Be The Star Of The Show With Your Own Personal SEO Branding

Personal branding is just as important as company, corporate branding and done correctly could be the difference between success and failure. Business is all about profit, and profit comes from great service and products. Having a sound reputation for both is what creates a brand name for your company. People recognize your name for top notch service and will promote you at every twist and turn in their lives. You can’t ask for better advertisement as no matter where you turn in your industry and Read More +

In The Near Future Image Is Everything For SEO

There’s no argument that we humans are visually oriented. It’s in our makeup and the way our brains process information. Imagery is what we run on and when it comes to SEO, it might turn out that the computing systems of the near future will rely on images far more than we suspected. Any scan of the latest in cognitive research will show how important imagery is to the mind. We retain images to allow us to interpret our surroundings and memories. Dreams are form Read More +

Personality Goes A Long Way With SEO

Investing in SEO is a must for today’s online marketer. Without SEO your chances of getting spotted via the search engines is next to nothing. There’s a lot of technology and technique involved but one thing that can hedge your bet even further is personality. The public likes to deal with companies that do two things, provide the best products and services and has that friendly personality that makes them feel comfortable to associate with. Personality What’s that mean? It means that you put a Read More +

Don’t Get A Google Black Eye From Linking

Linking is still a valuable SEO practice but if you do it wrong you’ll be in more trouble than you can dig out of. There are safe and effective ways to manage linking and the bottom line is honesty is the best policy. First of all, Google looks at links to your website using several algorithms, most notably the Penguin software they use. What they’re looking for are links that are useful to the surfer and provide clear cut answers to queries as well as Read More +

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The AMPs Are Coming!

SEO professionals and webmasters knew it was going to happen. They tried to prepare themselves. They saw it rising over the horizon but nothing mankind could do could stop the domination of the AMP from Google! AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an advanced method of getting better performance from webpages listed on Google. Google had announced this new feature back in 2015 so it’s not like people hadn’t been warned, they were just on the edge of their seats wondering when they would be allowed Read More +

The Overall Look At SEO

You’ll never find a lack of debate regarding what SEO is and what it has been and where it’s going. Pros and clients alike, as well as search engine corporations have their own versions, outlooks, opinions, results that can be mind boggling. To clear all this up we need to look at the past, present, and future of SEO to get a better idea what’s in store. First of all, SEO is only about 20 years old. It had to be built from the ground Read More +

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of SEO In E-Commerce

The web is all about e-commerce. If you’re selling via the web, you had better be on top of the latest regarding how an e commerce site is built and what it should and should not be comprised of. Luckily there are templates and platforms from which to build on but the one mistake that far too many people make is not incorporating the latest in SEO techniques from the start. SEO is a series of highly specialized skills using various technologies and tactics to Read More +

Content Marketing And SEO: Optimize! Is The Name Of The Game

No matter what you hear from today’s so called SEO experts, the bottom line to content marketing and SEO is to optimize, optimize, optimize. This isn’t like your fathers SEO, no, it’s is a whole new ball of wax that calls for extra specialization and internet acumen. Today’s content marketer has his or her hands full. No more stuffing a websites full of keywords, keyphrases, and keywords and hoping for the best. The old link building won’t help either. The trick to SEO and content marketing Read More +

SEO Calls For Careful Planning

SEO is both a science and an art nowadays. Real pros know this as it’s not just some technical things you have to do, you’ve also got to be creative and innovative to better your chances. It’s the balance between the two that brings solid results. You have to have patience, first and foremost. It can take weeks or months to see significant results, but if you keep at applying the fundamentals you’ll gradually show up on the search engines and gain more prominent rankings. Read More +

Taking The Confusion Out Of Local SEO

No business can survive with any aspect of its administration in a state of confusion. That being said, if you don’t have consistency regarding your business’ information such as address-phone number-website URL across all business directories then you’re going to lose traffic, customers and revenue. Local SEO must include local business directories, and local business listings. Without them, you’ll lose attention and much more. There are hundreds of such venues and you’ll have to either input your data manually or have a script or something Read More +