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Some Reasons Your SEO Campaign Might Lose

Some-Reasons-Your-SEO-Campaign-Might-LoseMany people launch their websites or blogs with all the good intentions of doing well.  However down the line they suddenly realize things aren’t going according to plan.  They start to fret and sometimes miss the key indicators that should make a SEO campaign successful.  If you’re missing these indicators then you’re bound to lose.  Let’s look at some of the successful things you should be doing and the less successful you should be changing.

First of all, are you looking at things realistically.  Are you hoping for millions of hits for a product or service that just isn’t int hat range of need or want by otters.  Is there so much competition to deal with that you’ll have to fight your way through them.  You have to look at what you intend to do and how you’ll achieve it and work your SEO campaign within those parameters.  Don’t overshoot things by spending tons of money on ads and so forth that will drive unnecessary amounts of traffic to your site burning up bandwidth and not converting to sales.  Seek out organic traffic, traffic that is pertinent to the main subject of your service or product.  Fine tuning these things leads to a better winning situation with SEO.

Keywords?  Are your keywords pertinent to your goods and services or are they jumbled up with other unnecessary topics that will throw surfers off?  If your service is pointed to plumbing in New York city, then you’ll need to have those keywords that are only focused on that topic.  Arranging the keywords around is okay as long as plumbing, and New York city are highlighted in the keywords and copy on the page.  The URL, headers all should have these keywords in them in one form or another.  This is where success or failure begins and ends.  Don’t stuff keywords all over the place but put them in strategic spots so the search engines can tell your site is legit and not some scam site.

Professionalism in your website’s design is another major point.  Is your site designed for easy navigation, pointing to the right topics, designed with the right graphics necessary to attract and retain a surfer?  This is most important in that surfers don’t need to be confused.  They want the real deal  up front and will leave your site if it’s full of absurd graphics, videos, and bells and whistles.  Being conservative in design is the first step.  As traffic and sales increase you might venture into a bit more with a testimonial page, maybe video showcasing your products and skills.

The copy is another major point for a successful SEO campaign. If the copywriting on your site is lousy, grammatically incorrect, not only will customers flee but the new search engine algorithms will notice it and give you the lower ratings.  This would call for more SEO damage control that could be costly as well as miserable.  Don’t go for cheap.  Hire a professional copywriter in your niche and make sure they know SEO.  This way you won’t have to battle from the ground floor up and won’t have to do expensive damage control later.

Add to all this, you’ll need to check your traffic data and statistics. Look for when good traffic that converted hit and when it did not.  Do your due detective diligence and see if a new post on your site brought in profitable traffic or was it a new picture of a new product.  Whatever is successful in SEO you leave alone or rinse and repeat it.  Following these basic guidelines one should see improvement in the short and long term.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingIn today’s world of marketing the use of social media marketing isn’t just a quaint idea, it’s a reality that every business must embrace.

Social media marketing is the means by which companies and people use the various social networking sites to advertise their goods and services. Not only that but these social marketing tools and techniques establish and expand one’s presence all over the Earth. There are billions of people using social media. Every language, country, race, religion, and creed. They often just chat with their families and close friends but the math involved can catapult a comment, picture, opinion spreading all over the world in a matter of minutes or hours. This is what we call viral, and going viral can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Many marketers using social media marketing strive at making things they control go viral. They advertise that they can make things go viral but they usually use a network of their own sites they’ve hired numerous people to make and interlink to one another. These can be thousands and thousands of sites on Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest and more. These strategies work however and some are questionable but the bottom line is doe these techniques generate capital for the small and big business person.

When one decides to delve into the world of social media marketing then one has to be careful what to look for. There are so many various strategies that what works for one client or company may not work for you or yours. This calls for study, lots of study and a learning curve that looks like a seashore during a storm. This is where the foundations of success and failure start regarding social media marketing. Remember, we’re talking about numbers here. Statistics are where you’ll be able to gauge your success to a great degree but all the statistics in the world have to display sales or leads or they’re meaningless.

You’ll need a personally structured social media marketing strategy. Make sure it covers the basics and don’t get to innovative early on. Let the tried and true be what you establish your strategy on. Later, when you have that brilliant idea or new found secret you’ll be able to try them out and see if they’re successful and if not you can take them out and go back to the well tread path.

That’s where social media marketing comes in. Tapping into the vast communities around the world where you can show off your goods and skills, make new contacts, and grow to levels that would have been impossible 20 years ago.

Benefits of SEO to Small Businesses

importance of SEO for small business Contrary to popular belief, SEO is very important to businesses of all sizes. Whether you operate a large company or a business with just five employees, local SEO is an excellent marketing tool. If done properly, it can help a business achieve incredible success on the internet.

Increased Traffic to Website

When a local SEO marketing campaign is done properly, the website it was created for will see an increase in traffic. The website can be a company site or a blog. In all aspects of an SEO campaign, there needs to be content involved. The majority of the content is textual, with some videos and audio files strewn in here and there.

Increase of Paying Customers

With any good small business SEO campaign, the goal is to increase the amount of paying customers that visit your company’s website. You don’t want people just visiting the site, browsing around, and then leaving without making a purchase. You want these visitors to purchase the products or services offered on the site.

Social Buttons Can Add Traffic

When you post a blog, it should have social media buttons on it. These buttons should be a Facebook ‘like’ button, a share button for Twitter, an email button and any other media buttons you like. By having these buttons in each post, you are increasing the likelihood that you will acquire more traffic for the website.

Using Google Alerts Helps

If you are going to create an SEO campaign yourself, it is best to use Google Alerts. Set up various alerts to figure out how people search for your company or website. This will allow you to focus on specific keywords or phrases for the small business SEO campaign. Also create an account with Google Adwords to find out what the most common search phrases are for your industry. You can then use them in regular blog posts and as meta tags on your company website.

An Increase in Sales

Once you have established your local SEO campaign, you will hopefully begin to see an increase in sales. These sales could come through the website, over the phone or at your store, should you have one. Just because you have an increased amount of website traffic, it does not mean that those numbers will correlate to sales. You need to entice your visitors into purchasing the products and services offered by the company.

Small Business SEO Tips

Some of the most important tips for an excellent SEO campaign include using fresh content and doing research. The website or blog needs to be updated at least once per week. If you can find a way to update it daily, or multiple times per day, then you will be putting yourself ahead of the game.

The research involved is keyword research. You need to figure out what search terms are being used by customers who need your products and services. When you figure out the keywords being used, you will be able to implement them in the campaign.

How to Hire a Quality SEO Firm

How to Hire a Quality SEO FirmSEO and SEM firms come in all shapes and sizes. As a client, you need to know which sets each one apart from one another so you can find the right type of firm for your business. This guide will help you identify the different types of SEO and SEM firms so you can find one that matches your needs and objectives.

First, the different types of search engine optimization and marketing firms can be categorized based on their industry focus or whether or not they are generalized. They can also be categorized based on whether they are entry-level, mid-level, or high end. Their service type, such as specialty or jack-of-all-trades, is also an important consideration.

Industry Focus

Specialist firms can be ideal when you work in an industry that is well established. This is because the firm will most likely have a lot of experience in that industry. For a business that is more specialized in itself, the option of finding a specialized firm may be a very limited one. In this case, you can opt for a generalist firm that focuses on multiple industries.

Level of Service

The level of service tends to coincide with cost. Remember that you get what you pay for, but that doesn’t mean that a high-end SEO or SEM firm is going to be the solution. For instance, you may have a business that only works in one or two cities. This means that there is no need for you to hire a high-end firm for thousands of dollars per month. You can find a firm that offers great services and a one-size fits-all approach for just a few hundred dollars per month. It is ideal to steer clear of firms that charge less than $500 per month, although there may be rare exceptions, such as those that will work with you based on budget. However, that may mean shaving some services down.

Service Type

Some SEO and SEM firms do it all. They do content marketing, link building, pay-per-click management, and more. Others focus on just one thing. If you need one thing, then the company that specializes in that one form of marketing will work. If you wish to have more than one time of marketing performed, then bundling services may be right for you. Once you weigh these three factors, you can then identify your potential matches and compare in order to find the match.

Affordable SEO FL Now Offering Mobile Website Creation


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Affordable SEO FL Now Offering Mobile Website Creation

mobile-websiteClearwater, FL — June 19, 2013 — As you likely already know, every business needs to have a website if it’s going to succeed nowadays. Accessibility is key. However, just having a standard website might not be enough. With the surge in the use of mobile devices, more and more companies are finding that they need to develop websites made specifically for mobile devices. Thankfully, Affordable SEO FL is now offering mobile website development services to help bring more businesses into the 21st-century.

In fact, focusing on your mobile presence may be more important than you’d ever anticipated. 25% of all searches now happen on mobile devices according to Google. That’s why Affordable SEO is focusing on mobile website development now. All of the same principles apply in terms of creating search engine optimized content. However, there must be an emphasis on building sites that load quickly and properly on smartphones and tablets.

Having a mobile design is important primarily because it opens your business up to 24/7 accessibility. Potential customers can find out information about your company, contact you, view your products, etc., at any time of day, from anywhere in the world all on their phones. People no longer have to wait until they get home to search for something on their computers. They can just pull out a phone from their pockets, do a quick search, and even make a decision about what to purchase right then and there in the moment while they’re still out and about.

Since January 1, 2013, Affordable SEO offers mobile website design and development in two primary ways:

  1. A standalone mobile site with up to six pages of content, a blog, a contact form, a custom navigation and user interface design, and WordPress integration.
  2. A website that includes both standard and mobile versions with up to 10 pages of content, a blog, a contact form, a custom navigation and user interface design, and WordPress integration.

These packages cost $590 and $990, respectively.

About Affordable SEO

Affordable SEO is a full SEO and mobile website development company based in Tampa, Florida. To find out more about them, visit their website at or give them a call at 813-321-0577.

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Where Will SEO Be in the Next Few Months for Google?

Matt-Cutts-Google-What-is-next-SEOIt’s time yet again to take a look at one of Matt Cutts’ videos and break it down into bite-sized chunks of usable information. Cutts is the chief engineer at Google and at the beginning of May, a user wrote in to ask about where SEO would be in the next couple of months for Google.

The key thing he suggests for people to do is build a great website. Have good content and share it with the people you know. However, in terms of what Google is doing, he cautions that plans could change, but at the moment, they’ve just finished up the next generation of Penguin. It’s called Penguin 2.0 and goes a bit more in depth with catching poor quality content. According to Cutts, the update will affect 2.3% of regular U.S. search queries on Google. He notes that it’s the second update to the algorithm they’ve launched and he encourages anyone who spots a spam site under this new algorithm to report it to Google. They are always looking to improve!

Another thing they’re doing is looking at advertorials and other things that violate their quality guidelines. Basically, if you pay for reviews on a site, it shouldn’t flow PageRank. They’re also looking at a new way to conduct link analysis. It’s in the earliest stages of development right now, but Cutts feels it’s looking promising. Continue reading Where Will SEO Be in the Next Few Months for Google?

Why Small Businesses Needs SEO

Small-Business-and-SEOWhen building a website or trying to promote your company, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind: SEO. You see, without search engine optimization, no one will be able to find your site and if people can’t find your site, they won’t become patrons of your business. Small businesses thrive on the Internet. With more and more brick and mortar stores closing up shop, online is where it’s at. But how can you take advantage of this prosperous space? And why do you need to in the first place?

For starters, small businesses need to pay attention to how their businesses are promoted online because it’s actually very inexpensive. You don’t have to invest really anything to utilize online marketing. You can implement search engine optimization yourself and increase the amount of traffic your site receives. If that traffic is targeted, you should see a rise in sales as well.

Another thing spending time on SEO can do for your small business is to increase brand awareness for company. Over time, how you market your site and business will have a direct impact on how your company is perceived by the public. It’s very hard for small businesses to complete against corporations, however. With online marketing, you can boost your site ahead in search engine rankings and allow more people to find out about you, even if they don’t know your company by name at first.

As we mentioned earlier, how you optimize your site will play directly into who visits you. Now, you want to increase the number of people that visit your site, of course, but you also want to make sure the people that visit are actually interested in what you’re selling. Targeted traffic is key for success here.

Small businesses also need to utilize SEO because it can actually produce more sales. Over time, as your site climbs up the search engine rankings, people will begin to notice it and start to buy more things from you. The key is to produce compelling content on a regular basis that attracts attention, both from readers and from search engines. This will keep people coming back for more and produce positive sales numbers for you.

Finally, using search engine optimization allows you to keep tabs on what tactics work best for you. That is, you can see what keywords and strategies attract the most attention. These things can become a part of your long term marketing efforts.

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Why Local SEO is So Important for Small Businesses

Local SEO serviceSure, you know that SEO is important for your business. You know you need to promote your company online and make sure your potential customers can find you. However, that may not be enough. In fact, now more than ever you need to utilize local SEO if you really want to see results.

Up until recently, people still used local references like the phone book to find companies that are near them. However, more and more people are using search engines like Google now to find local businesses. This is due to a surge in local search improvement and the boom in mobile device use. Just about everyone has a smartphone now and that means everyone has access to the web on the go.

In short, if you run a business that receives local customers, you need to utilize local SEO to get the best results possible. You can’t just list your company in a phone book anymore and expect that to be enough. You have to take this extra step and join the twenty-first century.

Local search has become highly effective. More and more people are finding exactly what they’re looking for when searching for local businesses online. That’s excellent news because that means customers are finding the products or services they wanted much more quickly than they ever did before.

Is your business one of these? If not, you’re really missing out. That means losing money. It could also mean your business won’t succeed. That’s definitely not something you want to have happen. Alternately, you can do something about this.

That means using local SEO tactics whenever you get the chance. Specifically, you need to include keywords that pertain directly to your business’ location. So, if you run a salon in Seattle, “Seattle salon” would be an obvious choice. You should likely also include even more specifics than that to attract the right customer base.

At the end of the day, you need to make an effort to optimize your website’s local search terms. Doing this will ensure your company receives the highest amount of visibility. If you do it right, your company will come up first in the search results on Google under local results. That’s what you want because it provides your customers exactly what they’re looking for. Never make your customer work to find you–otherwise they won’t. Do all you can to boost your small business’ visibility and you’ll see the results in increased visitors and profits.

12 Steps to SEO Peace of Mind for Small Businesses

Affordable SEO CompanyThese 12 steps are based on Google’s advice to small business owners with websites they may not have time to invest in with SEO research but who want to make sure they don’t get penalized and make sure they do benefit from organic SEO.

301 permanent redirects

Use 301 permanent redirects to avoid pages appearing as duplicate content including with and without www. and with or without a / at the end of a URL. Duplicate content will be penalized in results, you should focus any link building at one URL ideally too.

Use Google Webmaster tools, validate and sign up for e-mail forwarding

Yes Google would want you to do this but it really is invaluable as once you set up Google webmaster tools and prove you own your site you can get a lot of information, not least alerts when Google find problems with your site; sign up for e-mail forwarding to get any alerts sent through directly.

Domain Background Check

Check who has used your domain before you purchased it and find out how they used it by checking for alerts and keywords in webmaster tools, if they were spammers or used Black Hat techniques to obtain links you could be penalized.

Fetch as Googlebot, make sure text is indexable

See your site as Google sees it, look for errors and most importantly make sure your text is indexable and that images have alt tags.

Include Analytics

Add code for Analytics to your pages to see where people are coming from and where they are leaving your site, if you don’t have time to use this it is still useful for anyone who comes along in future to do SEO for you.

Great experience for different stakeholders

Consider the needs of each different user of your site and check that the navigation from each page will get people easily to where they want to be

Define your conversion: most wanted response

Each page should have a call to action, even if just navigation to other pages; always know you’re most wanted response and tailor each page.

Include relevant keywords naturally in your copy

If you don’t have time to do full keyword research then just be sensible and think about what people are likely to search for when looking for your products and mention these terms in your copy.

Unique title, meta descriptions, url,

Vital to good SEO, each page should have a unique title and meta description, which will be shown in Google search results, and also a unique URL which includes relevant words to describe the page.

Descriptive anchor text

The anchor text on a link, regardless of whether it is internal or external, should be descriptive so Googlebots know what the linked to page is about, though this also helps visitors.

Avoid guaranteed rankings, link schemes

Avoid anyone offering you guaranteed results and don’t sign up for link building schemes, some work short term but may get you penalized by Google once they get wise to the scheme: choose an SEO consultant who will work with you long term.

Get organic links and social media buzz

Creating great content and having great products should get you links organically and lead to likes, +1s and mentions: you may want to use Social Media to kick start this though.


The right way of doing SEO for your small business

As a small business finding time to do your SEO internally is one of the biggest barriers you will come across, unfortunately to do it well you need to work at it, this means setting aside time each day, either that or outsourcing it.

SEO is partly about trial and error, once you have it setup rather than just leaving it you need to maintain it and as a lantern will go out if you don’t keep turning the wick your SEO rankings will drop and die out if you don’t keep adding fresh content to your site.

Content creation has always been the best way to achieve good rankings, there have been other flashes in the pan in the past but Google want to see you creating high quality unique content on a regular basis for your website and you can then slip in a few keywords carefully to make sure you rank for the right terms.

To research those keywords terms you may want to use an SEO company, if you do  them yourself you should use professional software rather than simply Google’s keyword tool that over-simplifies choosing keywords; the level of competition plus the quality of competition (not considered by Google’s tool) is vital and you should choose your battles carefully.

If you want to rank well for competitive keywords you will need to build links and achieve the right pagerank, to ascertain what pagerank you will need for a top position you need to analyze the pageranks of the existing top ten on Google for the keyword in question.

Link building should also be content based, it may seem a waste of effort to create content on other people’s websites in order to get links but these are the kind of links Google respect and you can add in relevant terms to this content as well.

Don’t build links using spam comments and content and make each post or comment unique; also avoid submission services that will add your link to a seemingly incredible number of websites, many of which may actually get you penalized by Google.

Some of the best ways to get links in this manner are to find forums and blogs that accept comments and add useful comments that relate to the article and add value, these are the most likely to get approved and be accepted as genuine by Google, make sure of course these sites are ‘do follow’, meaning the links won’t be marked by the site to be ignored by Google.

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