What’s Google AdWords and how it may help small businesses

Most business owners have come across Google Adwords advertisements and may not have realized, others may realize that Adwords marketing is what you are seeing down the side and above the main Google results: with a yellow background labeled as ads. If you have realized that this is what Adwords is you still may not understand how it works or what good value it is, Adwords is also accessible by any business no matter how big or small with no real minimum budget; in fact Read More +

A Few Points on How To be Successful with YouTube Marketing

Great 15 points on how to be successful with YouTube Marketing shared by Raju PP. Just a few first points: 1. The amount of videos which you upload 2. Put yourself into the shoes of the customer  3. Make sure you upload quality content 4. drive traffic to your YouTube video

A few words about Google’s Pay-Per-Click program

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is considered the most powerful strategies of targeting prospective clients as well as drawing targeted traffic to your web site. Accounts can easily be opened with different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Facebook which will allow you to bid on advertising keywords. PPC is simply a search engine marketing and advertising method which allows a business to publish their website the first page of the search engine results by simply advertising keywords in the same manner Read More +

New Google AdWords Enhancement: Click-to-Call

Google has introduced the new “Click-to-call” enhancement to their AdWords Pay-Per-Click program by sending an email to Google AdWords advertisers today. This Click-to-call enhancement will help your mobile users connect to your business more easily. Now mobile user will be able to call you directly from the Google search page by clicking the phone number displayed on the AdWords ad without even visiting your lending page. This eliminates an extra step need to a mobile user to get you website before finding your business phone number and at the same Read More +

SEO Optimization Tips for a Small Business

I thought that the following tips might be useful for a small business owner to realize that SEO optimization is a complex are of expertize and is better to hire a professional SEO firm to take care of it. Below a few tips the small business owner needs to know: Tip 1 – Research and Analyze keywords for your website Tip 2 – Develop a high quality of the content for your website Tip 3 – Submit to Local Search directoreis Tip 4 – Inbound Read More +

Small business needs to catch up on SEO

SEO optimization is a must for a small business. If your small business does not have a website (OMG, is it possible these days?) then don’t wait you need to have one designed ASAP. If you do have a website, is it ranked well on the first page of Google? If the answer is Yes then you probably can relax for a little while. Why a little while? Because your competitors are breezing down your neck to catch you and become better ranked than you. And if the answer Read More +

Happy belated 10 year birthday Google AdWords!

Completely missed such an anniversary. Google AdWords turned 10 on October 23. Amazing what has happened since 10 years ago. When the program launched on 23 October 2000, it had only 350 customers who paid per one thousand impressions. That was probably the best time to sign up with Google AdWords. Nowadays, the cost of a click for some of keywords may reach up to $25 per click (that’s for same of the keywords of our clients). Now Google is making around $23B just on AdWords program (that’s 2009 data) Read More +

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