WordPress Is The Everyman’s Tool

One of the most important CMS’ on the market is WordPress. CMS stands for Content Management System. That may sound like a mouthful, but it’s really simple as what WordPress does is helps you to manage your content, pics, videos, copy, much easier and with must-have features. It doesn’t take a genius to learn how to use WordPress. It’s user-friendly and so much so, that many people just love to practice with it like they’re playing a video game. It’s due to the fantastic basic Read More +

Battling The Menace Of Negative SEO

Of all the hazards on the web, the menace of negative SEO is probably the worst for web marketers. The reason being, these negative elements can sink any website business and you’ll not see them coming until they’ve already done damage. This is why it’s wise to know the signposts for negative SEO and what to do to prevent and remedy the situation. Negative SEO usually starts in two phases, just bad links or content associated with your site, or direct efforts of sabotage from Read More +

The Art And Science Of SEO And Content Marketing

Over the years, Search Engine Optimization has evolved into the two areas that cement it as both a viable science and art form. Knowing both sides of these designations calls for knowing the basics of SEO and content marketing. Where To Start All content marketing starts with both the technical side of SEO and the artistic side. Some may find that using both terms are inapplicable, but they’re very wrong. One need only peruses some of the most popular sites to see fantastic designs and Read More +

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing can quickly blow out budgets if you are not careful with how and when you spend your money. There are so many options in today’s digital world from your conservative formats in newspapers, television, radio, and grassroots marketing all the way to the many, many (and growing) cyber venues including online marketing, placing ads in apps, etc. For a small business, the plethora of choices can be daunting, especially if their budget is not too large. At the same time, marketing weakness is one Read More +

Synergizing SEO and PPC

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising are often considered to be competitors in the web marketer’s toolset. Both take up valuable resources, whether they be money or time, and both need constant tracking and a sound strategy in order to work effectively. Despite the competition for limited resources, it should not be a one or the other approach in the majority of cases. Both PPC and SEO have their advantages and disadvantages and an optimal strategy in today’s environment likely involves Read More +

How to Do Well on Google Local and the 3-Pack

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is an increasingly important part of capitalizing on potential organic traffic from search engines. With the changes that Google has made to local searches in recent years, the 3-pack is an especially coveted set of three listings which often appear under a map of the area and are displayed with key information including average review stays, the website URL, and directions. These three listings are especially prominent and so get a very high percentage of the clicks. There are really Read More +

SEO’s Game Has Changed

One of the toughest things for marketers and webmasters and companies fail to understand about SEO is that it has changed and so has the game. This basically means that what used to work for SEO doesn’t work today or needs modification. People are resistance to change and the same goes for SEO tactics and techniques. Some people just get into the same old rut based on past success or industry rumor. SEO marketing companies that are only out for the fast buck, will tout Read More +

How to Conduct SEO as a Solo Webmaster

Most webmasters are not part of large corporate teams or big agencies. They are small guys- running websites on their own as a career or even as a side gig to their day jobs. For this majority, search engine optimization (SEO) can seem like a daunting task, particularly in competitive niches. When you are up against competitors who have deep pockets and lots of resources, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. But you should not let you lose hope because while resources are one thing, Read More +

Predictions on the Future of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a tough task for those who are new to web development and marketing. Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress realize this and have over time increased their offerings for easy on-site SEO for their users. This allows novice webmasters to get the benefits of SEO without having to learn all of the technical details. A number of third party plugins can also enhance that benefit with a little research and input from the users. While many of these plugins Read More +

SEO Comes Alive With Content Marketing

In this day and age of the web, if you think all you need to do is put up a few web pages and do some simple SEO will get your business popping, you’ve got another think coming. A website is like a storefront. It either sells what’s inside or it doesn’t. It makes others feel welcome enough to step on in or it doesn’t. It beats the competition for function and flair or not. You have to put some work into your website and Read More +