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Since 2001 Affordable SEO has been a company that assists small businesses in the Tampa Bay region to grow their website presence simply by creating and renovating websites. We focus on personalized website design. The site is 100% custom-made for a client. WordPress, Flash, DHTML, Ajax, XML, JavaScript, PHP, just to name a few technologies we utilize to develop a one-of-a-kind website for our clients. Web sites we build vary from basic static HTML websites to multi-layered sophisticated Content management systems (CMS), complex social media sites, and WordPress Blog websites. Generally, there is hardly any functionality we are not able to make available for you!

Affordable SEO continues to work along with you regardless of how large your business is and will personalize website development according to your finances and your requirements.

Design ElementsBasic WebsiteStandard WebsitePro Website
Contact Forms (2)XXX
Mobile Friendly InterfaceXXX
WordPress CMSXXX
Social Media IntegrationXXX
CRM API IntegrationXXX
PayPal IntegrationXXX
Photo GalleryXXX
High Google PSI scoreXXX
API Shopping Cart IntegrationX
Up to 10 PagesX
Up to 20 PagesX
Up to 40 PagesX
5 Stock Photos IncludedX
10 Stock Photos IncludedX
20 Stock Photo IncludedX
100% Satisfaction GuaranteeXXX


Wordpress Tampa development company
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WordPress was initially released in 2003 with the main goal to improve the typography every day writing and with actually a fewer number of end-users than you possibly can be counted on your hands and feet. After that, the product has developed into the greatest self-hosted blogging application on this planet, utilized on countless websites, and viewed by millions of visitors each day.

WordPress may be the world’s most widely used open-source cms (Content management systems), however, it is just a basic set of functions that leave little to be preferred for companies using WordPress to run their blog site or overall website. On the other hand, because of a couple of no-cost WordPress extensions, you’ll be able to assist improve your SEO friendliness, do a superior job utilizing web google analytics, develop much better copy, plus more.

WordPress is an excellent blogging and Content management systems platform. It really is simple to use and personalize, plus there is essentially absolutely nothing you can not undertake utilizing it. In the event you haven’t much-utilized WordPress, try it out by simply setting it up on your own desktop or laptop computer utilizing a web server bundle similar to xampp or WampServer.

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