Some SEO Lessons To Avoid Trouble And Achieve Success

Some SEO Lessons To Avoid Trouble And Achieve SuccessThe world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing panorama. It doesn’t stay the same although there are certain fundamentals to stand on.

The true story is that today’s entrepreneur has to be on their toes regarding their websites and blogs so that they are SEO friendly and not a hazard that will bring problems in the short and long term.

The first of these is content. Content of high quality and not some slapped together series of royalty free pics and videos that have nothing to do with the real content of your pages. The search engines, specifically Google, look for whether the pics and videos and other content are unique and relevant to the keywords you use for surfers who search. If you’re running a site about one subject and the content waivers with pretty pictures and bells and whistles that take away from the true direction of your site, you’ll fail. Keep copy fresh and original. Tag your pics and videos so they’re easily found by the search engine spiders and crawlers. Do some local SEO as well and make sure your content gets just the right promotion on your site.

Links can become outdated or even harmful. The links you put up on your site today may not lead to the content you think it does. Sometimes other sites go down or get bought out or redirected by unscrupulous webmasters. These types of errors and deliberate ways of deception can cause you serious harm and reputation as well as search engine listings. It is extremely wise to double check your links to other sites within your sight on a regular basis. At least once a week. Don’t trust anyone on this as the owners of the other sites you’re linking to may fall victim to scammers and then you’re all in trouble. Just be picky when you have links on your site and check them regularly. Also, make sure the wording you use in describing those links is relevant to your site and content too, that aids in getting in the top spots of the search engines.

Watch out for the Google algorithm programs. Google’s software for SEO, Penguin and Panda to name a few are on the march. They’re being updated more regularly with better programming and better oversight. Google is doing this because it wants its users to get the best out of their searches and Bing is rising as the search engine of choice because of smarter algorithms. This calls for the entrepreneur to look over the keywords and keyphrases used as well as tags. All must be precise and relevant and the right use of alternative terms is a good idea too as searchers aren’t always super literate. You have to make room for the simple minded factor regarding search terms. Here you’ll have to experiment a bit but soon you’ll see results regarding those search terms.

Finally, don’t try any underhanded tactics like Black Hat techniques. Google’s got the top people on board 24/7 regarding anything unscrupulous. Just getting busted once by Google or the other search engines could mean a very, very long time to get back in their good graces.

Honesty in SEO is the best policy.

Navigating The Google Update Waters

SEO: Navigating The Google Update WatersSEO pros are scrambling daily to keep up with the various regular updates coming from Google and their search engine software.

In the old days a Google update regarding their algorithms would happen a few times a year. Their search algorithm would be deciphered by the SEO pros and then strategies could be laid out to take best advantage of the changes made by Google. SEO is a major business around the world and having it done properly can mean the difference between success or failure online. From businesses to schools to just about every subject, the people who need to rank higher in the search engines need SEO and many pay top dollar for it. It’s a multi-million dollar industry and can generate billions of dollars and make or break a company.

On the other hand, the field of SEO is rife with scammers and con artists who promise the moon and make millions defrauding the public and industry to the point of overwhelming the law enforcement agencies. To battle this, Google decided to really pour on the juice. Now they’ve begun tweaking their algorithm software arsenal not just a couple of times a year but so regularly that the SEO pros are scrambling for survival.

What does this mean overall? It means that now SEO experts have to be on their toes 24/7/365. As soon as they get a toehold in regard to Google’s algorithms, Google changes the game and they have to start all over again. This is decimating the SEO industry but only to the fraudulent SEO marketers out there. They subsist on criminal processes and strategies that Google is now on top of. As soon as the criminals are sitting on their laurels, Google is now pulling the rug out from under them and it’s become one wild, mad dash for the SEO crooks to recover.

This is good news for everyone. Reason being is multi-fold. First of all it allows for Google to populate the top results with quality and relevant website links that the public desperately needs and not some page after page of links to malware and adware sites that cause massive virus infections on a global basis.

Now the SEO pros who are honorable have to really go to work as well as the website owners themselves. Now the trick, the only way to get the high spots on Google are to build sites of such quality and relevance that it causes the SEO scammers and disreputable website owners a major headache because they don’t have the integrity to do anything of quality.

Google’s software like Panda, Penguin, and the rest each perform specific tasks in regard to handling search engine listings. Some are defensive and the others are offensive. They’re hitting the problem from every direction and listening to the SEO pros who are helping in the battle. This brings about an army of professionals who in tandem with the surfers themselves and their input allows for Google to fine tune their software even further and more regularly.

Developers & SEO Enthusiasts: Why They Need To Work Together

Developers-&-SEO-Enthusiasts-Why-They-Need-To-Work-TogetherWorking together when you’re either an SEO expert or some sort of application developer (whether it be mobile or simply web applications and such) is a very important feat to keep in mind. Teamwork is always going to bring the best out of any worker, and that goes for the industry you happen to find yourself loving so much as well. Developers are the people that will actually develop and make your website come to life, whereas SEO gurus are going to make sure that you website is being found by potential customers on a consistent basis. This means that teamwork between these two parties is going to result in a project that’s more than likely successful, and if you feel like teamwork is “overrated” than you’ve probably never been on a team that was decent enough to succeed before.

Conflict is always going to be a major pointer when it comes to the online marketing industry, and that goes for just about every single industry related to the making of money. You need to be able to take anything conflict related and turn it into something positive, and considering the fact that one person would be making the website itself and another would be promoting it to the fullest extent means there’s going to be a few disagreements. Here are a few tips that should help you keep your partnership together for the long run, because that’s ultimately what should decide whether you build a successfully branded website or no (an SEO specialist definitely isn’t building his own website).

  1. Make sure that you’re working with each other early on in the project – The earlier you guys start to get a feel for one another the better, this just means that your chemistry should fit just perfectly when you get into the thick of the work.
  2. Be smart about your choices and know what you’re doing – If you’re a poor web developer than make sure your SEO person is aware of this, the last thing they would want to do is work with a website that looks as if it was crafted by a toddler. Know your strengths and play by them, the SEO guru’s out there don’t want to work with amateur developers and vice versa.
  3. Respect one another – The right SEO specialist is going to make a web developers project known through many different platforms’, and the SEO guys can’t complete his job without a quality website to conduct SEO on. You need each other, and that’s why you need to constantly have each other’s respect.
  4. You’re on the same team, act like it – You shouldn’t be constantly fighting with each other about every little aspect of the project. You’re both on the same team and are striving for the same goals, so your SEO specialist shouldn’t be telling you how terribly you’re doing (and you shouldn’t be telling the SEO specialist how much of an idiot he is). You need each other for the long haul, so act like it.

Google Going Wild With Continuous Penguin Updates

Google Going Wild With Continuous Penguin UpdatesPeople have been wanting Google to update their Penguin software regularly and now it’s official that Penguin will be updated more frequently and live at that.

In the past, Google did their fine tuning of Penguin offline and then would unleash it when they scheduled it. That meant for a big data push and marketers and SEO experts would rush to see what effect the update was doing. They would scramble to make sure their sites were at the same level or if they had risen or fallen. Mad dashes to remedy downward statistics would call for strategies and tweaking.

Now with the live updates the data is smaller but what effect this is going to have is unclear. Google is working night and day to make Penguin highly effective and to combat spammers and other shady website scoundrels. They have a vested interest to see that the best results are populated on their search queries so that the public gets the relevant sites not the spammy rip off sites that offer no pertinent data to the searcher’s queries.

Penguin is their powerful tool to change the face of their results and marketers and SEO pros are on top of Penguin night and day waiting for the next update and whatever changes they bring about. The more frequent updates means that these people are going to have their work cut out for them and stress levels might go higher as well. Google is the bread and butter for internet marketers around the world and any changes that occur affects the way they do business and could cost untold millions if not billions of dollars.

This new updating process with Penguin is long in coming but shows that Google is willing to go that extra mile and are on their A Game when it comes to providing better service for their surfers.

Marketers and SEO pros are going to have to step up to the plate from here on end if they don’t want to get caught last. It’s going to call for more attention and resources on their parts to be able to compete and the world of SEO may change in major ways.

The other issues at hand are that Google’s updates might totally change the way sites are populated in the top Se results and affect the way commerce is done. Google is looking for original, quality content and sites that don’t have spammy backlinks. In addition to all that Google is hiring the best of the best and and that doesn’t spell good for the scammers out there on the web who’ve built businesses suckering people into thinking their SEO service will get them to the top of the SE results overnight and stay there.

Those scams are going to be a thing of the past very soon bu also what if Google messes up their software and innocent sites get banned, blocked, or shuffled to the bottom of the pile. Well, should that happen then Google would have to do some damage control and quick. That’s all speculative and a worse case scenario but stranger things have happened.

As SEO experts pour over the upcoming regular updates their hands will be full trying to get the upperhand on what strategies to take and whoever comes up with the most efficient strategies will have the clientele banging on their door. It’s all about who does the best job no matter what.

So the SEO world is going o have to sit tight and see what happens with Google. If things all work out then the industry will be cleaner and more profitable for all involved.

Being Secure About WordPress Security

Being Secure About WordPress SecurityWordPress is about as essential a tool you can have that can make your website dynamic and top of the line.  That being said, you don’t want your SEO damaged by a hacking event on your WordPress software that can damage your rankings with the search engines.

Generally, the way security is done with a WordPress site is about the same with a regular site, however, because WordPress is more specialized it takes some extra care and digital wizardry on your part or your webmaster’s part to make sure things are as secure as possible.

First of all, don’t go with a  cheap webhosting company.  You get what you pay for.  A cheap host that doesn’t provide the right amount of security is only one hacking attempt away from causing you immeasurable damage to the point of costing lots of money and time to repair.  Check the rankings of the webhosting companies around and pay special attention to the security options.  Call and ask, check the message boards for customers who praise their service.  This fundamental step will give you a foundation on which to stand on.

Don’t use easy to figure out ursernames and passwords.  Some people still are too incompetent or lazy or disorganized to comeup with usernames and passwords that are sound.  First of all don’t use usernames like owner, webmaster, administrator.  Don’t use passwords like password or drowssap or your site’s name like mysite.  The hackers have tools that will search for these knowing that huge number of people have a hard time remembering their passwords and will use the simplest things thus opening themselves to hacking.

Shorten the number of log in attempts.  This is how you prevent brute force attacks whereby hackers will try to log in multiple times.  Once they hit that “no more log in attempts” warning, they’ll back off as it is too time consuming and energy wasting.  They’ll go on to fresher waters.

Update, update, update.  WordPress is constantly being updated with newer versions that have the latest protections.  Updating your site is very important as other plug ins and software work in tandem with these updates.  Some webhosting companies have auto updating and some have manual.  If it’s too much for you go with the auto updating and save yourself a lot of stress.  Update those plugins and themes too.  As a matter of fact only get free themes from reputable sites.  That’s because some free themes are created by unscrupulous people who have your worst intentions at heart.  It doesn’t cost much to buy a theme either.  For those of you hearty enough, design your own.

Other tactics include disabling the file editing function via the dashboard.  As a default, WordPress users would normally go to Appearance>Editor to change the look of the site.  If hackers break through, you’ll find your site with any number of possible appearances and some not so happy if you’re a religious person or local or international celebrity of some note.

Use plugins that afford for more WordPress security.  There are some very reputable and dependable companies that provide security plugins for WordPress.  Fans will know all about them and you can learn about them from the official WordPress site or from the respected WordPress forums.

Finally, backup, backup, backup.  Backup your data very frequently.  This is so that in case of a hack, you can recover your files and start fresh.  Your webhost might have automatic backup but it’s still a good idea to have your own.

Overall, these simple steps can provide much needed security for your WordPress security website.

Contact Affordable SEO company at 727-938-8891 for quotes on making your WordPress website very secure.

Inside Google SEO Tips From Google

Inside Google SEO Tips From GoogleThere’s nothing like getting the inside information about a strategy or series of strategies from the company that dominates a specific field.  In this case it’s getting SEO tips from a collection of tips from Google itself.

The average person might think this look at what Google suggests might have information that is so top secret that no one could possibly understand it but that’s totally wrong.  People looking for SEO often listen to too many armchair know it alls or to unscrupulous marketers who will lie through their teeth or give out information of little or no value.  The bottom line is the best way to SEO your website is to follow some basic and fundamental steps anyone can learn in a day or two.

Remember something, when the web was new and SEs were growing in value, the way sites were ranked has changed.  As marketing gurus realized they could cheat and circumvent the procedures and get websites of no value to the top of the search engine pages.  This practice went on for years with one SEO company battling it out with another SEO company and to beat all that the consumers were getting ripped off from fly by night SEO companies making all kinds of absurd claims.

Google realized this and implemented changes over the past several years to combat this problem and be able to deliver results the surfer can value.  Website owners need to pay attention to these tips as this is the way of the future for SEO.

First of all, make a good website.  Not something with every bell and whistle out there.  You want to get your basic information out but you also want to look attractive and be memorable.  This means a smart and efficient design, well written copy, relevant pictures and links to relevant websites, blogs, and resources.

Once you’ve established yourself as something credible you’ll need to implement the latest of approaches to ensure the search engines not only find you but deem you worthy or inclusion and advancement up the ranks.

Make sure your contact info is on each page as well as your location.  Beef up that location data well so you’ll take advantage of what is referred to as local SEO. Use town, city names, landmarks, historical places.  Try establishing a blog that is updated regularly, once a week at a minimum and make sure it is linked to and from your site on each page.  Again, use all the data relevant to what you do and location and services.

Use a schema markup.  This is a language that is easy to find and use that allows for SE’s to not only find you but categorize you properly.  Nowadays, not having a schema markup is a major inefficiency.

Use XML sitemaps as well as Atom/RSS feeds.  If you have a blog, this will be par for the course.  It really helps as people will bookmark and possibly publish your feeds on their sites.  This is why you should include the proper keywords, keyphrases and hyperlinks in every article and blog post.  Those will turn into links back to your site which are relevant and won’t get penalized by Google.

Get mobile established.  Optimize your site for the mobile industry as it is growing to immeasurable proportions.  Apply all the above to your mobile site design as well and make sure you put links to and from your website and mobile site.

The Game Changing SEO Strategies For 2015 And Beyond

The Game Changing SEO Strategies For 2015 And BeyondWith 2015 coming up around the corner, SEM and SEO experts are looking ahead at what strategies to use to make the most of their efforts.

The issue at hand is that the way SEO and SEM work often changes.  Search engines like Google have been ramping up their policing of websites that use old, unethical tactics like keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks.  The old skool ways of doing SEO just don’t work anymore and with Google pushing the envelope regarding their algorithm technologies, the modern day SEM has got to change their game or die on the vine.

Basically, the new game is one where long term results are more preferable.  The days of telling clients that their site will hit the top of Google in a matter of days are long over.  Reason being is because the old ways of doing SEO are now penalized.  This brings us to the real deal regarding long term SEO results.  This is done by several simple factors but the toughest of them all.

Bottom line is that the SE’s want people to enjoy searching and not having to get a populated list of spammy websites when they’re looking for relevant information.  All the keywords and keyphrases in the world aren’t going to work anymore.  Google knows this and now they focus on content, design, and true relevance.  This means that SEO pros are going to have to tell their clients that it’s time to get on the good foot and build sites that are meaningful, relevant, and without unethical presence.

Quality content is the key here.  Not lots of links to other people’s videos and pictures but original content, well written copy and links that are ethical will mean that in the long run, the site will rise in the SE’s and be more stable.  Impatient clients are only going to suffer if they don’t game change.  In addition, trying to get great content cheap is not going to work anymore.  Hiring copywriters from poor countries will only get you poor content and you will lose out in the short and long term.  This isn’t a game of rush in and rush out anymore.  Now you’ve got to work for your SEO results.

Will the new world of SEO change with the times and technology?  They had better and do so fast.  No more laziness and backroom dealings to get clients to pay big money for ineffective results.  Now it’s time to go to work and work hard.  Any SEO or SEM pro who doesn’t engage in a lengthy discussion about the time it will take to get good results is a fool.  It took years to come to this but it was due to happen as the public got tired of spammy SE results and when surfers leave, money is lost.  Google can’t afford to have some new up and coming SE that establishes a sound ethical policy and technology that the surfers enjoy or Google’s reign at the top will fall and fall hard.  That being said, SEO experts had best do some due diligence and prepare for the new way of doing things.

5 Digital Marketing Predictions for the Year of 2015

5 Digital Marketing Predictions for the Year of 2015Digital marketing isn’t one of those things that you can just pick up and be great at, if you want to be one of the best digital marketers in the world right now you’re going to have to work at it.

Online marketing is something that tons of people rely on in order to make a living these days, and whenever you have to ability to predict how the industry is going to pan out (or even just listen to what somebody has to say regarding the matter).

2014 was a very large year for digital marketing and anybody whom had found themselves within the SEO industry in one way or another. Search rankings mean a lot nowadays and it’s actually how people go about getting eyes on their site, it’s just something that can’t happen organically if you’re not targeting specific thing.

Without further delay we’re going to go through 5 different predictions you should be keeping in mind when it comes to the SEO practices of 2015.

  1. Content Is Going To Be That Much More Important – Content is already important enough as it is, but when the time passes it’s going to become one of the more crucial places you’ll need to work on. The content you’re posting should be targeting natural keywords as well as LSI’s, and if the content is of poor quality the algorithms are going to be able to spot it. Manage your content accordingly and you’ll realize just how important it’s going to be next year.
  2. 2. Marketing Channels and Streams Will Be More Connected – Whenever all of your marketing channels are connected it’s going to be much easier to go about promoting your business. You can just send potential clients to any other marketing means you’ve got set-up through your initial promotion, which is why having marketing channels connected is an ideal situation.
  3. Mobile is Going to be Major – As if mobile wasn’t major enough already it’s going to be one of the cornerstones regarding your SEO process in 2014. You always see people with their phone in hand, and that’s why making sure your website is mobile-efficient is an important task. It’s the way of the future, and it’s going to be huge in 2015 (for both SEO and digital marketing purposes).
  4. Marketing Campaigns Will Be DIFFERENT – You’ll need to make sure that you’re hyper targeting certain demographics, as well as making sure that your campaigns are data driven. Look at certain trends and other things like that, these can ultimately decide which demographic you should be targeting and that will maximize your profits.
  5. Business Will Have to Adapt – If there are any business that haven’t made it their duty to appeal to any online marketing means than the next year of business is going to be much tougher. Even the larger local businesses that have no social media (or any online) presence are going to have to make these changes.

Knowing If You’ve Got The Right SEO Agency

Knowing If You've Got The Right SEO AgencySEO or Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of today’s internet marketing.  In regard to all the rumors about SEO, it’s still alive and kicking and getting the right SEO company and SEO consultant means you need to know what to look for.  We’ll look at some important points that you should be aware of.

First of all, look to see is your SEO company is open to communication.  They need to provide extensive consultation about what they’re doing and what is going on.  If they hesitate or go into chatter that makes no sense then you’re dealing with a  company that isn’t being upfront and honest.  Your life’s blood online means you’ll need quality SEO service and any consultant that isn’t clear and up front is going to damage your chances and reputation.  Ask up front what kind of consultation they’ll do and make them stick to it.  If they hesitate one iota then it’s time to look for another company.

They’re not on the ball regarding the latest search engine algorithms

Any SEO company knows the importance of keeping on top of the latest search engine algorithms.  Not being aware of the ever changing frontier of what the search engines are doing can spell doom for your website’s rankings and affect sales.  The search engines are always trying to improve their results to get rid of spam and so on and that means tweaking their algorithms constantly.  If your SEO company can’t tell you that they aren’t on top of what’s going on, then you’re dealing with gross negligence or just plain fraud.  You need to do some studying on your own.  Perhaps read the SE sites that focus on the latest breaking news regarding algorithms and ask your SEO consultant about it.  If they’re cheerful and up front, they’re the company to stick with.  If not, get rid of them.

Sloppy Linkbuilding Strategies

Link building is a process by which an SEO company provides inbound links to your website.  The strategy here is that the SE’s look at how many relevant links are pointing to your site.  This was a major strategy for years but it’s waning because the SE’s are aware of link building farms whereby fraudulent and irrelevant links are pushed to get a website up the rankings.  Some SEO companies specialize in this sloppy kind of practice and in the long term or short term it can damage your rankings and reputation.  Ask your SEO consultant about link building and how to do it honestly with live, relevant links from reputable sources.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that a reputable SEO company will be a clear, up front agency that explains things along the way, won’t leave you after you’ve paid, and will follow up with you down the road.  It’s a courtesy and professional process that you need to be aware of from the first step.  Don’t think that link building or SEO are the only saving graces to good SE rankings.  Great, original content and well designed sites with updates, pics, and relevant information also come into play.  Build a great site and get a reputable SEO consultant and you’ll do well.

The Goal Is To Dominate Local SEO

The Goal Is To Dominate Local SEO

The problem is you’re going to have to do a lot of work to do so.  There’s no easy way out and it’s going to take time and resources to do so and maintain your position.

Basically, local SEO means you’re targeting a specific place to market your goods and services.  That takes some doing but the fundamentals are the same with any kind of website to get it to the top of the search engine rankings.  There’s no fast trick or computer solution here.  It takes hands on ability and following the advice of experts.  The search engines and directories are getting wise to people using automated systems and programs to get the upperhand.  To prevent this, the search engines are tweaking their algorithm programs to detect such efforts and this is becoming quite a headache to webmasters and companies trying to get ahead.

The first step to dominating local SEO is basic.  Put together a website that is unique, well written, well designed with all the pertinent information that you need to have displayed.  Your location as well as your NAP (Name Address Phone) are paramount for display or at least linked to from the main page to a page where it can be easily found and indexed by the search engines.  Once your main site is done, it’s time for strategy and there is a lot of it.  Nevermind those old school tricks of links and so on.  Google is wise to that trick.  The days of the big linking thing are waning and the age of relevant links from local landing pages and citations has begun.

If you’re going national with your campaign, you’ll need to create local landing pages for each city, town, location you’re looking to exploit.  This means not putting together cookie cutter landing pages where just the name of the city or town or village is.  Far too many have tried this and failed miserably but some people still just don’t get it that originality is the key to successful SEO in general.  So if you’re going for the gold in more than one location then you’re going to have to create a landing page specific to that location.  Example, if you’re trying to attract business from Orlando, FL, then you’ll need a page specific to Orlando and populate that page with some facts, pics with tags pertaining to that city and how your company should be associated with it.  If you then want to dominate Tampa, FL, you’ll have to do the same.  You might try the same layout but your copy and photos should be original and unique or you risk being ignored or bounced by the search engines.


You’re going to have to master using citations.  Don’t even try to debate this valuable approach or you’re going to lose.  Citations allow for data regarding your website, services and goods to be indexed by search engines and directories.  The search engines and directories love citations because they know that the data isn’t cookie cutter and they prevent such bulk submission except for the top sites like Google, Bing Local, and Foursquare.  The citations are valuable because again, they list data regarding your site even if there’s no direct link to your website.  This is why you must put your NAP prominently so that when people refer to your site they include that data and not miss it.  This is the lynch-pin to success using citations. People write about you, and the world finds out about you.  This is a great way to get those local results.

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