5 Ways to get SEO Traffic Flowing to Your law Firm Soon

Far too many law firm websites are committing bad SEO today. Whether it’s because you haven’t built any links, added any content, or your website is riddled with broken links and redirects, this causes problems with your lawyer SEO that results in a lack of traffic due to poor organic search visibility. Don’t sit around thinking about where things went wrong. Get busy fixing it instead. Connect YouTube to Your Website Correctly Lots of lawyers are creating and posting helpful YouTube videos but they don’t Read More +

Hurricane Preparedness for Small Businesses in Clearwater FL

Hurricane preparedness in Clearwater doesn’t end at home. As a small business, you can’t overlook hurricane preparedness in the workplace. It’s essential to take proactive steps in preparing for these unpredictable storms and other disasters there as well. By taking the initiative to start planning early, you can create a plan that leaves you fully prepared for a disaster. This is important because, unfortunately, 40% of small businesses that close because of hurricane damage don’t reopen. To prevent your business from becoming part of this Read More +

Important Parts of SEO you Need to get Right

SEO doesn’t work in a vacuum. There re a lot of different parts that you have to get right to create an effective marketing strategy for your business. You honestly can’t afford to overlook any of the following pieces in this process. Your Audience and Industry Your number one consideration is your industry, who your competition is, and who your audience are. This will determine what your next steps are in forming your SEO strategy. Keyword Research Once you know your industry and its audience, Read More +

Defining Negative SEO

Everyone who owns a business knows that their online presence is significant. This relies heavily on SEO to get you to the top of the SERPs pages where people will start to take notice of who you are and what you offer. One thing people don’t realize though is that SEO falls into two categories today. These include: Positive SEO includes tactics that are performed to positively impact your rankings in regard to your URL and domain. They’re performed by manipulation links, content, and other Read More +

Where Most People go Wrong With SEO

Even if you’ve been working on SEO for years, you’ll still learn new things about this industry – updates, tricks, and other things you’ll want to incorporate into your own campaigns. This industry is continually evolving although its fundamentals have remained the same over the past two decades. Nevertheless, nobody really knows everything there is to know about it. What does remain true though is that there are 8 main beliefs people hold that are wrong here. Believing it’s a Gimmick, Trick, or Scheme With Read More +

Using Local SEO to Improve Your Real Estate Website

Today’s real estate industry is very competitive – both online and off. This is especially true when you’re trying to find new clients. For this reason, you need to use real estate SEO and there are some tips you should keep in mind as you do so. Start by Conducting an SEO Audit When you want to get a grip on SEO you should start with an audit. This is a necessity when you want to optimize your site to rank locally. An audit will Read More +

How to use SEO to Improve Your Conversion Rates

SEO optimization and website conversion rate optimization are at war today as experts strive to make the two disciplines strive to make them work together. The main difference is that the first discipline is geared towards the search engines while the other is geared towards higher conversions. Very few sites can successfully combine both into a stellar site that provides a great user experience and ranks well in the SERPs. There are some strategies that can help you here. Use Dynamic Content Dynamic content is Read More +

Why you Need Content and SEO to Build Trust, Authority, and Reputation

Trust, authority, and reputation are necessary if you don’t want your business to be a carbon copy of your competition. With these things in place your customers grow emotionally engaged – the key to loyalty. You can clearly see when a business has these things in place because they’re more visible in the search engines. When you use this tactic to strengthen your business’ online presence you’ll find that it’s both simple and straightforward. This is somewhat surprising considering how it’s counterintuitive to normal campaign Read More +

How to Know if Your SEO is Working

Starting a new SEO campaign is exciting. This is when you get to invest in creating and promoting great content. You can also restructure your website so the Search Engines react to your website. Once you’ve invested the work you can watch yourself being rewarded. At this point you may wonder how you can tell if all this is working or not though. Defining “Working” “Working” is a vague term that means different things to different people. You need to define what this means for Read More +

How Social Media Effects Your Website’s SEO

It seems like everyone has their own website today. Each of these websites is set up differently but still requires the use of online marketing methods so people know that it exists. Unless you have a solid understanding of how this type of marketing works, it will take you a lot of time and effort to be successful here. This is because your SEO needs to be done well. You’ll need to do many things to make sure you get a lot of continuous traffic Read More +