Linkbuilding Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Risky Business

In the old days of SEO, linkbuilding was a crucial part of getting one’s site noticed, indexed and to the top of the search engine results. Then, because of underhanded tactics, spam, and annoyance, Google put out its Penguin software to combat the situation. Now, linkbuilding isn’t dead, but it is risky business. First of all, don’t give up linkbuilding. It is of utmost importance. The difference now is that honesty is the best policy, and quality is even more so. Quality in the form Read More +

Apple And Google Getting App Deep With SEO

Both giants, Apple and Google are always raising the bar regarding new technologies, and when it comes to SEO, they’re leading the pack and shaking up things a lot. This time around, Apple and Google are focusing on apps as a primary parameter for indexing search results. This throws a monkey wrench big time in the SEO world as now the pros have to restructure their game plans across the board. What it means in essence is that the use of apps will give both Read More +

Google Algorithm Updates Keeping Marketers On Their Toes

As you may have heard of late, Google had an unannounced update using some of its core algorithm software. This update caused quite a stir amongst SEO experts and online marketers and what has been gleaned from this update sets the pattern for future SEO applications. It wasn’t Google’s most famous software like Panda or Penguin that did the changes but an unnamed software or series of software that did the deed. What the changes entailed is far more surprising and more interesting as it Read More +

That Update You Felt Was Google!

It is now confirmed that the update that occurred at the rankings was indeed Google, but it had nothing to do with the software they use. In fact, the company came forward and admitted that they did an upgrade using other tools. This answers the changes in rankings and so forth that marketers had been noticing. Marketers had been dreading the next update from Google, expecting the update to come from their Panda or Penguin software, so while people were hanging over the shoulder of Read More +

Marketers Scramble To Understand Google’s New Updating

Marketers are practically up in arms regarding the new ways that Google is applying their algorithms. The past month or so has shown dramatic changes in rankings with no real idea of the source of such changes. Until now. It took some time, but Google finally fessed up to the fact that they were using a different form of their processes outside of the feared Panda and Penguin software. Marketers and SEO experts had suspected the two pieces of premier Google software were responsible for Read More +

Updating, Migrating Your Site The SEO Way

It can be one of the most miserable tasks a webmaster can undergo, that’s updating and/or migrating a website. First of all, updating or migrating a website means a stop in production. If you’ve got to start from scratch all over again or do major damage control, you’ll be on a rough road for sure but all need not be lost if you do things the professional and SEO way. The main thing is either repairing or recovering traffic you may have lost. This is Read More +

The Marriage Of Google And Twitter

With all the talk of Google buying Twitter, we must look at the ramifications of what such a business marriage would produce. Google noticed like a hawk, that Twitter’s first quarter earnings were not what the company expected.  This means that the Twitter execs have to think on their feet regarding their next move.  Being purchased by Google would mean a ton of cash and keeping Twitter going.  Twitter isn’t falling apart at the seams, but it is in need of some help.  Google as Read More +

Link Building Is A Whole Other Game Nowadays

The link building strategies of yore no longer hold water anymore.  Well a bit of it does, but the game has changed drastically. No longer can a website put up links to anyone and anywhere and have reciprocal links from anyone and anywhere.  Google’s software is getting better every day detecting links that are bogus and only there for pushing a site up the ranks.  This is where the fundamentals come into play.  The old way of link building is out the window but those Read More +

Beware Of SEO Conferences

SEO has never been more important, or as busy as it is today.  Search Engine Optimization has and is one of the most important procedures and techniques in the online world.  That being said, there are a plethora of gurus, experts, and scammers out there that promise customers the world, but only deliver broken dreams.  Knowing the difference can be the difference between success and failure. We’ve all seen those advertisements from SEO companies that promise to get one’s website or blog to the top Read More +

The Impact Of Google’s Mobile Algorithm Change

Marketers and website developers are shaking in their shorts after it was announced that Google’s new change in algorithms that includes more mobile SEO has launched. So far the marketers and webmasters have been hovering over their computers and statistics to see what changes, if any have occurred since the rollout on Tuesday, April 21.  The Mobile Friendly Update as it’s referred to, had caused quite a stir amongst the marketing and webmaster and SEO communities and industries for months. Shrouds of terror and anxiety Read More +