AMP, More Headache Or Headway

Buzz about AMP aka Accelerated Mobile Pages area to be anticipated to be a must have addition to your web design for mobile devices.  It’s sill spanking brand new and the debate rages as to how easy and effective the AMP prospect will be.  There are high hopes for it but also a sense of dread.  The reasons for this are many and chalk up to confusion and gossip as well as technical issues that have cropped up. Since AMP is an open source option, Read More +

Fixing Your Site’s Negative SEO Remediation

There you are cruising along enjoying your new found success with your website when suddenly your sales crash. Your traffic dries up and you can’t figure out why. You do some investigating and you find out some competitor or unhappy customer has spread one complaint or lies after another and the pages they’ve posted to have overrun your popularity on the search engines and your reputation is now in the trash. This can happen at any time and it calls for efforts of unimaginable resources Read More +

7 Resolutions for Enhanced SEO in 2017

As the curtains fall on 2016, SEO specialists and online marketing strategists roll up their sleeves to plan well in advance, the innovative techniques that’ll set the ball rolling for their clients’ firms. SEO spin-doctors are now focused on developing or rather orientating their marketing campaigns around the evolving search engine landscape in the upcoming year. The following blog introspects and analyzes how search engine optimizers should adapt themselves to the continuously transforming search engine results scenario. This article outlines and elucidates the resolutions or pledges Read More +

Preparing For The Ever Changing Face Of SEO

With the future rolling on top of the SEO industry, it’s time for experts and customers to really take note as to what to watch out for in the near future. It’s an issue of what does work, what has worked and what is expected to be the next trends in technologies and tactics. To look at things overall, it appears that the old tried and true and mastering the skills of what will be needed. First of all, one needs to go back to Read More +

Ramping Up AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) For SEO

AMP or (Accelerated Mobile Pages), now has a friend in Google that is listing the pages in its organic search results. AMPs are easily found with an icon next to result featuring a lightning bolt. The reason for the boost in AMPs is because of the massive expansion of mobile devices globally. If one doesn’t have a mobile friendly webpage then one ends up missing out on tons of traffic opportunities which in effect is not SEO. Today’s web is a mobile one. The days Read More +

In The Near Future Image Is Everything For SEO

There’s no argument that we humans are visually oriented. It’s in our makeup and the way our brains process information. Imagery is what we run on and when it comes to SEO, it might turn out that the computing systems of the near future will rely on images far more than we suspected. Any scan of the latest in cognitive research will show how important imagery is to the mind. We retain images to allow us to interpret our surroundings and memories. Dreams are form Read More +

Don’t Get A Google Black Eye From Linking

Linking is still a valuable SEO practice but if you do it wrong you’ll be in more trouble than you can dig out of. There are safe and effective ways to manage linking and the bottom line is honesty is the best policy. First of all, Google looks at links to your website using several algorithms, most notably the Penguin software they use. What they’re looking for are links that are useful to the surfer and provide clear cut answers to queries as well as Read More +

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The AMPs Are Coming!

SEO professionals and webmasters knew it was going to happen. They tried to prepare themselves. They saw it rising over the horizon but nothing mankind could do could stop the domination of the AMP from Google! AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an advanced method of getting better performance from webpages listed on Google. Google had announced this new feature back in 2015 so it’s not like people hadn’t been warned, they were just on the edge of their seats wondering when they would be allowed Read More +

Never Neglect The Real SEO Tactics

Anyone who has engaged in SEO over the years can attest to the various tactics that marketers and SEO pros have used to gain that extra boost in search engine rankings. Somewhere legitimate approaches and some were just down right unscrupulous. There’s no big secret to tactics that are clean and reputable for solid SEO and here we’ll look at the real SEO tactics that work. Everybody and their brother has tried every kind of tactic possible to gain on the competition in SEO. Every Read More +

Link Building Mistakes Will Cost You

Although you’ll hear that link building is dead, that’s the farthest from the truth. In fact, link building is still an important part of one’s SEO campaign strategies, but the old ways and unscrupulous ways are no longer tolerated and on top of all that, making the right mistakes will make your link building all wrong. First of all, don’t try the old techniques and don’t even think about trying any Black Hat techniques. Google is so hip to all this that if you even Read More +