Making The Most Of Video SEO

Make no mistake, video is one of the most important vias to success on the web. Using video and SEO tactics that are sound and responsible will provide significant rises in traffic as well as conversion and retention. The video realm online, is massive to say the least.  Everything is tied into video. Just look at the size of YouTube.  It’s not only the top video site, but it’s also the 2nd largest search engine.  You can find all sorts of relevant, up to date Read More +

Get Ready For The Significant Google Mobile Algorithm Change!

You can practically smell the fear on the web as webmasters and marketers are sweating it out regarding the upcoming April 21,2015 algorithm change that Google will be implementing for the mobile market. There’s chatter all over the place regarding SEO experts who fear the change will alter things to such a degree that their sites and money will tank.  It’s all do to the fact that Google realizes that the mobile market is expanding so fast that surfers who use the devices are dominating Read More +

Diagnose Your Website’s SEO Compatibility Is A Must

It’s great to have your own website up and running to sell your goods and services, but if that site has errors, they can be a game killer. Being professional is a must in this aspect. A good looking website isn’t enough. You have to know that there is pro level layout, design, infrastructure, all throughout your website and SEO, or search engine optimization calls for this. You would look ridiculous with a hot looking website with lots of bells and whistles, but then have Read More +

Understanding Your Client’s SEO Needs

It can be quite frustrating for the SEO professional to deal with the client who just doesn’t get what SEO is all about. Clients seem to have a preconceived notion about what they feel some service or product is all about and don’t do the due diligence to find out until it’s time to go into action. They’ve read about this, or heard about that, or have a colleague or cousin or one of their kid’s who has an opinion about things. These situations can Read More +

Making Your Site Mobile Friendly Is A Must Nowadays

In today’s online market, making your website or blog mobile friendly is a must. Let’s take a look at why this is so essential.  Basically, mobile is a fast growing option to the point of astonishing statistics.  People are shedding their laptops and desktops to use their mobile devices from smartphones to tablets, and they need to find content that is viewable on these devices.  With a growth this fast, if you’re not making your site mobile friendly, you’re losing tons of traffic, money, and Read More +

Using Social Media To Boost Your SEO

Let there be no doubt about it, social media is one of the biggest game changers in SEO in history. Social media has changed the landscape and anyone not utilizing it to boost their SEO is losing out big time.  Social media connects just about everyone on Earth with just a few mouse clicks and that alone is a big window of opportunity that cannot be denied. It’s not difficult to use social media.  From kids to old timers, 100s of millions of people use Read More +

The Value Of Local SEO And Content Marketing

Here’s a marriage of two worlds that makes for the successful marketing campaigns in today’s world of the web marketing. The issue here is what is referred to as local SEO or local Search Engine Optimization, and content marketing. We often think of the two as separate entities but in fact, the melding of the two leads to the successful sites one sees on the web. Local SEO means that your website incorporates information pertaining to a specific location. For example if you have a Read More +

When Can You Expect To See SEO Results?

This is the big question any SEO professional is going to be asked right off the bat.  It’s because clients want to know when to see results and they don’t realize the process can take some time. Not only can the process take some time, but the client has to be made aware that the process calls for their willingness to constantly monitor, update, tweak,  and maintenance their websites and blogs.  There’s no magic bullet like in the old days when people would just slap Read More +

Doing The Right Thing With Link Building

Once again the specter of link building is raising its head in the SEO game. This time the present analysis of linking has come to the fore and there are many misconceptions regarding what the right thing to do is and what isn’t. Link building has a shady reputation only because of unscrupulous webmasters who used black hat techniques to spam and dominate the search engines. This practice went on for years and search engines like Google have been combating them each step of the Read More +

The Never Ending Challenge Of Changing Google Algorithms In SEO

Many a company is putting steak on their black eyes after it’s been suspected that Google has changed its algorithm once again and upended several SEO apple carts. There’s been no definitive acknowledgment by Google that this is what has happened. It’s all speculation so far and based only on an unsuspected change in rankings from the big brand sites and the SEO pros who can only assume that the worst has happened to their efforts. Google has been coy but somewhat upfront about their Read More +