How Live Social Video Helps SEO

Today, live social video is all the rage. This is because if you do it right, it will boost your SEO since it’s reliant on factors like freshness, dwell time, and chatter. These are all natural qualities of live video. In the same way that SEO pros worry about Google updates, social marketers worry about Facebook’s algorithm changes. While Instagram won’t even let you place a link in your post, Facebook and LinkedIn heavily deprioritize such links. This is why experts are using social video Read More +

Does SEO Rankings Still Matter?

Nearly every SEO conversation must involve ranking. But, is number one ranking crucial? What about generating new leads and sales? Well, most applications focus a lot on ranking. However, could you be ignoring the essential part of customer acquisition process? We know that there is a considerable ranking space present in search engine results, and thousands of companies desire the same area. The old era of SEO targets a site to attain the highest position possible with the help of many keywords and meta tags. Read More +

What to Expect From Technical SEO This Year

Today, technical SEO is growing in popularity again. This is something that started in 2016 then exploded in 2017. Going into 2018 people are still quite passionate about this SEO service. Specializing in this way is important today because it’s not possible to stay competitive otherwise. There are several ways in which you can accomplish this here. More Data Businesses are creating more data and customers are accessing more of it today. Processing this information about customers, websites, and how people are using the Internet Read More +

4 Things you Need When Starting Your SEO Campaign

There are a lot of complex variables involved in Search engine optimization (SEO). This is why if you’re unfamiliar with the basics, anything more will feel somewhat overwhelming. Even once you learn the fundamentals you’ll need to continue learning more so you can stay competitive. Fortunately, none of this is so technical that the average person can’t understand how to start a campaign. Starting an SEO Campaign When you’re ready to start your SEO campaign there are some things you must do. These include: You Read More +

Reviewing Your Company’s SEO Goals and Setting New Ones for the Year

Hopefully, you’ve already established an SEO budget that will help you reach your 2018 goals. This is an important part of running a business today if you want to stay ahead of your competition. However, this is also difficult to do today when you think about all the changes in SEO norms, strategies, and requirements. Reviewing Your Company’s SEO Goals and Setting New Ones for the Year The first thing you’ll want to do is review what you did in 2017 and how it helped Read More +

SEO and PPC – The 2 Main Marketing Tools of 2018

For some time now the Internet marketing industry has depended on paid advertisements. Marketers have learned how technological advances want a website’s content organized. This is important since everyone wants their potential clients to easily find what products or services they’re selling online today. With this in mind, there’s now a great debate about whether education or attention-grabbing techniques are the best way of attracting customers today. Most digital marketers know the pros and cons of both of these techniques, as well as using SEO Read More +

Fine Tuning Your Small Business SEO

You’ve got your website up and running and it’s a diamond in the rough. It looks good, feels good, but now comes the expertise of fine tuning your site so that you get the best out of SEO. This is an across the board activity that involves all areas of your site from it’s engineering to appearance and more. You just can’t let a website sit thee and grow mold. Far too many webmasters fall into this trap and wonder why traffic sucks and sales Read More +

Creating Local Content For Local SEO Tricks

By now you should have learned the value of what we call Local SEO. It’s the ability to add content to your website that spotlights your location. Without Local SEO you’re shooting in the dark when it comes to getting those choice spots in the top Google results pages. Local SEO isn’t difficult at all and we’ll look at some goodie tricks you can easily use to boost your Local SEO presence that puts your competitors in check. Spotlight The first thing to do is Read More +

What Is Meme SEO?

Well, as SEO continues to branch out in many directions, sub categories and niches, the one that is most overlooked but is a held-close-to-the-chest secret is what is referred to as Meme SEO. If you’ve not heard of it, you’re in for a surprise to one of the best tactics out there and not only is it easy to do, it’s fun. Meme SEO’s Basics Primarily, we’ve all enjoyed the various memes we see on our Facebook feeds, Twitter tweets, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit posts and Read More +

7 SEO Strategies You Had Better Take On

As the SEO industry continues to charge forward and thee technologies and techniques morph into more complex patterns, there are still tried, and true methods that are simple to implement that can give you a sound foundation for SEO success. This will allow for you to hire an SEO company then to make the best of the future of SEO and not end up totally confused or broken. First Things First First of all, you’ll need to assess your sister. Get a prof for this. Read More +