SEO: Increasingly a Holistic Endeavor

The art of search engine optimization has changed quite a bit over the years and the evolution shows no signs of slowing. The days of focusing on just one aspect of marketing or SEO as the primary driver of your strategy are coming to an end. Now, more than ever before, it is important to have a well balanced approach when it comes to optimizing for search engines as well as overall marketing strategy. This is because Google’s algorithms no longer emphasize just 1 or Read More +

The Most Important Factors for Ranking High for Local SEO

When trying to optimize a website for search engines, it’s important to consider whether or not you should be thinking about local ranking factors. Here’s a generally easy rule of thumb to follow: if the business is local has a physical location, you need to be focusing on local SEO. What follows are some ranking factors that the best optimizers in the business have put together. Hopefully it helps you when building out your optimization strategies. On-Page and Place Page. Some of the most important Read More + Read More +

Guest Blogging Opportunities with Us

Affordable SEO, Tampa based SEO and internet marketing company has opened our guest blog sites for guest blogging a couple of month and would be happy to consider your blog post article for one of our blog sites. An article needs to meet our requirements outlined below to be accepted for posting on our sites. Below is a list of requirements to the article which  if your article satisfies the following requirements. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE ARTICLES ARE PREPARED ACCORDINGLY. An article Read More +

Affordable SEO Now Offers Negative SEO Remediation Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Affordable SEO 28870 US Hwy 19 North Suite #336 Clearwater, FL 33761 Affordable SEO Now Offers Negative SEO Remediation Services May 20, 2013 — Clearwater, FL — Optimizing websites is big business; so big that some people are using unscrupulous tactics to rig the system. They’re implementing negative SEO to push down competitor’s sites in the rankings, subsequently boosting their own. Thanks to Affordable SEO, however, website owners now have a way to fight back against this injustice. It’s called Read More +

New Street Mobile SEO style

A few weeks ago took a picture of Grooming mobile unit which I find very impressive and innovative way of marketing. Perhaps we can call it street/real SEO. Any suggestions?

Affordable SEO Company Raise Prices on SEO Optimization packages

Tampa, Florida – 15 Jan 2013: Affordable SEO Florida today announced a price increase for SEO optimization packages. The Tampa SEO company offers web design, social network  design, SEO and  web marketing services for small businesses in Tampa Bay Florida area and has been in business since 1996. New SEO prices shall reflect an approximately 10% price increase which is driven by the complexity of the SEO optimization process. Currently a good SEO is an organic search engine optimization process mostly consisting of the content centric campaign, organic Read More +

What Will Make Your SEO Service Successful in 2013

If you have a website, you need to think about search engine optimization. However, it can seem like the rules change every minute. So how can you know what tactics will work the best for your site in 2013? We’ve compiled some helpful hints and tips so you can maximize the success of your SEO campaign in the coming year. For starters, you need to make use of title tags. Title tags help search engines figure out what subject matter your site covers. Be sure Read More +

The right way of doing SEO for your small business

As a small business finding time to do your SEO internally is one of the biggest barriers you will come across, unfortunately to do it well you need to work at it, this means setting aside time each day, either that or outsourcing it. SEO is partly about trial and error, once you have it setup rather than just leaving it you need to maintain it and as a lantern will go out if you don’t keep turning the wick your SEO rankings will drop Read More +

Google Penguin Recovery for small businesses

If you ever thought as a webmaster that Google were on your side that myth may have been blown out of the water with Google Penguin. In the past Google have slowly rolled out changes and seen the effects they have had on sites before rolling them out completely. It seems with Google Penguin though Google have got fed up with being patient and just rolled out massive algorithm changes with little regard for what websites it effects. Google say Penguin improves search results for Read More +