how to seo 06 300x203 HERE ARE SIX GOOD INDICATORS TO REVISE YOUR SEOYour website or blog cost you money and time to build.  It is your window online to your business or interests.  Getting traffic from the search engines calls for precision Search Engine Optimization and when you don’t see results you can see these six signs your SEO service needs revisions.

1-  A trickle of traffic.  Your site has all the bells and whistles you want but you’re only getting a trickle of the traffic you want.  You hired an SEO service or did the job yourself and to no avail.  The search engines’ spiders look for keywords, keyphrases, placement of such, image tags and more in order to properly list and categorize your site.  Inefficient SEO will lead to little or no traffic at all.  This calls for revisions and it starts from the ground floor up.  You’ll need to look at every aspect of your site to see where you’re blocking or leaking traffic and then have the right expert come along and do the fixing.  Some experts can at a glance see what the overall problem is and in a few hours have things up and running like magic.

2- A drop in traffic.  Your site was doing good and traffic was pouring in then suddenly you check your stats and there’s been a major drop in traffic via the search engines.  That can mean only one thing, the present SEO you’ve got is out-dated and needs to be revised. Search engines change their algorithms constantly because as soon as they set up a new protocol some genius somewhere cracks it.  They exploit it and turn everything upside down. Now the search engines have to come up with a new algorithm to offset the exploiters and that means your site can take  big hit.  You’ll need a sharp SEO service to come along and tweak the revisions so that you can fairly get back into the game.

3- Lack of or drop off of conversions.  Some of your traffic converts.  The percentages vary which only your stats will show.  For example if you get one conversion out of every 1,000 hits and suddenly you see a drop in conversions then it means you have some SEO revisions to do.  An SEO service will go through your stats, history and find out what’s going on.  From there they’ll tweak anything that needs tweaking and you’ll be up and running.  Only a top SEO service can do this so shop carefully.

4- Inconsistent traffic.  You’re sitting there checking your stats and they bounce up and down like a rubber ball going down the stairs.  Some days are good, some days are rotten.  It’s because your SEO is not fine tuned and only a great SEO service can do this.  Somewhere in your text or tags there’s something causing this inconsistency.  It could be placement or an updated algorithm from one of the top search engines.  In either case you had better have it corrected quick.  Get your gear in order at the first sign of traffic inconsistency and let an SEO service do their job.

5- Not being at page one of Google.  Everyone wants their sites on the first page of Google.  The competition is so fierce that it’s a wonder sparks don’t fly off one’s computer when going to Google.  Google is the apex predator of search engines and a first page placement for your keywords is a major coup.  It takes fine tuning by a SEO service to achieve this and many will make the claims but you’ll need to do your due diligence to determine which SEO service to choose but once you find the best ones you’ll be back in the sunshine again.

6- Low return on investment.  To hedge your bets regarding paid for traffic like PPC or Pay Per Click ads you may notice a miserly or sudden drop in traffic that is quality and conversions.  You’ll need to get a SEO service immediately or you’ll be bleeding money.  PPC costs money.  It’s an investment where you want results from targeted traffic but when that investment doesn’t pan out it’s time to call in an SEO service and quickly.

Any of these six indicators are a cause for alarm to get an SEO service on your side and get things done right.

Six Great Tips On Selecting The Best SEO Firm For You

How To Select SEO Firm 123rf Six Great Tips On Selecting The Best SEO Firm For YouJust like any other service, SEO is one that is essential if you’ve got a website or blog and are doing business on the web.  That being said, you’ll need to know the right criteria in how to pick the best SEO service for you.  Here you’ll find 6 tips on how to select the top SEO firm for you.

First of all, you’ll notice on any search engine query about SEO firms that there are a plethora of such services being promoted.  The competition is fierce and rife with fraud.  Navigating through this nonsense can be a chore to say the least. You’ll see the results being listed making all sorts of promises such as boosting your website to the top of Google or Bing in a matter of hours or keeping your site or blog on the top first pages of these search engines.  Claims like that are absurd and there are only a few firms that can do this but keeping that position is not likely using their methods.  The reality is that a well laid out website with recommendations from other websites, reviews and such will boost your site upwards and onwards.  Using the right keyword and keyphrase density in just the right position, image tagging and other tweaks optimize your site or blog so that the search engines can index them just right.

In searching for a legitimate SEO firm you’ll want to make sure to follow to make sure you get the best for your hard earned dollar.


The proof of the pudding is in the tasting it’s said and same goes for SEO firms. Here the proof of the SEO is in the results.  Reputation is a big part of this and to skate past the fake and bloated testimonials and reviews.  Yes there are firms that lie through their teeth to get your money and to avoid this you need to check with the age of the company, their list of clients, BBB or Better Business Bureau and double checking on their claims vs results.  There are tons of forums and blogs that police these sites and this is where we separate the chaff from the wheat by asking in these forums about said companies.  Experts, clients, will show up and give you their two cents of opinion and you can get a better idea of their real reputation.


Look at what the companies are charging and compare prices vs services.  You must do your due diligence in order to make the right decisions.  Prices that are too high and offer less services and prices that are too low and offer the world. Somebody is lying here.  An even keel is what’s needed and a clear and precisely laid out site will allow you to see where your money is going and for what.  You can then contact them and ask precise questions so that you’ll have a better understanding.


Just what do the SEO firms offer  Are they just going to stuff your website with keywords and keyphrases and when your site doesn’t reach the top state that your information is out of date and you need to upgrade to a new level of their services  How about if they offer software that you have to buy in accordance with their services  You could do a better job on your own.  You’re looking for a SEO firm that walks you through each and every step and isn’t pushy.  The honest ones won’t let you take the next step without fully understanding each step of the way and what they offer.


Like reputation, is the SEO firm going to be around to keep an eye on your site to make sure you’re growing and expanding.  If a firm just takes your money, does some SEO and then cuts and runs then you’re back to square one.  You want an SEO company that will ride along with you for a good amount of time to make sure you’re stable and profiting from their services.


An SEO firm has to do their due diligence.  They just can’t see that your site is about dog care or fishing and plaster those words all over your site.  A great SEO firm is going to do some investigation and ask you tons of questions.  This is a key factor in a successful SEO firm as they’re looking for every facet of your site to best serve you.  They’ll want to fine tune things to the point that your site is spot on targeted by people, consumers, who are looking for what’s on your site.


A good SEO firm knows that you have a budget.  They’ll have a series of levels of services just to fit your budget and target.  Don’t fall for those companies that push you to upgrade fast or buy additional services.  That’s a clear sign they’re not honorable.

Overall, it’s just like shopping for a house, lawyer, doctor.  You have to look for the right indicators to make your decision and hopefully these 6 tips for finding an SEO firm are important.

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Doing SEO The Right Way

People try to do SEO on their own and some are pros and some aren’t.  There are those that apply SEO ethically and some that do not.  Knowing the inside and outside of SEO is a major plus in today’s need for website traffic and knowing what Google penalizes you for is the first step.

seo service in Tampa fl 1024x768 Doing SEO The Right Way

Doing SEO The Right Way Tips

First of all don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  Google’s algorithms change often but there are certain fundamentals that remain stable.  It’s because of so many people and companies that try to fool Google and don’t do SEO properly.  There’s always someone trying to outwit Google and goof up things for everyone else. They’ll pepper the web with their silly and contrived websites loaded with keywords and keyphrases in total disregard for SEO.  They’ll have irresponsible backlinking and all sorts of things that are despicable to say the least.  When Google finally busts them they end up getting penalized so badly that they have to start all over again.

The regular people doing SEO can often fall into these traps by buying SEO courses or attending webinars that aren’t all that reputable.  They’ll apply these techniques and then Google comes down on them like a pile of bricks.  This is why people need to study SEO from official Google and Bing sites.  There are plenty of tutorials and forums around where ethical approaches can be found.  The process now involves a methodical application of scanning a website and its associated sites like reviews, testimonials, and fans.

There are other criteria but Google and the other search engines keep these close to their chests.  It’s because if they were uncovered the balance of power would shift drastically.  People rely on Google for that traffic and having the right SEO approach.

Remember, trying to circumvent the ethical approach to SEO means sooner or later you’ll get slammed by the search engines and if you’re representing a client and their traffic drops and their sites get booted you can find yourself sitting in court answering a lot of questions you don’t want to answer.  It’s because no one likes a crook and although puffing up your website and doing SEO unethically isn’t a crime, it is a misrepresentation and underhanded to say the least.

Yes there’s competition and there are so many experts out there but that doesn’t mean you have to stoop to the level they do to get over.  Their path leads to major losses in capital and reputation they won’t get out of it anytime soon.  So keep your chin up and study from the honorable SEO experts and you’ll do alright.

Now that’s been said it’s time to move on to studying SEO and seeing what you come up with.  You may well find that you’ll find a way to optimize your SEO that others haven’t come up with and put you way out on top.  That’s what’s cool with SEO.  You can stand on the fundamentals and experiment and come up with something new and improved.  It’s just a matter of getting in there with the right professional attitude.


Six SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

6 seo tips 300x200 Six SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an acquired skill that no webmaster can do without.  The skills required take a good amount of study and practice.  There’s lots of theory and application and there are some basics that need to be followed to get the best out of SEO.

1-Social networking.  Social networking is the biggest thing to come along to SEO since html.  The reason being is because of the math.  One good post or picture can go viral at any given time and then the next thing you know your website has shot to the top of the search engines and people are piling in.  This is why Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the rest are so important.  They’ve changed the way that traffic and notoriety is by placing it in the hands of the people.  This way you not only get mounds of traffic but also targeted traffic which will convert and return.  You can’t underestimate the power of social networking and it’s only getting larger.  As new technologies emerge the social networks will be more efficient like what’s happening with Facebook recently.  They’re cleaning house and getting rid of the spam pages and fine tuning their ad interface.  Now you can get in there and target your ads better and get a better return.

2-Allow for feedback.  Having links on your site that allows for visitors to leave comments, reviews, etc. can really be a big boost to your traffic and conversions.  There are plugins and scripts that you can easily implement and on top of that you can ask that they share the content on your page via social networking.  Have them hit those links to the search engine review site options so they’ll go to Google or Bing and drop a comment or review in your favor.  These links will lead back to your site and look good in the eyes of the search engines.

3-Go mobile efficiently.  Optimize your site so that it works well on the mobile platforms.  Don’t underestimate the power of mobile as indicators are it will eclipse the standard desktop searches.  Missing out on mobile efficiency is like cutting your own throat nowadays.  It’s not that difficult to do as there is software to convert your site to mobile and manage it easily.

4-Know your tools.  There’s a plethora of SEO software out there and a lot of it is free.  Even the search engines offer software to use to optimize your sites.  Look around for what others recommend and try them out.  Don’t fall for that “our software will get you in the top ten of Google” nonsense.  No one’s software can do that.  Only ethically applied techniques and strategies will get Google and the other search engines attention.

5-Stay cool.  Don’t get upset if your efforts don’t happen overnight.  It takes time.  Sometimes you’ll luck out due to either someone at the search engines will love your site and boost it up or some social networking thing of yours goes viral.  You might have your site picked up by one of the big news services and announced on television or a popular television show might mention you.  It’s all about staying the course and not letting yourself get depressed because numbers don’t shoot up as fast as you want.  Do the right thing and let it ride.

6-Don’t play around with Google.  Google has it’s algorithms developed by their experts to handle the constant barrage of spammers and irreptuable types.  Dealing with millions of these crooks per day has Google and other search engines on their toes 24/7.  Filling your website or blog with spammy terms and black hat scripts is suicide.  Google will find out and then penalize you.  If you’re representing a client you’ll end up probably getting sued by that client for the detriment of your dirty tricks.  Instead, pick up the free Google tools that are available like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.  Do not abuse this privilege and you can gain more by contributing and chatting it up with other webmasters using these tools perhaps on Google Plus.  The technologies behind the search engines are changing rapidly and pretty soon it will be next to impossible to put up an unethical site with unethical SEO techniques.  You do not want to get blacklisted or hauled into court.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

social2 300x300 Benefits of Social Media MarketingIn today’s world of marketing the use of social media marketing isn’t just a quaint idea, it’s a reality that every business must embrace.

Social media marketing is the means by which companies and people use the various social networking sites to advertise their goods and services. Not only that but these social marketing tools and techniques establish and expand one’s presence all over the Earth. There are billions of people using social media. Every language, country, race, religion, and creed. They often just chat with their families and close friends but the math involved can catapult a comment, picture, opinion spreading all over the world in a matter of minutes or hours. This is what we call viral, and going viral can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Many marketers using social media marketing strive at making things they control go viral. They advertise that they can make things go viral but they usually use a network of their own sites they’ve hired numerous people to make and interlink to one another. These can be thousands and thousands of sites on Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest and more. These strategies work however and some are questionable but the bottom line is doe these techniques generate capital for the small and big business person.

When one decides to delve into the world of social media marketing then one has to be careful what to look for. There are so many various strategies that what works for one client or company may not work for you or yours. This calls for study, lots of study and a learning curve that looks like a seashore during a storm. This is where the foundations of success and failure start regarding social media marketing. Remember, we’re talking about numbers here. Statistics are where you’ll be able to gauge your success to a great degree but all the statistics in the world have to display sales or leads or they’re meaningless.

You’ll need a personally structured social media marketing strategy. Make sure it covers the basics and don’t get to innovative early on. Let the tried and true be what you establish your strategy on. Later, when you have that brilliant idea or new found secret you’ll be able to try them out and see if they’re successful and if not you can take them out and go back to the well tread path.

That’s where social media marketing comes in. Tapping into the vast communities around the world where you can show off your goods and skills, make new contacts, and grow to levels that would have been impossible 20 years ago.

Honesty Is The Best Policy With SEO

SEO Great Reputation 300x199 Honesty Is The Best Policy With SEOYou’ve seen the ads all over the web.  Some company is going to provide you with the best Search Engine Optimization there can be.  That’s SEO for short.  They make all kinds of claims and so on but in the end you end up losing your ranking on Google and getting penalized not to mention with a hole in your pocket.

SEO is both a science and an art.  It’s not something that remains the same year after year.  It’s a process by which experts, those well heeled in the workings of the search engines have spent countless hours working on.  This calls for research and application and sometimes what is referred to as luck.  The best at SEO rely on math and procedure.  They have to be two steps ahead of the competition and three steps ahead when search engines like Google change their algorithms and procedures.

When hiring a SEO expert or team, take into account their claims.  Check on their testimonials because faking testimonials is a common practice with all businesses nowadays.  Check consumer report sites and Better Business Bureau data too.  It’s all too easy for a SEO scammer to make your site look important with a list of spam site backlinks that will definitely get you penalized by Google and other search engines.  Ask about what they’re going to do and an honest SEO company will walk you through each step of the way without revealing their top secrets.

SEO is a monster of an industry.  You can get a pro SEO expert and reach the first page and top ten of Google but a week later the competition will beat you down then it’s back to stage 1.  So make sure you understand that honesty is the best policy when it comes to SEO.  Soon the search engines will come up with a system that lists sites more fairly as the scammers get deflected and deposed.

In the meantime, study a bit on your own.  Know the language and basics of SEO.  Once you’re familiar with that it will make your SEO options easier to understand and implement.  Again, be careful of hiring someone else to do your SEO for you.  Just like buying a used car you’ll find enough people banging at your door with offers.  Same goes with those how-to courses you’ll find online.  Some cost a small fortune and deliver nothing but old and outdated tools and techniques.  No one is going to expose their top methods in a course until they’ve exploited it themselves.

So that’s the best in SEO.  Honesty is the best policy regarding SEO.

Benefits of SEO to Small Businesses

small business seo 0002 300x225 Benefits of SEO to Small BusinessesContrary to popular belief, SEO is very important to businesses of all sizes. Whether you operate a large company or a business with just five employees, local SEO is an excellent marketing tool. If done properly, it can help a business achieve incredible success on the internet.

Increased Traffic to Website

When a local SEO marketing campaign is done properly, the website it was created for will see an increase in traffic. The website can be a company site or a blog. In all aspects of an SEO campaign, there needs to be content involved. The majority of the content is textual, with some videos and audio files strewn in here and there.

Increase of Paying Customers

With any good small business SEO campaign, the goal is to increase the amount of paying customers that visit your company’s website. You don’t want people just visiting the site, browsing around, and then leaving without making a purchase. You want these visitors to purchase the products or services offered on the site.

Social Buttons Can Add Traffic

When you post a blog, it should have social media buttons on it. These buttons should be a Facebook ‘like’ button, a share button for Twitter, an email button and any other media buttons you like. By having these buttons in each post, you are increasing the likelihood that you will acquire more traffic for the website.

Using Google Alerts Helps

If you are going to create an SEO campaign yourself, it is best to use Google Alerts. Set up various alerts to figure out how people search for your company or website. This will allow you to focus on specific keywords or phrases for the small business SEO campaign. Also create an account with Google Adwords to find out what the most common search phrases are for your industry. You can then use them in regular blog posts and as meta tags on your company website.

An Increase in Sales

Once you have established your local SEO campaign, you will hopefully begin to see an increase in sales. These sales could come through the website, over the phone or at your store, should you have one. Just because you have an increased amount of website traffic, it does not mean that those numbers will correlate to sales. You need to entice your visitors into purchasing the products and services offered by the company.

Small Business SEO Tips

Some of the most important tips for an excellent SEO campaign include using fresh content and doing research. The website or blog needs to be updated at least once per week. If you can find a way to update it daily, or multiple times per day, then you will be putting yourself ahead of the game.

The research involved is keyword research. You need to figure out what search terms are being used by customers who need your products and services. When you figure out the keywords being used, you will be able to implement them in the campaign.

Affordable SEO offers Mobile Website Design Promotion

March Special: Mobile Website Design promotion

mobile website 183x300 Affordable SEO offers Mobile Website Design PromotionPRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 3, 2014 – TAMPA, Fla. — It’s no secret that small business can not survive now without online presence. Without online visibility most of your potential customers, clients, patients will not find a way to the services and products small businesses offer.

Not to many people searching for a dentist or a lawyer via newspapers, catalogues and Yellow Pages. Over 95% of all searches for services and products have been originated on internet via computers and mobile devices last year.

With a huge popularity of smart phones and low cost mobile devices the mobile internet traffic  is growing rather rapidly. Statistically depending on a type of services or products small business offers the internet traffic originated from mobile devices varies between 20% and 50%. That’s why mobile website presence is very important for a small business which planning to be busy at the current challenging economic time.

Affordable SEO Tampa announces March Special: Mobile Website Design promotion.
Get you new mobile website redesign, developed from scratch or converted to WordPress platform for just $399 (Regular price $590).

Offer is valid through March 31 2014.

The website design includes the following features:
– Custom designed user interface.
– Website design including a blog section.
– Interactive Contact us form.
– Custom designed Navigation
– WordPress platform


Was Expedia Hit by a Negative SEO Campaign?

Expedia Negative SEO 300x147 Was Expedia Hit by a Negative SEO Campaign?Something happened to Expedia’s website ranking on Google searches, making it appear as if it may have been hit by a negative SEO campaign. This is according to an analysis performed by the firm that discovered the problems.

Between January 12 and 19, Expedia lost a quarter of its visibility in Google search. This occurred right after Google clamped down on Expedia’s efforts to boost its traffic through paid links from other websites.

This revelation caused Expedia’s shares to fall as concern about the impact the poor SEO would have on its business.

The CEO of Searchmetrics, the company that found the issue, did a deeper analysis on what occurred that caused Expedia to lose so much visibility. What the CEO, Marcus Tober, found was that the SEO techniques that were used to increase the website’s search visibility were out-dated and clumsy. They were also used too much. Tober stated it would be surprising if the company was responsible for what occurred all by themselves.

Instead, Tober believes that there are three main reasons for the scheme. The first is that Expedia possibly used artificial link building a number of years ago, forgetting that they did this and left the links out there. The second is that the visibility dive is the result of a third party SEO company that Expedia hired that is still using outdated techniques. The third is that an Expedia competitor may have built the links in the past in order to hurt Expedia, which is known as negative SEO. Unfortunately, this is a practice that has become common.

Whatever the reason, Expedia received a very hard hit. It was hit so hard that a search for “hotels” brought up absolutely nothing in the first few pages of search results. Normally, Expedia would be on the first page. In fact, it was common for Expedia to hold the number three spot.

It was also found that the word “hotels” was used as anchor text on many websites and that anchor text linked back to Expedia’s website. For instance, a site about travel to Vietnam had the word “hotels” linked back to Expedia’s hotels page and that is a practice that is not used anymore. This showed that the site was created just for links.

All in all, it looks like Expedia became the victim of individuals who wish to hurt rankings of companies. Now Expedia is in recovery mode.

Local SEO is Valuable Tool for Driving Business

local seo 300x225 Local SEO is Valuable Tool for Driving Business

Local SEO is very important to small businesses that rely on local customers to drive their bottom line. It makes them seen and makes them an authority within their industry.

Today, it is difficult for a business to survive without an online presence. With a very large online audience to target and with approximately 78% of consumers utilizing the Internet to make informed buying decisions, local SEO is now more important than ever.

Some of the things that consumers look for are a business with a website, contact information on that website, and content that tells them whether or not the products and services that the business offers are right for them. In order for them to find the website, SEO is needed so the website is indexed properly within search engine results. When indexed properly, it can be found and visitors are more likely to become customers.

Here is why local SEO is so important to every small business:

  1. Every day, potential customers are searching the Internet for local businesses that offer what they are looking for.
  2. Search engines are very friendly to the small business, but the small business will only be seen if effective SEO practices are executed.
  3. Mobile search is now a very big thing with so many individuals using their mobile devices to do business searches on the go.

Affordable SEO offers local SEO to customers around St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Jaksonville all throughout Florida, and throughout the entire United States.

The services that are being offered include metatag optimization, copywriting and content rewriting, keyword analysis, local Pay-Per-Click and Google AdWords marketing campaigns, social media development, and web design with WordPress platform upgrade.

Affordable SEO makes these services available so that businesses can enhance their bottom lines. With a solid online presence, businesses are able to achieve a return on their SEO investment rather quickly. This is an investment that is then achieved again and again as visitors to the website convert into customers.

This conversion rate is achieved by being found, giving website visitors the information that they want, having a presence that makes them feel comfortable and not overwhelmed, and making the initiation of contact easy so that they are more likely to make contact.

Affordable SEO has used these services to help many businesses throughout Florida and the country be seen, giving them an edge on the competition that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

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