Taking Advantage Of Holiday Keywords

Get your guns ready or better yet your keyword research and optimization software, as it’s time to bust in there and take advantage of the content marketing holiday keywords. First of all, don’t think you’re going to get the best of the keywords as the major stores have them all sewed up. It doesn’t mean there’s any room for improvement on a dramatic basis, but it means not spending a fortune to gain pennies. There’s logic to be applied here and you need to look Read More +

To Fight The SEO War You Need Keyword Research Weapons

Today’s SEO still uses keywords. They’re not the same as in bygone days, just slabbing keywords on your site just doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, there are new strategies to applying keywords that call for knowing the right engineering and flair, as well as the available tools for keyword research. You can’t compete on a pro SEO level without keyword research. Sure you could get lucky with proprietary keywords associated with your brand name product and services, but when you’re selling things that others are Read More +

Penguin Goes Real Time, How does that impact your SEO Strategy?

Not everybody would have loved the Penguin updates and it was something that had brought a major change in Google’s ranking algorithms. Since 2012, the algorithm has played a major role in shaping the optimization strategies for the SEO gurus. However, with Penguin updates marking an end and becoming real time, there can be greater implications to the SEO strategy that you might have been following. Penguin Legacy in Brief It was in the year 2012 when Google rolled out this update with a clear Read More +

Setting Specific Targets before Implementing the SEO Campaign

The search engine landscape has undergone a sea-change in the past few years and is evolving perpetually. Even a few years back, just tweaking the title tag by inserting a relevant keyword or making the textual content more SEO-friendly might have helped catapult your site to a higher rank on the SERP. Unfortunately, many webmasters and website owners have found to their dismay that the traditional search engine optimization techniques don’t anymore guarantee an improved or good ranking. Therefore planning meticulously before launching your SEO Read More +

Guidelines on Taking Advantage of YouTube for Juicing Your Local SEO Strategy

If you have a small bakery or cafeteria and want to reach out to the maximum number of users or customers via your website then there’s one local SEO guideline or tip that you can make the most of. Here’s the tip-try uploading some graphic footages or videos on YouTube and chances are that you’ll or rather your business will go a long way as a majority of regional or locale-oriented business owners usually lack the sagacity of milking automated social media sites and YouTube Read More +

Choosing Social Media Influencers for Boosting Your SEO Strategy

Tapping the potential of social media movers and shakers or influencers to put it succinctly, has riveted the attention of SEO strategists and for good reasons. These social media champions have, of late, played a key role in driving up the traffic of visitors to a website as well as exchanging and sharing of content/information between and amongst users that is mutually beneficial. That influencer canvassing or publicizing have had an ennobling impact on the online marketing campaigns of both small and big companies will Read More +

Google And The Future Of SEO

Google has come out with guns lazing when it comes to search engine technology and that means in the near future the way searches are conducted and displayed will be far more efficient and fortunately spell doom for spammers, irresponsible webmasters and marketers, and cheap, unprofessional content. Their first line of defense is the recent upgrade to Penguin. It took two years and Google announces this will be the last update of their algorithm software. Now Penguin is loaded for bear and woe be unto Read More +

Ramping Up AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) For SEO

AMP or (Accelerated Mobile Pages), now has a friend in Google that is listing the pages in its organic search results. AMPs are easily found with an icon next to result featuring a lightning bolt. The reason for the boost in AMPs is because of the massive expansion of mobile devices globally. If one doesn’t have a mobile friendly webpage then one ends up missing out on tons of traffic opportunities which in effect is not SEO. Today’s web is a mobile one. The days Read More +

Be The Star Of The Show With Your Own Personal SEO Branding

Personal branding is just as important as company, corporate branding and done correctly could be the difference between success and failure. Business is all about profit, and profit comes from great service and products. Having a sound reputation for both is what creates a brand name for your company. People recognize your name for top notch service and will promote you at every twist and turn in their lives. You can’t ask for better advertisement as no matter where you turn in your industry and Read More +

In The Near Future Image Is Everything For SEO

There’s no argument that we humans are visually oriented. It’s in our makeup and the way our brains process information. Imagery is what we run on and when it comes to SEO, it might turn out that the computing systems of the near future will rely on images far more than we suspected. Any scan of the latest in cognitive research will show how important imagery is to the mind. We retain images to allow us to interpret our surroundings and memories. Dreams are form Read More +