The Present State Of Keyword Density In SEO

Keywords have for a long time been the golden ring regarding SEO and website placement on the search engines. Nowadays, the question arises whether or not the emphasis on keywords and keyword density is necessary or a detriment. In the old days, when webmasters found out the more keywords that were put on a website, the higher it ranked, led to an industry and haphazard practice that involved webmasters and marketers to engage in what is called as “keyword stuffing”. It worked for quite a Read More +

Dealing With The Confusion About SEO

SEO can get confusing at times. It’s because it involves so many variables that it’s difficult to keep tabs on all of them. From software to tactics to strategies, it’s a problem of insufficient data, wrong data, every changing algorithms, rumor, gossip, and more. Sifting through it all can be a tiresome task. First of all, people need to know exactly what SEO is. It’s simply the engineering of a website so that it can be better accessed and ranked highly by the world’s search Read More +

Listen To The Future Of Voice Search SEO

Every now and then a new thing appears on the web that makes web, content, an digital marketers stand up and take notice. Nowadays that new thing is ‘voice search’. People using voice search to operate their computers is growing at a rapid pace. It’s part of the growing aversion from traditional computing to simple computing via tablets and smartphones. People don’t want or have time to get geeky anymore. They want quick results without difficulty of use. As would be expected, Google and the Read More +

Things That Ruin Your Local SEO Campaigns

From the start, it’s the fundamental to the complex things you’ll have to face regarding local SEO. Nobody is going to do it for you unless you hire a professional to do it. There are things you can do from the start to make sure you minimize problems and things you can do now to remedy problems. Here we’ll cover things from website structure to duplicate listings to the proper way of content efficiency. First of all, make sure your site is professionally structured. Don’t Read More +

Good Tips For Better SEO

One SEO tip that should work is updating your copy content to include a good number of keywords and keyword groups. What this means is that your basic niche should be focused on in your website copy content and any additional topics should tie-in to those keywords and groups. For example, let’s say you’re selling fishing equipment for freshwater sports. You would of course have copy to cover the types of rods and tackle that are needed and then the types of bait and subsequent Read More +

Organic Linking & Behavior

Creating backlinks to your website and business can mean the difference between obtaining prospective clients and experiencing a rugged, or even failing business model. Thanks to today’s modern world of marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, the odds are in your favor. However, with the updating and new anti-spam tactics and efforts on behalf of major Search Engines like Google, the rules have changed. Keeping it Relevant Whether it’s from link-sharing with a similar service or product provider to posting on online discussion boards, Read More +

SEO: Increasingly a Holistic Endeavor

The art of search engine optimization has changed quite a bit over the years and the evolution shows no signs of slowing. The days of focusing on just one aspect of marketing or SEO as the primary driver of your strategy are coming to an end. Now, more than ever before, it is important to have a well balanced approach when it comes to optimizing for search engines as well as overall marketing strategy. This is because Google’s algorithms no longer emphasize just 1 or Read More +

What’s Up With Linkbuilding’s Future

Once again the subject of linkbuilding is rolling around the SEO and marketing industries. Rumors and predictions have been flying around for more than a year that the practice of linkbuilding is either dead, on its way out, or still a valuable tool that shouldn’t be underestimated. Linkbuilding goes back tot he beginning of SEO. In the old days, search engines use to value website based on how many links it had inbound and outbound. People would use all sorts of ways to build up Read More +

There’s A Lot More To SEO And Marketing Nowadays

Things regarding SEO and marketing call for a lot more nowadays and that meas you had better be up on what those requirements are or you’ll be wallowing I the mud of confusion. You can’t have one without the other. If you’ve a marketing campaign you have to incorporate a SEO campaign that blends in making both as seamless as possible. This calls for expertise on a higher level and today’s experts in both fields find themselves more challenged than ever. Your first mistake if Read More +

The Challenge Of Marketing And SEO

It’s as if there’s some evil cabal like in those James Bond movies that is behind the changes in SEO and marketing on the web. Every day now offers new challenges and new headaches to the point of overwhelm. It calls for taking a look at the changes, what has happened over the years and what experts feel will be the next steps for both fields. First of all, the move by Google and other search engines to cater to marketing strategies may well spell Read More +