Big Thinking Regarding The Future Of SEO

As SEO has constantly changed over the years, the smart, big brains in the industry know more than ever, constant research is needed to make sure they’re ahead of the game. Nowadays that means knowing what exactly works regarding SEO, and listening to their advice can mean the difference between success and failure. Not saying that everything they say is spot-on correct, but they know how to get into the nooks and crannies of the web’s technology and look at the metrics. They’re able to Read More +

Business Survival Via Social Media

In today’s online business world, the use of social media is of so much importance that to ignore it would be foolhardy at best. The world is now revolving around social media. The reason being is due to its reach globally, locally, and to just about every nook and cranny of humanity. That being said, if a business has no social media presence, their competitors will and will run roughshod all over them. Your competitors feed off the same audience you do. If you have Read More +

Online Marketing And Web Marketing The Wrong Way

If your stats are going downhill, your revenue is drying up, and you can’t make any headway with your online marketing and web marketing, then you’re doing something wrong and it needs to be set right, asap. It doesn’t take an expert long to look at the strategies you’re using to tell when and where and why you’re failing. It always boils down to missing out on the fundamentals, the tried and true methods that many overlook or try to modify thus sabotaging their own Read More +

Doing The Social Media & Link Building SEO Strategies The Smart Way

Ignoring the rumors of late, link building for SEO is far from dead.  It is just as vital today as it has been in the past, but the strategies and opportunities have changed quite drastically.  Doing link building right means tossing out some old tried and true methods, black hat methods, and using such new strategies like employing social media to one’s advantage. First of all, let’s look at why the old ways of link building are dead.  Basically it’s because Google had gotten tired Read More +

Google Business Chaos Mayhem Has Arrived

A week ago, keen eyes noticed a major change in the way that Google lists businesses regarding local SEO. The changes are drastic, monumental to say the least, and marketers and webmasters had better get busy repairing the damage. With all the misery and time it takes to SEO a site for local listings, Google up and changes the game plan causing people to scramble. It’s all about the way the usual 7 pack local listings have been changed to a 3 pack, or what Read More +

Google Is Lowering The Boom On Black Hat Techniques

Well, the wedding is over for webmasters and marketers who still use black hat techniques. There is no mercy nowadays from Google, as they are lowering the boom on black hatters like the Federation on the Klingon Empire. Websites that used these SEO techniques are dropping like flies, left and right, and Google is playing around either. They’re using their software programs that have been constantly beefed up to penalize entire sites for as little as one spammy alt tag on a photo. Things to Read More +

Google Assures No New TLD Preferences

Webmasters and marketers need not worry too much that Google’s software will favor one TLD (Top Level Domain) over another. The basic Google mode of operations will favor a gTLD if it is necessary for geo targeting only. It will be by default that Google will find preference to a gTLD that has geo-targeting potential but all other TLDs will remain the same and treated equally. The gTLDs like .com and .org will have no advantage nor disadvantage, according to Google. That should alleviate a Read More +

Linkbuilding Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Risky Business

In the old days of SEO, linkbuilding was a crucial part of getting one’s site noticed, indexed and to the top of the search engine results. Then, because of underhanded tactics, spam, and annoyance, Google put out its Penguin software to combat the situation. Now, linkbuilding isn’t dead, but it is risky business. First of all, don’t give up linkbuilding. It is of utmost importance. The difference now is that honesty is the best policy, and quality is even more so. Quality in the form Read More +

Apple And Google Getting App Deep With SEO

Both giants, Apple and Google are always raising the bar regarding new technologies, and when it comes to SEO, they’re leading the pack and shaking up things a lot. This time around, Apple and Google are focusing on apps as a primary parameter for indexing search results. This throws a monkey wrench big time in the SEO world as now the pros have to restructure their game plans across the board. What it means in essence is that the use of apps will give both Read More +

Google Algorithm Updates Keeping Marketers On Their Toes

As you may have heard of late, Google had an unannounced update using some of its core algorithm software. This update caused quite a stir amongst SEO experts and online marketers and what has been gleaned from this update sets the pattern for future SEO applications. It wasn’t Google’s most famous software like Panda or Penguin that did the changes but an unnamed software or series of software that did the deed. What the changes entailed is far more surprising and more interesting as it Read More +