Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The AMPs Are Coming!

SEO professionals and webmasters knew it was going to happen. They tried to prepare themselves. They saw it rising over the horizon but nothing mankind could do could stop the domination of the AMP from Google! AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an advanced method of getting better performance from webpages listed on Google. Google had announced this new feature back in 2015 so it’s not like people hadn’t been warned, they were just on the edge of their seats wondering when they would be allowed Read More +

Never Neglect The Real SEO Tactics

Anyone who has engaged in SEO over the years can attest to the various tactics that marketers and SEO pros have used to gain that extra boost in search engine rankings. Somewhere legitimate approaches and some were just down right unscrupulous. There’s no big secret to tactics that are clean and reputable for solid SEO and here we’ll look at the real SEO tactics that work. Everybody and their brother has tried every kind of tactic possible to gain on the competition in SEO. Every Read More +

Link Building Mistakes Will Cost You

Although you’ll hear that link building is dead, that’s the farthest from the truth. In fact, link building is still an important part of one’s SEO campaign strategies, but the old ways and unscrupulous ways are no longer tolerated and on top of all that, making the right mistakes will make your link building all wrong. First of all, don’t try the old techniques and don’t even think about trying any Black Hat techniques. Google is so hip to all this that if you even Read More +

SEO Strategies To Live By

In the world of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, there are standard rules, and unwritten rules. In accordance with other rules and regulations we find in the online business community, a person can get confused as to what to do, especially if you’re just starting out with a new company. Getting off the ground and establishing a solid foundation is where successful businesses begin and end. It doesn’t mean you’ll rise like some meteoric diva, it takes time and patience along with tried and true Read More +

Hedging Your SEO Bets

SEO calls for using techniques and technologies in a way to bring about better performance overall. At times, unscrupulous SEO marketers use what are are referred to as ‘Black Hat’ techniques. Every year these people find new ways to try to compromise search engines and take away valued positions that honest webmasters work hard for. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are a number of additional techniques that people just don’t use that are honest but require time and effort. Never use Black Read More +

Should I Even Bother With SEO For My Ecommerce Store?

If you have any sort of online presence, you will need to engage in SEO efforts. This is true whether you have a website, blog or eCommerce operation. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why SEO matters when it comes to your online store. 1) Everything Gets Indexed Google and other search engines index everything that is published on the Internet. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get your product descriptions and other vital information posted on the Internet where everyone Read More +

SEO Is More Than It Appears To Be

Since the way SEO is done nowadays is an ever changing landscape, SEO experts find themselves often on the edge of their seats trying to catch up to changes, and customers need to know that SEO isn’t a magic bullet but a methodically laid out series of techniques and strategies. Primarily, customers have to realize that just because they’ve hired an SEO firm that their websites and webpages won’t just shoot to the top of Google in the blink of an eye. Any SEO firm Read More +

SEO Strategies The Newbie Way

Many companies and individuals can’t afford a SEO expert at first. SEO calls for specific knowledge and applied tactics and technologies. That being said, there are some things that a newbie can do to get off on the right foot regarding SEO. Primarily, one’s website should be professionally designed and functional. This means a smart and effective layout, easy navigation, keyword optimization, and of course quality content that is informative and relevant. The engineering of your website is the foundation upon which your site must Read More +

What’s On The Horizon For SEO And Google?

The fact of the matter regarding what’s on the horizon regarding Google and SEO is unknown but wee can tell from past and present actions by Google, it may not look good for the unprofessionals in SEO. At present, the highest level of professional SEO are those webmasters and marketers who display honesty, relevance, and technical knowledge. Google has been hitting the SEO industry with algorithms that are meant to vanquish the spammers and scammers out there and those tech savvy people who have exploited Read More +

Surviving Google’s Sidebar Slashing

Many people woke up recently to notice a change on the Google search results pages. The sidebar to the right that traditionally listed several advertisements is now gone. Kaput, 86’d, eviscerated. The change has now shaken up the SEO, advertising, and internet marketing fields and no one knows what to expect next. What this means from the start is that the opportunities for making a front page of Google’s results is slim. It’s going to cost more money and the competition is sure to be Read More +