Knowing If You’ve Got The Right SEO Agency

Knowing If You've Got The Right SEO AgencySEO or Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of today’s internet marketing.  In regard to all the rumors about SEO, it’s still alive and kicking and getting the right SEO company and SEO consultant means you need to know what to look for.  We’ll look at some important points that you should be aware of.

First of all, look to see is your SEO company is open to communication.  They need to provide extensive consultation about what they’re doing and what is going on.  If they hesitate or go into chatter that makes no sense then you’re dealing with a  company that isn’t being upfront and honest.  Your life’s blood online means you’ll need quality SEO service and any consultant that isn’t clear and up front is going to damage your chances and reputation.  Ask up front what kind of consultation they’ll do and make them stick to it.  If they hesitate one iota then it’s time to look for another company.

They’re not on the ball regarding the latest search engine algorithms

Any SEO company knows the importance of keeping on top of the latest search engine algorithms.  Not being aware of the ever changing frontier of what the search engines are doing can spell doom for your website’s rankings and affect sales.  The search engines are always trying to improve their results to get rid of spam and so on and that means tweaking their algorithms constantly.  If your SEO company can’t tell you that they aren’t on top of what’s going on, then you’re dealing with gross negligence or just plain fraud.  You need to do some studying on your own.  Perhaps read the SE sites that focus on the latest breaking news regarding algorithms and ask your SEO consultant about it.  If they’re cheerful and up front, they’re the company to stick with.  If not, get rid of them.

Sloppy Linkbuilding Strategies

Link building is a process by which an SEO company provides inbound links to your website.  The strategy here is that the SE’s look at how many relevant links are pointing to your site.  This was a major strategy for years but it’s waning because the SE’s are aware of link building farms whereby fraudulent and irrelevant links are pushed to get a website up the rankings.  Some SEO companies specialize in this sloppy kind of practice and in the long term or short term it can damage your rankings and reputation.  Ask your SEO consultant about link building and how to do it honestly with live, relevant links from reputable sources.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that a reputable SEO company will be a clear, up front agency that explains things along the way, won’t leave you after you’ve paid, and will follow up with you down the road.  It’s a courtesy and professional process that you need to be aware of from the first step.  Don’t think that link building or SEO are the only saving graces to good SE rankings.  Great, original content and well designed sites with updates, pics, and relevant information also come into play.  Build a great site and get a reputable SEO consultant and you’ll do well.

The Goal Is To Dominate Local SEO

The Goal Is To Dominate Local SEO

The problem is you’re going to have to do a lot of work to do so.  There’s no easy way out and it’s going to take time and resources to do so and maintain your position.

Basically, local SEO means you’re targeting a specific place to market your goods and services.  That takes some doing but the fundamentals are the same with any kind of website to get it to the top of the search engine rankings.  There’s no fast trick or computer solution here.  It takes hands on ability and following the advice of experts.  The search engines and directories are getting wise to people using automated systems and programs to get the upperhand.  To prevent this, the search engines are tweaking their algorithm programs to detect such efforts and this is becoming quite a headache to webmasters and companies trying to get ahead.

The first step to dominating local SEO is basic.  Put together a website that is unique, well written, well designed with all the pertinent information that you need to have displayed.  Your location as well as your NAP (Name Address Phone) are paramount for display or at least linked to from the main page to a page where it can be easily found and indexed by the search engines.  Once your main site is done, it’s time for strategy and there is a lot of it.  Nevermind those old school tricks of links and so on.  Google is wise to that trick.  The days of the big linking thing are waning and the age of relevant links from local landing pages and citations has begun.

If you’re going national with your campaign, you’ll need to create local landing pages for each city, town, location you’re looking to exploit.  This means not putting together cookie cutter landing pages where just the name of the city or town or village is.  Far too many have tried this and failed miserably but some people still just don’t get it that originality is the key to successful SEO in general.  So if you’re going for the gold in more than one location then you’re going to have to create a landing page specific to that location.  Example, if you’re trying to attract business from Orlando, FL, then you’ll need a page specific to Orlando and populate that page with some facts, pics with tags pertaining to that city and how your company should be associated with it.  If you then want to dominate Tampa, FL, you’ll have to do the same.  You might try the same layout but your copy and photos should be original and unique or you risk being ignored or bounced by the search engines.


You’re going to have to master using citations.  Don’t even try to debate this valuable approach or you’re going to lose.  Citations allow for data regarding your website, services and goods to be indexed by search engines and directories.  The search engines and directories love citations because they know that the data isn’t cookie cutter and they prevent such bulk submission except for the top sites like Google, Bing Local, and Foursquare.  The citations are valuable because again, they list data regarding your site even if there’s no direct link to your website.  This is why you must put your NAP prominently so that when people refer to your site they include that data and not miss it.  This is the lynch-pin to success using citations. People write about you, and the world finds out about you.  This is a great way to get those local results.

Getting SEO Results The Non-Link Building Way

Getting SEO Results The Non-Link Building WayNew innovations and tried and true methods of SEO are making waves in the industry.  Trying to figure out what the big search engines are looking for has content marketing gurus and experts on their toes.

The big issue here is that there are changes happening in the search engine optimization world and now, with Google’s algorithms changing for the better, the old ways may not be as reliable anymore or may one day soon become extinct.  The reason for this is simple, quality.  There are so many results leading to sites with such horrid content that it undermines the search engines and their delivery of great results to their customers and surfers.  The more spammy a website is, the more money the search engine loses and everyone else loses as well.

The search engines would love to list the top quality sites, however, their traditional use of ranking sites based on links to the site has proven to be the problem overall.  Link building experts spend night and day making websites with terrible content and using tricks and skills to add links to these sites so that they’ll rank higher in the search engines.  This is going to die out and those that practice it should be aware they could lose their top rankings overnight.

It’s a matter of Google realizing that everyone has been losing out on fine content because of the link builders and the sleazy network they’ve created.  Professionals know, however, that fine, quality content is the winner overall and their efforts to provide such content is winning overall.  This allows for Google and other SE’s to modify their algorithms to recognize the chaff from the wheat of websites and list those quality sites first.  This should upset the slimy underworld of spam laden link building sites but I in the end, the public gets the best, the search engines get the best and it’s all good.

What’s the logic behind all this? Simple application that is not only working but is destined to dominate.  Here’s how it works.  A site has quality design, quality copywriting, not that article or copy that’s written in sweat houses in Nigeria or Pakistan, but real, well written content.  Video and audio are also done well and as time goes by, smart promotion, word of mouth, will bring in real links that come from a special series of sources shows the search engines that things are real and not robotized.

As the flow of the tide goes toward rewarding quality content, that means people and businesses will get their fair shot at the top rankings.  It means hiring content marketing providers that only deliver top quality products and not hacked out trash they got from some cheap producer.  This alone means an upheaval in the way SEO is going to be done in the very near future.

This advance in SEO has many experts nervous.  The smart optimization company will take this into account and start hiring the best talent they can get their hands on.

Improving Your Social Media Ad Campaigns

Improving Your Social Media Ad CampaignsSocial media is where the action is in regard to advertising nowadays. The audience is vast, organic, and willing to take action when they see a product or service they need or want. Knowing how to make the most of social media means knowing some SEO as well as applying good common sense and new strategies.

First of all, look at what you want to achieve. Establish thsat first. Having a clear goal to what it is you’re gunning for is a solid foundation to start from. If you’re selling shoes, then you’ll want your ad campaign to focus on what it is about your shoes that makes them stand out. Why are your shoes better than someone else’s? Why should someone buy shoes from you and not the other guy? These are the questions that need to be answered and once you’ve established the right answers you should be good to go. Your shoes are spectacular, amazing, cost less than the competition, ship faster or for free. Put all the good points out front that the customer needs to see.

Next step is to embrace the blogging and social media world. Your product or service has to look real. Not just some cookie cutter presentation that gets lost in the crowd. Original graphics, great copywriting will make all the difference in the world. You’ll need to take photos of your products. If you’re selling someone else’s products don’t always use their stock images. Shoot some yourself with customers or friends wearing the items or using the items. People like to look at themselves and it builds a sense of familiarity and trust when they see real people doing common things. If you’re selling swimming pools then take pics of people having lots of fun and post them appropriately on social media venues and blogs. Same goes for if you’re advertising roofing. Show pics of the diligent roofers before and after. It shows people that there’s guidance and a purpose behind the ad.

Be innovative and don’t get stuck in a rut. Try out new ad designs and catalog all the ads you’ve done and what their statistics say. If one ad did great and had a picture of your staff in it, then try another add with a picture of your staff in it and see what happens. Branding yourself means first getting the message out and having it stick in the minds of the public. Careful design will do this. Once you’ve got your pattern down you’ll know how to follow through. If one ad works on a Facebook Fan Page for your niche, see if it will work on all such niche pages. Don’t forget the basic message though.

Finally, seek and have fun. Try getting ads on blogs relevant to your products and services. See if you can post an article and image on these blogs that enhance the person’s blog but also gets your brand out there. You’ll be doing both of you a favor and on top of that you can check the comments and have that attention fed back to your own blog or website.

It’s all about paying attention and applying common sense along with today’s pop culture. Doing it smart means more gains along the way.

The Value Of Traffic Vs Rankings With Local SEO

The Value Of Traffic Vs Rankings With Local SEOMany people think that getting the top rank on Google is a sure bet to winning revenue and domination of a market.  That’s nowhere near the truth.

What matters more than just ranking high on Google is driving traffic to your website.  Not just everyday traffic but what is referred to as organic traffic, traffic that is generated from people who have an interest in your products and services, you, or the topic involved.  People who are actually interested in you and your business and its services are more likely to convert and become customers.  Think of this as, you have a top ranking on Google but those 10,000 people who’ve clicked the link an arrived at your site converted only 5 people to customers, however, a local SEO link brings the same 10,000 in number but converts to 2,000 people who become customers.

One can easily see where local SEO comes into play regarding organic traffic here.  It’s the difference between success and failure regarding SEO campaigns.  Quality traffic that is targeted and organic is like having money in the bank.

You have to use all the tools provided lie the suite of tools and options that Google gives out for free to check your metrics.  Even looking at how many people have asked for driving directions to your store or how many times they’ve accessed Google Maps regarding your business is enough to give valuable data to your team so that they’ll give you more insight on where your traffic is coming from and why.  Having this data means you can then tweak your websites to make the most of this traffic and not miss out.

Far too many people just half-listen to good advice.  They run with the pack so to speak.  That’s not good SEO sense by any means.  You have to go with what the real experts advise and remember to stick to your own plan but don’t be so strict that you can’t accept good, sound advice.  SEO can change.  It’s never fully set in stone.  Industries change with new strategies and materials and that has to be included correctly.  When companies like Google make new changes or add new features, you had better be on top of them quickly and apply them smartly.

It’s all about monetizing and making the SEO work for you but not with the hype and wasted resources.  It’s still up to you to sell your product or services but using the tools available means your advertising or promo has to be spot on and capture the attention of those organic traffic searchers.

Remember, the quality of the traffic is what’s important here not the quantity.  Today’s business person or marketer wants the best for their money and having someone to fine tune their sites for local SEO to get those customers in your area is paramount.  Don’t underestimate this one iota.

The value is in quality traffic, not quantity.  Remember that.

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Email Marketing, Used Effectively Can Boost Your SEO Results

Email Marketing, Used Effectively Can Boost Your SEO ResultsBelieve it or not, email marketing, used effectively can boost your results in the search engines and should be considered a vital part of your SEO campaigns and finding the right SEO company.

One might think that SE’s don’t post emails as part of their rankings but that’s not what we’re driving at.  The key point here is that emails can be used to drive people to your websites and blogs so that your rankings improve from the traffic alone.  In order to do this there are some basic strategies one can follow that aren’t that difficult to grasp nor perform.

First of all, your emails go out from several actions.  Either someone went to your blog or site and clicked the email link, or the people are part of your email list.  Other sources are advertisements that prominently shows your email link.  Once you’ve got them in your email corral the trick is to drive them to the resources that will boost your SE presence.  There are several ways to do this and one can figure out other ways as well.  One primary way is to get the email to have a link or promo that points the reader to a page, blog, social networking fan page, where their action can multiply.  If it’s social networking you’ll want content that they’ll “like” and “share”.  You’ll need to make the content entertaining and engaging.  You want those emails to get your content circulating at its highest level.  This will get more links to your content and that means more SEO efficiency.

More use of subscriptions is a major plus.  Here’s why.  Don’t waste email space.  If you’ve got people subscribed to your newsletter then you should come up with ways for them to subscribe to another service you offer and not to underestimate RSS.  You might have your regular email list but then add a bonus email list where people can get offers they would normally not get access to.  This option will have present subscribers and new subscribers signing up.  Those email lists have to point to your websites, blogs, social networking pages.  All this will lead to “movement” meaning your emails won’t jus tsit there.  People will forward a good email to friends and even BCC them to hundreds if not thousands of them.  You could go viral and not even know it.  As these people post about your products and sites, that data gets picked up by the SE’s and you get a boost in rankings.

Engaging and innovation is the next step.  Get people to comment, share, your emails and add such options to the emails and newsletters.  A newsletter can then be posted online with a section where people can comment.  That means your email/newsletter can act as a stand alone product on the web with all the links and tricks to get people to engage in the content and share or link to.  This is like free advertising to the ultimate degree.  If you have that dazzling product or amazing service, this can turn into a windfall and allow you to expand.

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Video SEO And You

Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And YouToday, video is such a major part of the web that billions of them are loaded each day on sites throughout the world.  They range from every topic imaginable and with the easy access to smartphone cameras and software, the average Joe or Jane can easily become a videographer of sorts.  That being said, the marketing and business person needs to know how to use video SEO to their advantage and it may not be as difficult as it seems.

First of all, there’s YouTube and the thousands of other YouTube clones out there.  YouTube is not only a video posting site but is also the second largest search engine, top social networking platform and more.  If you know your video SEO you’ll make gains you hadn’t thought of before.

Video SEO is similar to standard SEO or search engine optimization with a few tricks aside.  First of all you need to know how to shoot video.  Not those incompetent videos shot by people on their smartphones of some people fighting or dumb pet tricks, but a clear, concise video focusing on your product and services.  Perhaps some good graphics and a crystal clear narration.  Once that’s done you’ll be able to upload your video to YouTube and its clones.  That’s not the end of it though, now comes the optimization.

You’ll need to use a title that is catchy and engaging.  If your name is Joe and you have an auto body shop that specializes in building classic muscle car engines then that’s what you focus on. Not “Joe’s Engines” but a title like “Joe’s Rocking Classic Muscle Car Engines”.  This will impinge on the surfer and raise your visibility.  Next comes keywords.  Pick only relevant keywords not just stuff it to the max.  Those keywords will be the stepping stones upward for your video presence on the video sites and your site and search engines as well.  A good description is a must have.  Make that description relevant but entertaining.  A good description not only gets the attention of the search engines but also the surfers who will share your video on their social networking pages and embed the video too.  That’s the clincher.  People sharing and promoting what you have is like having a free advertising team on a global basis.

Don’t forget to use tags and a site map as well as these tools will enhance your chances of survival and expansion.

Overall, the age of video and video SEO is still new and growing.  No one could possibly watch all the videos there are in the world but if your video has that extra something that your competitors don’t, you’ll be standing up and getting noticed on levels you might not have been prepared for.  Humor is plus.  Add a bit of humor to a non serious subject as people love to laugh.  They’ll grab that sharing URL and then the next thing you know your video is spread to all four corners of the Earth.  Your “view” stats might shoot up to a million or more and that’s money in the bank.

Remember, engaging content, well done keywords, descriptions, tags, site map, social networking and your video SEO should be spot on.

Some Reasons Your SEO Campaign Might Lose

Some-Reasons-Your-SEO-Campaign-Might-LoseMany people launch their websites or blogs with all the good intentions of doing well.  However down the line they suddenly realize things aren’t going according to plan.  They start to fret and sometimes miss the key indicators that should make a SEO campaign successful.  If you’re missing these indicators then you’re bound to lose.  Let’s look at some of the successful things you should be doing and the less successful you should be changing.

First of all, are you looking at things realistically.  Are you hoping for millions of hits for a product or service that just isn’t int hat range of need or want by otters.  Is there so much competition to deal with that you’ll have to fight your way through them.  You have to look at what you intend to do and how you’ll achieve it and work your SEO campaign within those parameters.  Don’t overshoot things by spending tons of money on ads and so forth that will drive unnecessary amounts of traffic to your site burning up bandwidth and not converting to sales.  Seek out organic traffic, traffic that is pertinent to the main subject of your service or product.  Fine tuning these things leads to a better winning situation with SEO.

Keywords?  Are your keywords pertinent to your goods and services or are they jumbled up with other unnecessary topics that will throw surfers off?  If your service is pointed to plumbing in New York city, then you’ll need to have those keywords that are only focused on that topic.  Arranging the keywords around is okay as long as plumbing, and New York city are highlighted in the keywords and copy on the page.  The URL, headers all should have these keywords in them in one form or another.  This is where success or failure begins and ends.  Don’t stuff keywords all over the place but put them in strategic spots so the search engines can tell your site is legit and not some scam site.

Professionalism in your website’s design is another major point.  Is your site designed for easy navigation, pointing to the right topics, designed with the right graphics necessary to attract and retain a surfer?  This is most important in that surfers don’t need to be confused.  They want the real deal  up front and will leave your site if it’s full of absurd graphics, videos, and bells and whistles.  Being conservative in design is the first step.  As traffic and sales increase you might venture into a bit more with a testimonial page, maybe video showcasing your products and skills.

The copy is another major point for a successful SEO campaign. If the copywriting on your site is lousy, grammatically incorrect, not only will customers flee but the new search engine algorithms will notice it and give you the lower ratings.  This would call for more SEO damage control that could be costly as well as miserable.  Don’t go for cheap.  Hire a professional copywriter in your niche and make sure they know SEO.  This way you won’t have to battle from the ground floor up and won’t have to do expensive damage control later.

Add to all this, you’ll need to check your traffic data and statistics. Look for when good traffic that converted hit and when it did not.  Do your due detective diligence and see if a new post on your site brought in profitable traffic or was it a new picture of a new product.  Whatever is successful in SEO you leave alone or rinse and repeat it.  Following these basic guidelines one should see improvement in the short and long term.

What To Watch Out For From SEO Companies

What To Watch Out For From SEO CompaniesEvery webmaster who owns a company or anyone who wants their websites to get noticed by the search engines should know what SEO or search engine optimization is all about. If one isn’t savvy it can be a bumpy and disappointing, as well as costly foray. To help avoid these pitfalls let us take a look at some of the things to watch out for.

First of all, getting affordable SEO is the goal. You don’t want to end up spending an arm and a leg to get SEO when you can get effective and cost saving service from a reputable company or agent. These companies and agents have one three things in common, they don’t boast, they don’t state unrealistic goals, and they get results you can measure. That’s the trick. You want an SEO firm that is a ship that is tightly run with customer support and clear communication. This means no time nor resources are wasted in the process and you can monitor your success along the way.

Primarily, avoid the boaster. These companies will swear up and down that they have the latest techniques or software or automation to get your site to the top of the search engines. Word of caution here, no one has the latest techniques, software, or automation. That’s because the search engines are wise to these games and punish these clowns fast. Your affordable SEO firm should sit down with you and explain the process one step at a time. The minute they get confusing is he minute your alarm bells should start ringing. They’re just spouting jargon mixed with unrealistic results to pressure you into buying. A solid SEO firm is going to take their time, make sure you’re totally aware of what’s going on and move from there.

Other things to watch out for are the “links” they might suggest. Building massive links to your website isn’t going to do you any good regardless of what they say. The search engines are wise to this tactic too and you risk getting hammered once they find out. The SEO company that you’re looking for is going to be upfront about most of what they do as there are a few secret tactics but they are legal and honorable but only the top SEO company professionals know and don’t want their competition to find out. So not everything is transparent but just enough to justify hiring a pro to do the job.

It’s all about communication. The SEO firm that really wants your business will communicate with you honorably and within reason. They want your business but only the reputable SEO companies will spend that care given time to sit down with you and get things straight right from the bat. Cost, procedure, time, it has to be explained simply and with good candor.

Finally, don’t believe the hype. Get references, find the SEO company’s clients and testimonials. Look for those mom and pop clients not the big shots that might be allies. Once you’ve done your due diligence you’ll find an SEO firm that fits your liking.

Getting Your Marketing To Go Viral The Social Networking Way

 Getting Your Marketing To Go Viral The Social Networking WayOne of the biggest challenges of an internet marketer or anyone using the web to make money is getting that message or content to go viral. There’s no magic bullet or super trick but there are basic strategies the pros use to get the ball rolling.

First of all, if you have a product or a personality or anything you feel needs to get out in public big time, then you’ll need to evaluate how valuable that product is to the public. Second is how will you present it to the public, what approach would be satisfactory? It’s a matter of not using the old ways but either modifying them to the new paradigm and using the new techniques that have proven tried and true.

Social networking is the steam engine here and everyone knows it. To use social networking effectively, however, takes some know-how and expertise. It’s not like you’re going to just post on Facebook and suddenly get worldwide attention. It can happen and that we call organic website traffic. What happens there is that someone makes a post that other people like and then they share it, repost it and it spreads like a virus. No one can predict what will go viral and what won’t but using smart and proven methods we can narrow down things sociala great deal and come up with a formula that works. It isn’t easy by any means so don’t let some SEO guru come along like one of those old used car salesmen and try to hustle you out of money.

Getting started means getting your product, project, and or name brand out there. Using social networking you can get a message board or Facebook fan page going. It will take time but the momentum builds and over time you’ll have more and more people visiting and engaging in the conversations. That’s the key and this is the step you cannot afford to mess up on. You must engage the audience. Answer questions, ask them too. Validate and commend others and you’ll see the retention rate rise and new visitors. This is what gets the content viral as a start. You need to build up an audience. Some people have more than one fan page or page where they communicate on. Getting that big audience means that you can calculate possible sales and so on.

It’s a smart strategy of combining various communication resources and programming that brings about a viral result. That’s where hashtags come in as well. Hashtagging is all the rage but it’s because it works. It doesn’t take a lot to study how to hashtag, it’s when to hashtag and about what to hashtag that is the key. Doing it right means results and after a bit of practice you’ll get the idea and be able to apply it easily.

This is what this area of SEO is all about. A specialized area but a highly effective one. Knowing it down pat is so important that it can make or break a campaign. Study carefully and remember you have to participate in the conversations, questions, answers, and get your staff and friends to do so too.

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