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Get Ready For The Significant Google Mobile Algorithm Change!

Get Ready For The Significant Google Mobile Algorithm Change!You can practically smell the fear on the web as webmasters and marketers are sweating it out regarding the upcoming April 21,2015 algorithm change that Google will be implementing for the mobile market.

There’s chatter all over the place regarding SEO experts who fear the change will alter things to such a degree that their sites and money will tank.  It’s all do to the fact that Google realizes that the mobile market is expanding so fast that surfers who use the devices are dominating the market.

Mobile is huge now and growing at an alarming rate.  People are shedding themselves of laptops and desktops to the point you can’t give the classic computers away. Most people aren’t into computing and now that they have handy mobile devices that do just as well as any laptop or desktop, they’re not encumbered with bulky devices. They can email and Facebook and other social media with an easy to carry device that has all the bells and whistles of the big devices.  They can even watch movies and play favorite video games too.  With all the modern conveniences in mobile devices, businesses, institutions, and governments are changing their game plans to make the best of it.

That being said, Google is now ready to ramp things up to the point of causing quite a stir in the SEO game.

To help things along, Google has webmaster tools that will allow webmasters to check their sites to see if they’re mobile friendly, and not only that, but their tools will allow webmasters to change their sites for better efficiency.

The debate going on is how huge the change will be.  There’s so much confusion that no one knows what to expect so everyone is getting ready for the worst but hoping for the best.  In some cases there might just be a few tweaks here and there to make your site mobile friendly, and in other cases it might call for a full overhaul.  If that’s the case, companies and average folks are in for a big change and that means possibly forking over a good deal of money to web designers.

So far, Google is focusing on size of typeface you’re using, how close the links are, picture and image sizes.  There are other parameters as well and it is extremely wise for everyone with a website doing commerce to get on the redesign bandwagon as fast as possible.

Should the algorithm change cause massive drops in traffic, this  could mean drops in revenue of a devastating level.  It could take months to recover and as a business, you can’t afford it.  It calls for too much damage control and even then there’s no telling if the job will be done right as you’ll have to wait weeks or months to find out how you fare.

That’s the big problem right there.  SEO isn’t a magic bullet.  It can take quite a while to get to the top of the search engine pages.  It calls for following the fundamental skills of design to avoid being penalized and adding the new mobile guidelines, it’s going to be a test that no one will envy.

The challenge is on, to make your sites mobile friendly using the new guidelines for mobile SEO.  It’s going to call for quite a bit of studying and application, and worst of all, sitting on the bench to see the results down the road.

Take into consideration, you’ll still need to have your sites professional regardless of mobile.  That means proper spelling, correctly tagged graphics, no misleading links and so on.  In this game you cannot afford to leave any stone unturned nor cracks unfixed.  Google’s technologies are getting more precise every day and even the smallest infraction can spell disaster.

Making Your Site Mobile Friendly Is A Must Nowadays

Making Your Site Mobile Friendly Is A Must NowadaysIn today’s online market, making your website or blog mobile friendly is a must.

Let’s take a look at why this is so essential.  Basically, mobile is a fast growing option to the point of astonishing statistics.  People are shedding their laptops and desktops to use their mobile devices from smartphones to tablets, and they need to find content that is viewable on these devices.  With a growth this fast, if you’re not making your site mobile friendly, you’re losing tons of traffic, money, and opportunity.

It’s not that difficult to make your site mobile friendly, but you need to know the basics.  Some of it can get a bit technical but the basics are that you need to have the site SEO or Search Engine Optimized so that you’re just not viewable, but effective.

The same rules apply here as with a regular website regarding SEO.  However, there are new strategies that you’ll need to know about to avoid being penalized by Google and the other search engines.

Google has lots of new software that has algorithms to weed out the schlock websites that are full of spam, adware, malware, and who else knows what.  Marketers are scrambling because they don’t know what Google is going to do next as they don’t make any announcements and there’s only one way to find out if your site is ranking as good as it has.  You need to check your statistics and do your due diligence here.

First of all, look at your traffic and usage statistics.  Not lonely look at the number of hits and page views, keywords and key phrases, but take exceptional attention to what devices are being used to access your pages.  You’ll see that some of the traffic, is indeed coming from mobile devices.  If so, then find out how long they’re staying on your site and are they surfing it or just accessing the main page and going away.  If they’re staying, bookmarking, surfing, then your site is on the way to being mobile friendly.  You’ll only need to do some tweaking perhaps with image sizes, scripting, and links to optimize the mobile opportunities.

Some mobile devices can’t read certain scripting languages like CSS.  You need to test your sites with your mobile devices and see what is coming through and what isn’t .  Act like a surfer who is looking for your site and looking for the services and goods you’re selling.  Are they able to actually see the pics and videos?  Can they read the pertinent copy?  Are they able to navigate through the site and not end up looking at a page of jumbled up content?

These are the questions you’ll have to answer while acting like the surfer.  Once you see some errors, then write them down and plan your repair.  It doesn’t mean making your site mobile friendly will make it standard surfing unfriendly.  It means you can have the best of both worlds as long as you stick to the basics and don’t go overboard.

Here are some easy and fun diagnostics you can do to make your site mobile friendly and it shouldn’t cost you a lot, nor take much effort, but it will require that you look at things from a different angle.

There are tools to tell you if your site is mobile friendly.  Google has a thing that has an alert to see if your site is mobile friendly and it will display this when you hit your website.  Another thing to do is use many of the online tools that will diagnose your site to tell you if you have a site that is mobile friendly.  Some of these tools not only tell you where you stand, but will offer a way for you to engineer your site so it is mobile friendly.

Another good strategy is to look at your competitor’s sites and sites that are from the big companies that are already mobile friendly.  See how they do things.  You’ll find that things are simple, to the point, well laid out, links and spelling are correct, contact information is easily found, the sites are easy to navigate and they’ve been optimized for their specific keywords and key phrases.

When you see how the pros do it, you’ll know what’s expected of you.  This is where studying comes into play.  The jury still is out on what makes the best in mobile friendliness and things can change tomorrow without warning.  You may find a way to take advantage that others haven’t just by experimenting on your own.  If you’re lucky, you’ll hit the sweet spot and pull in all kinds of traffic and opportunity.  Then people will rush to see what you’re doing.

The mobile market is not going away anytime soon.  It’s not even anywhere near its full potential.  Getting in on things now means you’ll be ready for the big opportunities that are just up there road and it will be easier to adapt, even when Google and other search engines throw everyone a curve with drastic changes in their algorithms.

This cannot be emphasized more.  Your mobile site has to be just as good as your standard site and none of that black hat strategy nonsense.  Google is hip to the black hat strategies and they’re adamant to stop them.  Right now billions of webpages that used spammy links and other tricks are dropping off like flies costing untold losses in revenue for the unscrupulous webmasters and marketers out there.  You do not want to be caught in this storm as the penalties are harsh to the point of irreparable.

So the bottom line is, you had better be ready for the mobile boom or you’ll end up a major loser.

Again, converting your sites to mobile means optimizing your main sites as well as making duplicate sites under the same domain but engineered for totally mobile. Optimizing your graphics and copy.  Putting the right keywords and key phrases where they’re supposed to be.  Adding the best links spaced properly as sometimes if links are too close to one another, Google will penalize you for them.

Being mobile friendly isn’t an option anymore, it’s a way of life and business in the online marketing game.

Doing The Right Thing With Link Building

Doing The Right Thing With Link BuildingOnce again the specter of link building is raising its head in the SEO game.
This time the present analysis of linking has come to the fore and there are many misconceptions regarding what the right thing to do is and what isn’t. Link building has a shady reputation only because of unscrupulous webmasters who used black hat techniques to spam and dominate the search engines. This practice went on for years and search engines like Google have been combating them each step of the way.
Google has created software such as Penguin and Panda. These algorithm based software helps Google get the relevant websites that deliver important data that their surfers want, not spammy websites full of banners and redirects and other sinister processes like installing adware and malware. The old link building techniques now are coming to an end and a new age of link building is coming to the fore and if one isn’t on top of what the new deal is, one will be left in the dust.

Here’s how it goes from now on. Your site has to have quality content. It has to be specific especially if you’re employing local SEO. You’ll need to have fresh, relevant content, no misspellings, your company’s name, address, and contact information as well as well tagged photos and graphics. That’s for starters. Next is the link building process itself that is now in a whole nother ball park.

Now, with link building you have to step up tot the plate and do it the right way. It doesn’t work to put a ton o f links to other sites or getting tons of other sites to link back to you. It’s the quality of links that is important. Are the links relevant to your site and not just there to grow a keyword or keyphrase farm. In other words, if your site is about lawn mowing in Deerpark, New Jersey, then every link from your site and from other sites, had better have all those keywords somehow involved. It’s a powerful local SEO tactic as well. Your images and contact info, and mainly your links need this data.

A major change in strategy for SEO is in the value of good reviews, or any reviews that contain your website or blog’s data. These review sites are so important now that they override just about everything else other than social media shares. The reason is simple. Google is looking for authority associated with your site. Not nonsense. Review sites will often have customers who’ve actually partaking of your services or goods and have reviewed and testified to the level of satisfaction they had. If you have a restaurant, you want honest reviews. You want as many people who’ve tried as many dishes of yours and enjoyed the hospitality. If several people of the same family write reviews then those links go back to your site and that is what Google is looking for. If you are a band and are rising up the ranks, you want your fans to go to review sites and boast about the concerts and so on you’ve performed at. These reviews turn into direct links back, with the advantage of local SEO too.

There’s a right way and a wrong way regarding link building in today’s market, and knowing the difference is what’s going to see you through.

The Never Ending Challenge Of Changing Google Algorithms In SEO

The Never Ending Challenge Of Changing Google Algorithms In SEOMany a company is putting steak on their black eyes after it’s been suspected that Google has changed its algorithm once again and upended several SEO apple carts.

There’s been no definitive acknowledgment by Google that this is what has happened. It’s all speculation so far and based only on an unsuspected change in rankings from the big brand sites and the SEO pros who can only assume that the worst has happened to their efforts.

Google has been coy but somewhat upfront about their algorithm changes. Basically they’re smart and cautious stating that all they’ve been doing is tweaking the software they’ve always been using. It’s basically short of saying they haven’t updated officially but instead are maintaining the software they do. Might as well call it an update as the experts in SEO are looking a t the effects on their rankings and that of their clients that clearly show either Google has changed their algorithms or the techniques the SEO pros have been using are out of date or need to be tweaked.

It’s probably a combination of elements but that isn’t enough to quell the fears of the SEO pros. They make their living by being on their A Game night and day. One error can cost them considerable web presence and revenue. This is why they scour the web and triple check their stats daily. This information lets them know that their rankings are generally solid and that they’re own design and programming and promotion are working.

This calls upon SEO pros to start triple checking not only their stats but their strategies. Google isn’t going to give out privileged information to a bunch of marketers. Google knows that any information that gets out could be exploited and ruin their goals of getting the most relevant results into the hands of surfers. Google has laid down the algorithm law and there are a number of SEO pros throughout the world looking for any way to get the edge over the competition. Every week some clown comes out with a course or ebook claiming they know what Google is doing. No they don’t. Nobody, not even Batman could know what Google has in store regarding their algorithm changes.
So where does this leave the SEO community? It calls for them to realize once and for all, that all the tricks and nonsense that used to work aren’t going to work much further. Now the SEO professional has to focus on the fundamentals and get their sites and client’s sites full of great authoritative content and not just lop. Well written copy, relevant images, proper tags, all the basic things that make a website worthy of surfing and converting.

Will Google make announcements regarding their algorithm changes? Perhaps not. There are far too many unscrupulous SEO people out there that would clobber the smaller business, and regular webmaster.

So here we have evidence that goggle has changed their algorithms, but better yet we’re seeing that Google is striving for compromise-proof algorithms and search results.

What’s Up With The New Google-Twitter Team Up?

What's Up With The New Google-Twitter Team Up?News is abuzz about the new Google-Twitter team up , and it’s anyone’s guess as to where this marriage of the super web giants will end up.

So far the news is only that Google and Twitter will be exchanging certain services, such as Google getting more Tweets and Twitter getting more traffic from Google. Twitter’s “Firehose” is what Google will have total access to.

It’s obvious that Google has an agenda for accessing all those tweets. With their software powerhouse, Google is expected to be able to scour the Twitterverse without causing problems to Twitter’s servers. Google will collect the tweets it needs to help it enhance their own search engine results. Considering the magnitude of the Twitterverse, the data contained in its base should provide Google with a massive amount of data that it can index thus providing pin point accurate search results.

This will allow for uses to find what they want and down to the last detail. The marriage between the two will bring about less confusion and provide pertinent data to searchers. In addition it should create much more revenue for both companies.

This not only means potential revenue for the two companies Google and Twitter but alo for the rest of the world who can use the data and are the recipients of the good traffic to be had. Out of the clear blue sky, SEO efforts on your part and your online marketing strategies could get a boost for no other reason than for being in the right place at the right tie. The more savvy online marketing pros will see opportunities abounding in one way or another.

Needless to say this team up will have to be examined one step as it goes to see where the strengths and vulnerabilities are if any in the process. Twitter users who are in business that need that search engine boost might find their efforts rewarding and if that’s a fact, then you’ll see this new platform rise and become the standard in many ways.

The SEO industry is going to be watching with a careful eye as this team up continues. Google and Twitter had been teamed up before but with restrictions. This tie it looks like whatever bugs there were have been worked out and allows for more efficiency on every level from scouring for tweets and then indexing the relevant ones. Search engine users will see the most relevant tweets in their queries and it’s probably going to take some time to wee out how the black hat operators try to compromise the system.

If things get shaky anywhere down the road, it will be certain that Google and Twitter will jump right in and fix whatever is in need of fixing. By doing this, they’ll iron out any bugs they can find and then improve on their software and procedures.

Overall, there should be big benefits across the board and will usher in a new way for companies to join forces and gain benefits across the board.

You Don’t Need To Be A Rocket Scientist To Know SEO

You Don't Need To Be A Rocket Scientist To Know SEOThe topic of Search Engine Optimization may seem intimidating to most people but it doesn’t have to be once you’ve got the fundamentals of it under your belt.

There are sure fire ways to implement SEO and awkward ways of doing so. The key here is knowing what the present and tried and true methods of SEO are.

The first thing to know is that SEO changes. It never stays the same because the search engines like Google change their algorithms, the mathematical sequences by which they list one’s website. Google and the SE’s do this to thwart the marketers and black hat scammers who try to dominate the SE’s with tricks and unethical practices. Google and the SE’s want their results to be significant and have the impact of delivering content that is meaningful, not just a page full of keywords and links to malware and adware as well as other underhanded sites and such.

To do this, the SE’s meticulously employ new software to better their chances of getting the best websites listed instead of the bloated sites. To do some real solid SEO you’ll need to start with the basics.

First basic here is put together a competent site. Yes, your site should be competently laid out. A welcome page, contact page, links page to relevant data. Add to that the content should be specific to your website and not just a bunch of links and pictures that broadly cover your site’s interest or niche.
To better optimize for competency, add well done copy and relevant images that are pertinent and well tagged. Don’t stuff your site with keywords and keyphrases to the point of over saturation or you will get penalized. Keep the content well paced and interlinking with in the site for easy site mapping and navigation.

Remember, the SE’s are ranking due to competency and authority. The old ways don’t work but the old fundamentals do. Add to that the use of social networking and you have another layer of SEO you’ll need to employ. You’ll need to find out how to incorporate social networking marketing to ad that extra boost to your results and traffic. Doing it with efficiency will eventually lead to an upward rise in your statistics overall.

Local SEO is another good advantage. Something you should not underestimate. Make sure your site has focus on your location, even landmarks, famous teams etc. so that people who are looking for your services in their area know that you’re the expert to call on.

Overall, the SEO of today is not the same as yesterday’s. The focus now is on ethical practices which is forcing the scammer SEO marketers out of the picture. They’re scrambling now to find top copywriters and content developers as well as SEO companies that use the right and true techniques.

Navigating The Google Update Waters

SEO: Navigating The Google Update WatersSEO pros are scrambling daily to keep up with the various regular updates coming from Google and their search engine software.

In the old days a Google update regarding their algorithms would happen a few times a year. Their search algorithm would be deciphered by the SEO pros and then strategies could be laid out to take best advantage of the changes made by Google. SEO is a major business around the world and having it done properly can mean the difference between success or failure online. From businesses to schools to just about every subject, the people who need to rank higher in the search engines need SEO and many pay top dollar for it. It’s a multi-million dollar industry and can generate billions of dollars and make or break a company.

On the other hand, the field of SEO is rife with scammers and con artists who promise the moon and make millions defrauding the public and industry to the point of overwhelming the law enforcement agencies. To battle this, Google decided to really pour on the juice. Now they’ve begun tweaking their algorithm software arsenal not just a couple of times a year but so regularly that the SEO pros are scrambling for survival.

What does this mean overall? It means that now SEO experts have to be on their toes 24/7/365. As soon as they get a toehold in regard to Google’s algorithms, Google changes the game and they have to start all over again. This is decimating the SEO industry but only to the fraudulent SEO marketers out there. They subsist on criminal processes and strategies that Google is now on top of. As soon as the criminals are sitting on their laurels, Google is now pulling the rug out from under them and it’s become one wild, mad dash for the SEO crooks to recover.

This is good news for everyone. Reason being is multi-fold. First of all it allows for Google to populate the top results with quality and relevant website links that the public desperately needs and not some page after page of links to malware and adware sites that cause massive virus infections on a global basis.

Now the SEO pros who are honorable have to really go to work as well as the website owners themselves. Now the trick, the only way to get the high spots on Google are to build sites of such quality and relevance that it causes the SEO scammers and disreputable website owners a major headache because they don’t have the integrity to do anything of quality.

Google’s software like Panda, Penguin, and the rest each perform specific tasks in regard to handling search engine listings. Some are defensive and the others are offensive. They’re hitting the problem from every direction and listening to the SEO pros who are helping in the battle. This brings about an army of professionals who in tandem with the surfers themselves and their input allows for Google to fine tune their software even further and more regularly.

Google Going Wild With Continuous Penguin Updates

Google Going Wild With Continuous Penguin UpdatesPeople have been wanting Google to update their Penguin software regularly and now it’s official that Penguin will be updated more frequently and live at that.

In the past, Google did their fine tuning of Penguin offline and then would unleash it when they scheduled it. That meant for a big data push and marketers and SEO experts would rush to see what effect the update was doing. They would scramble to make sure their sites were at the same level or if they had risen or fallen. Mad dashes to remedy downward statistics would call for strategies and tweaking.

Now with the live updates the data is smaller but what effect this is going to have is unclear. Google is working night and day to make Penguin highly effective and to combat spammers and other shady website scoundrels. They have a vested interest to see that the best results are populated on their search queries so that the public gets the relevant sites not the spammy rip off sites that offer no pertinent data to the searcher’s queries.

Penguin is their powerful tool to change the face of their results and marketers and SEO pros are on top of Penguin night and day waiting for the next update and whatever changes they bring about. The more frequent updates means that these people are going to have their work cut out for them and stress levels might go higher as well. Google is the bread and butter for internet marketers around the world and any changes that occur affects the way they do business and could cost untold millions if not billions of dollars.

This new updating process with Penguin is long in coming but shows that Google is willing to go that extra mile and are on their A Game when it comes to providing better service for their surfers.

Marketers and SEO pros are going to have to step up to the plate from here on end if they don’t want to get caught last. It’s going to call for more attention and resources on their parts to be able to compete and the world of SEO may change in major ways.

The other issues at hand are that Google’s updates might totally change the way sites are populated in the top Se results and affect the way commerce is done. Google is looking for original, quality content and sites that don’t have spammy backlinks. In addition to all that Google is hiring the best of the best and and that doesn’t spell good for the scammers out there on the web who’ve built businesses suckering people into thinking their SEO service will get them to the top of the SE results overnight and stay there.

Those scams are going to be a thing of the past very soon bu also what if Google messes up their software and innocent sites get banned, blocked, or shuffled to the bottom of the pile. Well, should that happen then Google would have to do some damage control and quick. That’s all speculative and a worse case scenario but stranger things have happened.

As SEO experts pour over the upcoming regular updates their hands will be full trying to get the upperhand on what strategies to take and whoever comes up with the most efficient strategies will have the clientele banging on their door. It’s all about who does the best job no matter what.

So the SEO world is going o have to sit tight and see what happens with Google. If things all work out then the industry will be cleaner and more profitable for all involved.

Inside Google SEO Tips From Google

Inside Google SEO Tips From GoogleThere’s nothing like getting the inside information about a strategy or series of strategies from the company that dominates a specific field.  In this case it’s getting SEO tips from a collection of tips from Google itself.

The average person might think this look at what Google suggests might have information that is so top secret that no one could possibly understand it but that’s totally wrong.  People looking for SEO often listen to too many armchair know it alls or to unscrupulous marketers who will lie through their teeth or give out information of little or no value.  The bottom line is the best way to SEO your website is to follow some basic and fundamental steps anyone can learn in a day or two.

Remember something, when the web was new and SEs were growing in value, the way sites were ranked has changed.  As marketing gurus realized they could cheat and circumvent the procedures and get websites of no value to the top of the search engine pages.  This practice went on for years with one SEO company battling it out with another SEO company and to beat all that the consumers were getting ripped off from fly by night SEO companies making all kinds of absurd claims.

Google realized this and implemented changes over the past several years to combat this problem and be able to deliver results the surfer can value.  Website owners need to pay attention to these tips as this is the way of the future for SEO.

First of all, make a good website.  Not something with every bell and whistle out there.  You want to get your basic information out but you also want to look attractive and be memorable.  This means a smart and efficient design, well written copy, relevant pictures and links to relevant websites, blogs, and resources.

Once you’ve established yourself as something credible you’ll need to implement the latest of approaches to ensure the search engines not only find you but deem you worthy or inclusion and advancement up the ranks.

Make sure your contact info is on each page as well as your location.  Beef up that location data well so you’ll take advantage of what is referred to as local SEO. Use town, city names, landmarks, historical places.  Try establishing a blog that is updated regularly, once a week at a minimum and make sure it is linked to and from your site on each page.  Again, use all the data relevant to what you do and location and services.

Use a schema markup.  This is a language that is easy to find and use that allows for SE’s to not only find you but categorize you properly.  Nowadays, not having a schema markup is a major inefficiency.

Use XML sitemaps as well as Atom/RSS feeds.  If you have a blog, this will be par for the course.  It really helps as people will bookmark and possibly publish your feeds on their sites.  This is why you should include the proper keywords, keyphrases and hyperlinks in every article and blog post.  Those will turn into links back to your site which are relevant and won’t get penalized by Google.

Get mobile established.  Optimize your site for the mobile industry as it is growing to immeasurable proportions.  Apply all the above to your mobile site design as well and make sure you put links to and from your website and mobile site.

The Game Changing SEO Strategies For 2015 And Beyond

The Game Changing SEO Strategies For 2015 And BeyondWith 2015 coming up around the corner, SEM and SEO experts are looking ahead at what strategies to use to make the most of their efforts.

The issue at hand is that the way SEO and SEM work often changes.  Search engines like Google have been ramping up their policing of websites that use old, unethical tactics like keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks.  The old skool ways of doing SEO just don’t work anymore and with Google pushing the envelope regarding their algorithm technologies, the modern day SEM has got to change their game or die on the vine.

Basically, the new game is one where long term results are more preferable.  The days of telling clients that their site will hit the top of Google in a matter of days are long over.  Reason being is because the old ways of doing SEO are now penalized.  This brings us to the real deal regarding long term SEO results.  This is done by several simple factors but the toughest of them all.

Bottom line is that the SE’s want people to enjoy searching and not having to get a populated list of spammy websites when they’re looking for relevant information.  All the keywords and keyphrases in the world aren’t going to work anymore.  Google knows this and now they focus on content, design, and true relevance.  This means that SEO pros are going to have to tell their clients that it’s time to get on the good foot and build sites that are meaningful, relevant, and without unethical presence.

Quality content is the key here.  Not lots of links to other people’s videos and pictures but original content, well written copy and links that are ethical will mean that in the long run, the site will rise in the SE’s and be more stable.  Impatient clients are only going to suffer if they don’t game change.  In addition, trying to get great content cheap is not going to work anymore.  Hiring copywriters from poor countries will only get you poor content and you will lose out in the short and long term.  This isn’t a game of rush in and rush out anymore.  Now you’ve got to work for your SEO results.

Will the new world of SEO change with the times and technology?  They had better and do so fast.  No more laziness and backroom dealings to get clients to pay big money for ineffective results.  Now it’s time to go to work and work hard.  Any SEO or SEM pro who doesn’t engage in a lengthy discussion about the time it will take to get good results is a fool.  It took years to come to this but it was due to happen as the public got tired of spammy SE results and when surfers leave, money is lost.  Google can’t afford to have some new up and coming SE that establishes a sound ethical policy and technology that the surfers enjoy or Google’s reign at the top will fall and fall hard.  That being said, SEO experts had best do some due diligence and prepare for the new way of doing things.

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    Once again the specter of link building is raising its head in the SEO game. This time the present analysis of linking has come to the fore and there are many misconceptions regarding what the right thing to do is and what isn’t. Link building has a shady reputation only because of unscrupulous webmasters who […]
  • The Never Ending Challenge Of Changing Google Algorithms In SEO
    Many a company is putting steak on their black eyes after it’s been suspected that Google has changed its algorithm once again and upended several SEO apple carts. There’s been no definitive acknowledgment by Google that this is what has happened. It’s all speculation so far and based only on an unsuspected change in rankings […]