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Affordable SEO Company Raise Prices on SEO Optimization packages

Tampa SEO Company packagesTampa, Florida – 15 Jan 2013: Affordable SEO Florida today announced a price increase for SEO optimization packages.

The Tampa SEO company offers web design, social network  design, SEO and  web marketing services for small businesses in Tampa Bay Florida area and has been in business since 1996.

New SEO prices shall reflect an approximately 10% price increase which is driven by the complexity of the SEO optimization process.

Currently a good SEO is an organic search engine optimization process mostly consisting of the content centric campaign, organic social media marketing and organic link building.

A good SEO campaign is capable to significantly increase targeted incoming web traffic to the website via the major serach engines, social media and referral traffic

Affordable SEO company disclosed prices for four (4) standard SEO packages. The SEO service offered by the SEO company does not require annual contract and can be terminated by providing 30 day cancellation notice.

For more information visit

Contact information:
Igor Bubis
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(813) 321-0577

Why SEO is important for Small Tampa Businesses

SEO Tampa | Affordable SEO CompanySmall businesses have limited advertising and marketing budgets, this means they should be careful how they spend there money, perhaps then they should go for tried and tested methods of advertising such as Yellow Pages and advertising in local papers? Certainly a lot of people believe that SEO being relatively new is something that small business should shy away from and leave for the big multinationals to dominate.

Well this thesis is wrong and for businesses in Tampa SEO can give great value with relatively low investment if done correctly.

For a start the way people go about finding businesses and doing an information search has changed drastically, Yellow Pages companies will now give you an online listing as well as a listing in the actual pages, why? Because they know that the paper version is dying as more and more people look for businesses online. Unfortunately for the Yellow Pages companies few people go online and start a search at their websites, generally people go to a search engine.

Once people get to a search engine they may do a search for a business they already know of in order to find out more; as a business in Tampa SEO can make sure that you at the very least come up top on search engines such as Google for your own business’ name.

Other people search for a business type but if they need a business that is local they will put in the location into a search as well, for example ‘Tampa SEO’. This is good news for small businesses serving a local area, the amount of competition locally should be relatively small and while big national and multinational businesses go after the obvious general keywords to make sure they dominate results businesses in Tampa can use basic SEO campaigns to make sure they are coming up on Google for people looking for businesses locally.

If you are serving a wider area or selling nationally or internationally with your small business though this still doesn’t mean as a business in Tampa, SEO is no use to you. There are thousands of potential search terms for most businesses, in some cases more if you sell a wide range of different products and services. Most people use perhaps 5% of the keywords and those are the keywords for which there is a huge amount of competition. There are still though many keywords that get a few searches every day, if you have a site with dozens or even hundreds of different keywords on this adds up to as much traffic as a couple of highly competitive keywords but you can get to the top of Google much quicker and start getting traffic straight away.

For many businesses in Tampa SEO has been a let down because they didn’t research the right keywords or keywords that they could get traffic for fast. Also though other elements are important including building links and creating plenty of fresh unique content to go on to a website; some of this work is best done by a SEO company but by creating some content and building some links in your downtime the cost of SEO can be kept right down for your business.

As Tampa businesses see recovery SEO is key to growth

SEO TampaThe government may be keen to help big businesses get back on their feet but the economy recovers from the bottom up and all eyes should be on what small and medium sized business think of the economic climate and the year ahead.

Recent surveys by Research Now looking at small and medium sized businesses are encouraging: 55% say they have already recovered or that they expect to recover within 6 months. This number rises to 62% for those businesses of between 20-99 employees.

Important though is how businesses spend their money and this will impact on the rest of the economy, these small businesses employ much of the country’s workforce but may struggle to take on more people due to the costs involved and the need to spend spare money on marketing to ensure that demand improves. This may lead some businesses to be stuck with the choices of either being able to find more work but not be able to fulfill it or taking on staff and not having enough work for them.

There is one main way businesses are overcoming this in Tampa, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a great way for small businesses to target highly relevant traffic online to get them to their websites: and hopefully from there make a sale or get them to call or visit a business.

67% of small and medium sized businesses in fact plan to improve their web presence including SEO. For business in Tampa SEO is a way to make sure that what they do spend on marketing attracts only relevant local people, meaning they spend less for as many sales and therefore have more profit to spend on other parts of their business, including taking on staff.

For many businesses in Tampa SEO is used alongside Social Media: another great way to get relevantTampa SEO traffic either to your website or to communicate with them directly on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. 57% of small and medium sized businesses in fact plan to use social media during 2012.

While for some businesses in Tampa SEO is used as well as traditional marketing others find they can reach the same people for less money using the technique. By finding the keywords that people are searching with in Tampa, SEO can be used to place those keywords on to a website: so that in Google and other search engines the keyword matches and means the site is shown in results. By then using SEO techniques including link building and on page optimization the ranking or position of a site in search engine results can also be improved by convincing search engines that a website is good quality and relevant.

Further analysis of traffic on a website can make the already efficient spending on SEO even more effective, by looking at which traffic who originally searched for which keywords are the most likely to buy from a website, or perform some other valuable action such as sending an enquiry, efforts can be focused on the most profitable keywords.

Can Social Media help Tampa businesses with their SEO?

Affordable SEO Company TampaMany people working in SEO have ignored Social Media for a long time and seen it as something separate, another area of Internet Marketing but nothing to do with the important task of maximizing search engine rankings.

Businesses too who are unsure how to use Social Media often focus on SEO, Tampa businesses though can benefit from working with an SEO company who know what a benefit Social Media can be.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have no follow links, these are no use for SEO, Tampa businesses may assume that this means that there is no use in trying to get links on Facebook and Twitter back to a website.

The truth is of course that increasingly people search through social media sites to find what they want and look at what people are saying: people are more likely to trust a link recommended by a friend than trust one found on Google, this of course however isn’t SEO. Tampa based website owners may or may not realize though that Google looks at links on Social Media sites even if they are no follow.

Matt Cutts of Google in fact confirmed recently that Google’s spiders look at Social Media sites and look for links that are getting a lot of recommendations. What you ideally want for SEO is having your link posted by a large number of different users who aren’t all closely connected and which don’t post links too often. The higher profile that user is, i.e. how many people follow them and are friends with them, affects how important Google think the links they post are. These links won’t have an effect on Google Pagerank but will have an effect on rankings in Google results, which at the end of the day is what is important; it is also understood that the keywords in a post containing a link are considered to decide what specific terms Google will increase a page’s rank for.

There is another way in which Social Media can be used for SEO, Tampa businesses with new websites especially will benefit from this. The Social Media website Facebook has a pagerank of 9 on most pages, this means that it often outranks other pages.  With a branded Facebook page especially, for a product, company or other brand, the Facebook page often outperforms the brand’s website: this is mildly irritating if the Facebook page is top and your page is second: what if you have a new website though and your page is on page 4? It may be that a Facebook page can get to the top of Google’s rankings a lot quicker, and if properly keyword researched may be able to outrank some of your competitors.

With this method of SEO Tampa businesses can use Facebook to get visitors to their website rather than their competitors via a Facebook page that directs people to their website if needed; for some businesses however all the important, necessary information such as a telephone number and address can be given on the Facebook page.



SEO Advantages Make Value of WordPress Unquestionable

Wordpress Tampa Web Design

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Is your web developer seeing the big picture, are they ensuring that your website doesn’t just look good but will actually be seen? First off the search engines need to see your website and only then will large numbers of people make their way to it: unless you have a big well known brand or give out a lot of Business Cards with your URL on.

A WordPress site has a lot of benefits over HTML, for a start your web designer can’t fail to set up a website in WordPress that is going to be good for HTML. It is naturally designed to be search engine friendly, all text is visible and it is easy to manage links and flow of pagerank round and off of your site. You may though need to have someone else really get your SEO going but with WordPress that is easy. For businesses in Tampa WordPress comes highly recommended whether you work with us at Affordable SEO or not. We prefer WordPress though as it is much easier to work with and do SEO for; there are both built in SEO tools and free add-ons to make sure that keywords can be put in easily to all pages. It seems a shame when there is so much on offer from WordPress, Tampa businesses often come to Affordable SEO with great looking websites that are nowhere on Google and other search Engines, we look at them and find that what they really need in some cases is a new or substantially redesigned website. You may think that Affordable SEO would relish selling businesses in Tampa WordPress websites but usually it simply cuts into a company’s SEO budget meaning we can’t do as good a job for them.

Even in its most basic form with no plugins WordPress is easy to optimize for Search Engine Spiders, this includes easy ways to add tags to new posts and pages and an easy way to setup optimized permanent links to pages.

SEO is about building links as much as placing the right keywords in the right places on all pages, for this you need link bait as well as actually going out and building links. Even with building links often people will check your site before giving you a link and it helps if it is looking good and full of content. With static HTML sites or sites with hard to use content management systems that no one in a company knows how to use no one will ever quite get round to adding content. The more content the better the chance of getting a link to something that another site owner thinks will interest their users. Having a company do your SEO on WordPress, Tampa’s Affordable SEO or someone else, will create good articles with the right keywords but great relevant content can be created by staff as well and done more often and continually. Google love to see new content so the easier it is for staff to add something on a daily basis the better your SEO results will be.

For business in Tampa WordPress is going to be the best option for most corporate sites that won’t be transactional and will be mainly content driven but even for e-commerce and other sites WordPress and its plugins to allow all sorts of uses for a site including making it into a store are worth looking at.

Just How The WordPress Platform Expanded Web Design

Wordpress Tampa Web Design

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WordPress has completely changed web design, in fact it is still doing this. A lot of small business owners are still having to pay huge sums to get web sites to be created not acknowledging exactly how much better worth it a WordPress site is, including expenses connected with alterations as well as upgrades.

In the past web sites have been virtually all coded manually each time a modification appeared to be desired, because of this you actually had virtually no choice but try using a web design pro just for every aspect, for that reason most sites were almost never improved plus rarely got fresh written content. The importance of regular unique content material developed when Google handed additional relevance on it in its search engine algorithms and at this time web designers started integrating Content management systems (CMS) into websites: these resulted in almost any person who had used a word processor along with internet explorer may well update a webpage and also include brand new written content. These early simple Cms systems however had been pricey, frequently they would wind up being custom built and even after they started to be affordably accessible for a good license the purchase price coming from a web design company for any CMS system stayed remarkably significant. Now this substantial price tag stuck right until they became open source, it started to be increasingly tricky for web designers to successfully charge you with regard to something that was basically totally free but they yet charged a decent figure to include things like the latest CMS straight into a web site.

Around on the same time in which content management systems started up getting to be popular SEO as well started to be progressively comprehended by business people and also promoting departments like a process they should be performing: those that didn’t comprehend would certainly be very much convinced because of a web design dealer at any rate. Those web designers that truly fully understood SEO and fully understood how to create a highly optimized site, from which a good CMS has been generally an important part, therefore maintained on appealing to large volumes of revenue for what are usually by just current specifications quite simple internet sites.

Precisely what WordPress did nevertheless, and is also even now doing, is taking the base out of the market for whether SEO and also CMS focused internet websites. For the majority of small businesses pretty much all they have to have is usually a web site to be able to allow them to have a web reputation and to make sure they appear higher than opponents when it comes to critical and yet niche market search phrases for Google and also other search engines’ end results. WordPress provides small establishments, and really a great deal of fairly sizable companies, much more capabilities compared to what they really need, not that the user interface has to be cluttered. A rudimentary WordPress website having a Website cms and also internet pages that are entirely exposed to actually online search engine spiders might be put together within an afternoon by someone. The exact value a web designer can continue to offer you when creating a WordPress site is first of all graphic design and style knowledge.

WordPress features lots of free of charge templates that are excellent but you do see the same kinds time and time again on-line: this actually also makes it quite clear that a website is a WordPress web site that quite a few businesses may want to steer clear of because they’re also associated with amateur bloggers; a fantastic looking site may be created for WordPress nonetheless and appear one of a kind nevertheless. You will still find quite a few web designers constructing highly expensive innovative type websites on the top of the line of just what the world wide web can achieve and these individuals make a whole lot per web-site; WordPress can do ever more nonetheless having an increasing number of plugins that permit the E-commerce web page, work opportunities board as well as other niche market internet site kinds to get put in place as well as operated by using WordPress.

Affordability of SEO relative to other marketing

Affordable SEO Company TampaAn affordable SEO company may seem to offer a service that is too good to be true, having said this a particular number of visitors or value of business can rarely be guaranteed by an SEO company, at least not prior to research of how competitive the sector is.

An affordable SEO company can bring you great value not through effort alone but through making sure that you get relevant traffic to your website. Most types of marketing are quite hit or miss, they target everyone and see what sticks: this means a lot of the money is wasted. With SEO an affordable SEO company will make sure they only focus people relevant to what you offer, this is done by focusing on making sure you appear in search results for the right keyword and key-phrase searches: this though does mean that setting up SEO can take some time. An affordable SEO company may take many months making a SEO campaign perfect making sure that the keywords targeted and converting into whatever it is the client needs: if not then words can be changed until the set is just right.
If an affordable SEO company is going to make sure that the SEO done is valuable they must work very closely with their client to understand what that client wants. An SEO campaign can be setup to focus on different most wanted responses. A non affordable SEO company will just send you traffic but it could be any, a good SEO company should ensure that you and they have a clear understanding of a most wanted response and that the traffic they send are likely to give that response: be it a purchase, an e-mail enquiry or signing up to a newsletter. Being able to trace this also means a website owner can see how effective their SEO is being and can decide whether to spend more or less. With most types of Marketing of course you can’t track where your customers are coming from and whether it is due, for example, to the ad you put in the local newspaper or from your attendance at a local food festival. With Affordable SEO you can see which keywords people have searched for in order to reach your site and see by how much they have boosted your website traffic in general and how much they have boosted sales so you can put a dollar value on SEO for each different keyword.
Apart from the costs of the man hours put into setting up SEO there is little cost and no advertising space has to be paid for to make it truly affordable. Affordable means that it is something available to even the smallest businesses who can do as much or as little as they wish; SEO is only affordable when done well though and so it helps to level the playing field where you use a good knowledgeable company while your larger competitors try to do it in house with an incomplete understanding or assume it is like everything else and just needs money thrown at it.

How you can do SEO in DIY style?

Affordable SEO Company Tampa
In case you have decided you will want to do a little SEO on your own website there are a few solutions to make this happen. First off, you could utilize SEO Tampa company or you  you could do it yourself completely. Also what many companies do is incorporate some initial SEO produced by SEO specialist and then perform some more themselves while using advice from the SEO firm.  The stages of SEO you decide to pursue though rely on your abilities and what software you truly offer.

Affordable SEO Tampa company make use of the newest software to be sure the job they carry out is going to be as effective as possible and also to predict the top methods for getting traffic, or the most relevant people to your website. Initially you should choose keywords, there are some businesses who specialize in just keyword research though and you may have this done as needed. You may buy software though or depend on an easy tool like the one Google themselves provide to let you predict how effective a keyword will probably be. As well you or people within your business would be the best to decide what no software can let you know though and that’s whether someone hunting for a specific keyword will likely be relevant for your business. It might be that the keyword is just too ambiguous and despite high volume of searches and low competition all you could get is traffic but no sales on the website.

SEO when you have your keywords chosen and ready to utilize is easiest if you have an online site using a website CMS that you could manage yourself to help you add content though you will also need to edit other pages of your respective website. What’s harder is making sure your site is built and coded directly in a internet search engine friendly manner to make certain search engines can see precisely what is there and understand what your web site is created for. You can check out an SEO Tampa company for any test of your website to make sure it is search engine friendly and if necessary ask them to accomplish changes, adding a website CMS if necessary. Then you can definitely add the keywords you have researched, make them fit on your website’s pages: you could possibly well have different keywords for different pages that may show up from the text and in the metadata, title and description fields within the code.  The other place that you can make best us of your keywords is links for your site: you ideally want these coming from websites which are highly relevant to yours, or at best have a relevant page, and where there is a high Google Pagerank.

A reasonable SEO company will use software for the best results in finding possible sources and get links from sites quickly but you may want to do more research though. Generally even though it is worth remembering that it is better to get 10 or 20 links from high page rank, related web pages than make use of a few hundred unrelated website without any Pagerank linking to your web site. It is though also worth looking at how many other websites these are linking to, the fewer the better, and you ought to attempt to make sure you add your keywords you researched together with your URL to the page that back-links: for example by submitting a piece of writing or another content to a site using your link and keywords in.

Tampa Local Businesses May Rely On Affordable SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Orlando | Affordable SEO firm

Mostly all small businesses believe they mainly provide their services locally the internet has little use if not nothing for them to do and as long as they have a website then web marketing and search engine optimization would be a big wasted of time and money.

The Wold Wide Web is of course worldwide by the definition of it, however it is also very mush flexible meaning you can focus on an any local city almost as much as you want. Many websites focus on one country but there is no reason why your business SEO and web marketing can’t be focused on a state or local city area.

For Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, Tampa Bay Florida businesses often use local company Affordable SEO which work with many small businesses helping them find local clients online. Especially for businesses that have a good number of local competitors it is important to use SEO, Tampa city is no exception and local businesses’ may want a way to get an advantage over competitors. Many who search on internet even for local services and most will use in what they are looking for and the geographical location: for instance if they were searching for SEO services in Tampa they may search for ‘SEO Tampa’. This means that you only need to focus

on being top of Google’s results for the specific keywords that have your location in as well as your business type. This means you aren’t wasting money paying an SEO company to get you to rank top of Google for the keyword ‘Plumbing’ for example that would take a very long time and cost an awful lot, there will be far less competition for your local keywords. In fact if your local competitors haven’t used SEO themselves you may be able to get straight to the top and they may even not show up for certain keywords. A local SEO Optimization company like Affordable SEO of Florida, will analyse  to find the most valuable keywords for your business based on how many people are searching for certain keywords and by examining how many of your opponents have also used SEO to be included in those results.

As well as SEO Tampa local businesses can use Affordable SEO for other internet marketing services that are great for businesses with a local focus. This includes building inbound links to your website drive traffic to your site from local business directories focused on providing information to local residents. Affordable SEO, Tampa also offers Google AdWords and Pay Per Click campaign setup and administration. Google AdWords program is the paid for search you will see down the side of Google’s main results and these can be very highly targeted. What this means is you can choose what local geographical areas you want seekers to see your advertisements in and if they aren’t in those areas you won’t waste money having people seeing your ads. Also you can again use the highly targeted keywords with locations in and then Affordable SEO will write advertisements including the city name to catch the eye of people searching who are local to you.

Unlike some SEO companies you will find online Affordable SEO has a local focus and have had great accomplishment working with local businesses selling them only what they need and understanding many local small businesses don’t want to dominate the world, the US or even Florida but simply want lots of website targeted local traffic.

Seo Optimization Packages For Small Business

Affordable SEO, the Tampa SEO Optimization Company based out of Clearwater, FL is proud to announce the availability of  4 Small Business SEO optimization packages.

SEO optimization packages are available in four additions and require 12 month subscription commitment. On the acceptance of the service agreement  the customer shall prepay one time SEO initial optimization cost plus first two month SEO optimization service charges.

The following four SEO optimization packages are built to match various complexity of the SEO optimization which mostly defined by the SEO competition:

  • The Novice Level SEO plan targets local market SEO with low competition.
  • The Entry Level SEO plan targets local market SEO with moderate competition or US market SEO with low competiotion
  • The Aggressive SEO plan targets local market SEO with high competition or US SEO market with moderate competition
  • The Extremely Aggressive SEO plan targets local and global market SEO with high completion

Contact Affordable SEO Company for any questions related to the SEO and Web Marketing at 727-938-8891

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