source: http://www.prlog.org/12290119-march-special-mobile-website-design-promotion.html

Was Expedia Hit by a Negative SEO Campaign?

Expedia Negative SEO 300x147 Was Expedia Hit by a Negative SEO Campaign?Something happened to Expedia’s website ranking on Google searches, making it appear as if it may have been hit by a negative SEO campaign. This is according to an analysis performed by the firm that discovered the problems.

Between January 12 and 19, Expedia lost a quarter of its visibility in Google search. This occurred right after Google clamped down on Expedia’s efforts to boost its traffic through paid links from other websites.

This revelation caused Expedia’s shares to fall as concern about the impact the poor SEO would have on its business.

The CEO of Searchmetrics, the company that found the issue, did a deeper analysis on what occurred that caused Expedia to lose so much visibility. What the CEO, Marcus Tober, found was that the SEO techniques that were used to increase the website’s search visibility were out-dated and clumsy. They were also used too much. Tober stated it would be surprising if the company was responsible for what occurred all by themselves.

Instead, Tober believes that there are three main reasons for the scheme. The first is that Expedia possibly used artificial link building a number of years ago, forgetting that they did this and left the links out there. The second is that the visibility dive is the result of a third party SEO company that Expedia hired that is still using outdated techniques. The third is that an Expedia competitor may have built the links in the past in order to hurt Expedia, which is known as negative SEO. Unfortunately, this is a practice that has become common.

Whatever the reason, Expedia received a very hard hit. It was hit so hard that a search for “hotels” brought up absolutely nothing in the first few pages of search results. Normally, Expedia would be on the first page. In fact, it was common for Expedia to hold the number three spot.

It was also found that the word “hotels” was used as anchor text on many websites and that anchor text linked back to Expedia’s website. For instance, a site about travel to Vietnam had the word “hotels” linked back to Expedia’s hotels page and that is a practice that is not used anymore. This showed that the site was created just for links.

All in all, it looks like Expedia became the victim of individuals who wish to hurt rankings of companies. Now Expedia is in recovery mode.

Local SEO is Valuable Tool for Driving Business

local seo 300x225 Local SEO is Valuable Tool for Driving Business

Local SEO is very important to small businesses that rely on local customers to drive their bottom line. It makes them seen and makes them an authority within their industry.

Today, it is difficult for a business to survive without an online presence. With a very large online audience to target and with approximately 78% of consumers utilizing the Internet to make informed buying decisions, local SEO is now more important than ever.

Some of the things that consumers look for are a business with a website, contact information on that website, and content that tells them whether or not the products and services that the business offers are right for them. In order for them to find the website, SEO is needed so the website is indexed properly within search engine results. When indexed properly, it can be found and visitors are more likely to become customers.

Here is why local SEO is so important to every small business:

  1. Every day, potential customers are searching the Internet for local businesses that offer what they are looking for.
  2. Search engines are very friendly to the small business, but the small business will only be seen if effective SEO practices are executed.
  3. Mobile search is now a very big thing with so many individuals using their mobile devices to do business searches on the go.

Affordable SEO offers local SEO to customers around St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Jaksonville all throughout Florida, and throughout the entire United States.

The services that are being offered include metatag optimization, copywriting and content rewriting, keyword analysis, local Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords marketing campaigns, social media development, and web design with WordPress platform upgrade.

Affordable SEO makes these services available so that businesses can enhance their bottom lines. With a solid online presence, businesses are able to achieve a return on their SEO investment rather quickly. This is an investment that is then achieved again and again as visitors to the website convert into customers.

This conversion rate is achieved by being found, giving website visitors the information that they want, having a presence that makes them feel comfortable and not overwhelmed, and making the initiation of contact easy so that they are more likely to make contact.

Affordable SEO has used these services to help many businesses throughout Florida and the country be seen, giving them an edge on the competition that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Google Buys SlickLogin, the Israeli Internet Security company

Google buys SlickLogin logo  Google Buys SlickLogin, the Israeli Internet Security companyThe announcement has been made on Sunday (2/16/14) by Israeli start-up company on its home page.

SlickLogin home page says the following:  “Today we`re announcing that the SlickLogin team is joining Google, a company that shares our core beliefs that logging in should be easy instead of frustrating, and authentication should be effective without getting in the way. Google was the first company to offer 2-step verification to everyone, for free – and they’re working on some great ideas that will make the internet safer for everyone. We couldn`t be more excited to join their efforts.”

The company was established last summer to simplify computer login security, the Israeli business daily Globes reported. The company has not yet brought a product to market, and has no clients.

SlickLogin provides a revolutionary log-in identification that uses a smartphone to deliver an “ultrasonic frequency” to a nearby computer. The frequency is emitted after the user enters his or her password, thereby completing a two-stage process.

Older Websites and Outdated SEO Practices

SEO 14 02 10 300x148 Older Websites and Outdated SEO PracticesGoogle uses many factors when it ranks a website. However, the same factors are used for every website rather than different factors applying to different websites. This is something that some SEO professionals have wondered about because Google’s algorithm is complicated. It looks at every point of a website to determine relevancy and freshness so the site can be appropriately ranked.

While many people out there working to get their websites to rank the way that they want them to, there are some individuals who own older websites that wonder about how they can maintain their rankings over time. This is a concern because they see newer websites passing them by on the search engine results page.

Older Websites vs. Younger Websites

Sometimes those who own new websites find that they have to try very hard to compete against the older websites due to the fact that older websites have grown over time and have much more content. If the tables are turned and it’s the older website that is falling behind, then it is best to take a fresh look at the website and make sure it evolves with the times.

SEO is an ongoing process and one that changes as algorithms change. When it comes to old websites, the same template and content becomes stale. If you update the content, integrate a blog, and ensure you are giving users the best possible experience, then you can effectively compete against the younger sites that continue to grow. You can completely turn around your descending website and make it ascent back up the page so you’re the one the younger sites have to keep up with.

Article Directories for SEO

For years, some SEO professionals have plugged articles into article directories in order to create links to a website. At one time they were very effective, but over time article directories have gotten a bad name because of the fact that the content is very generic and can be considered spammy.

Initially, the theory behind article directories was to post articles into an article directory and hope someone downloads that article and posts it on their own website so that the writer could get some links. Unfortunately, the content in article directories tends to be of low quality. Because of how Google’s algorithm handles such content that may be syndicated all over the Internet and is of a low quality, the practice is not as successful as it once was.

SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking

While a lot of things about SEO are quite obvious, there are other things about it that are not, such as what to do if you have no choice but to duplicate a piece of a news story. To ensure your website performs as well as possible, here are some SEO tips to help you effectively compete for and achieve top ranking.

Web RankingsSEO Optimization sm 300x209 SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking

There are many questions regarding how Google ranks websites. The main question is whether or not Google uses the same algorithm to rank search engine results. For example, many wonder if the first few results on the page may focus on freshness while the last few results focus on something like social signals.

The fact is that the same algorithm returns many web results and then sorts them in order of what Google thinks about the reputation of the site and its relevancy to the niche. This is how Google determines what the first position is. One of the best SEO tips that you can take advantage of is to just focus on everything from website freshness to social networking and quality backlinks.

URL Canonical for Duplicate Content

Sometimes duplicate content is warranted. Perhaps you are covering breaking news on your website and so is everyone else. If you use a piece of a news story that is probably published over multiple URLs, you will want to use the URL canonical tag to avoid being penalized by the duplicate content filter. The URL canonical tag can point to the original source.

Many times, breaking news content is short-term duplicated content. The URL canonical tag will allow you to use the content for the short-term while you get matters cleaned up on your site. Once the story is no longer breaking news and everything is moved around accordingly, you should be fine, especially if you do not have large amounts of duplicated content on your site.

Different Countries under One TLD

Of course you want your SEO to be as perfect as possible. If you have websites or a client with websites that service different countries and they are all hosted under different top level domains (TLDs) under one IP number, you may be wondering if Google would rather you have a single IP per TLD. The good news is that they can be put on one IP address. Google uses the TLD as the indicator of where the site needs to be indexed.

The Demise of Guest Blogging for SEO

Guest Blogging seo The Demise of Guest Blogging for SEOFor years, guest blogging has been a method individuals have used to build links to their websites. In 2014, expect things to change. Why? It’s because guest blogging, once filled with good intentions, has now become a spammy practice. If you have been doing a lot of guest blogging lately, then you may not be hanging out with the right crowd.

Back in the old days, which were not long ago, guest blogging was a very respectable thing to do. For the blog owner, it was like getting a respectable blogger to give some insight to the audience that they may not receive otherwise.

Unfortunately, it is not like this anymore.

Here is a scenario that shows precisely why guest blogging has become a practice that Google isn’t exactly smiling at:

Let’s say a blogger or a content company emails a blog owner about posting to their blog. The individual who wrote the spam email says that they write high quality content and can make a valuable contribution to the blog. They state that all they ask in return is to place a dofollow link in the body of the blog post that is relevant to the article and the audience. They may even say they will pay money to let their article be posted in the blog with the dofollow link placed in the body.

The fact is that sending a spam email that offers money to get links placed in the blog post that pass PageRank is a serious violation of Google’s quality guidelines. Over time, there have been more reports of “guest blogging” that isn’t really guest blogging at all. Instead, it is paying for PageRank. Sometimes the scenario is even worse, such as when the so-called guest blogger inserts spammy links on the blog without the blog owner realizing it.

This is precisely why it is difficult to have nice things when it comes to SEO. An SEO trend is completely authentic and then someone somewhere does something to it that makes it not so friendly anymore. Before long, there is barely a trace of legitimate guest blogging behavior. Continue reading The Demise of Guest Blogging for SEO

The Role of the How Search Works Website in Your SEO Efforts

How Search Works SEO in perspective 300x253 The Role of the How Search Works Website in Your SEO Efforts

Picture credit: Google

In order to use the How Search Works website, all you have to do is Google it and you will find it at the top of the search results page. After you click, you are brought to a page that shows you the story of how search works. The first part focuses on crawling and indexing and how 60 trillion individual pages make up the Internet. This is a number that is constantly growing.

In the second part of the How Search Works site, you learn that Google follows links from page to page and they sort the pages by their content. You even learn a little about the algorithm and how it understands what is being searched for so it delivers the right results.

Battling Spam

Through the How Search Website, individuals get a peek in the third part at what Google has to deal with when it comes to fighting spam. Spam can include cloaking, hidden keywords, blackhat SEO practices, hacked sites, and much more. Google gives a peek of what Google looks at and how they go about removing spam.

Google has to battle spam because doing so keeps results pure. It is very important that website owners, webmasters, and SEO specialists understand what constitutes spam so those practices can be avoided. By avoiding those practices to begin with, you do not have to worry about cleaning up a spam mess later. Continue reading The Role of the How Search Works Website in Your SEO Efforts

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