Indexes that Help Google Determine Website Rankings

There are a number of indexes that help determine Google ranking. Knowing what they are and what they mean can help you see why they are important and why you should consider them in your SEO efforts.

What is DA?

DA stands for “domain authority” and it is a measure of how powerful a domain name is and is one of the many factors that go into Google ranking. Domain authority is based on the age of the domain, popularity, and its size.

Google wants to be able to provide its users with results that can be trusted. There are new websites popping up all of the time and many don’t last for a number of reasons. Domain age is a trust factor because it shows the search engine that the website has some staying power.

The popularity of the domain is measured by the number of inbound links it has from quality websites. Links from low quality websites can hurt, so it is important that they are quality links. The size of the domain also contributes to how much authority it has. For instance, WordPress has a very high DA rating. This is an aspect of SEO that begins from the moment you choose your domain.