Interpol Issues ‘Red Notice’ for Arrest of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

It does remind me of Russia when people can be framed and accused of anything because of their political view or religion. I hope that’s not the case as I really believe in the United States democracy, freedom principals and freedom of speech.

Is Julian Assange really connected to any sex crime investigation? Is he framed? Time will hopefully let us know… or may be not…

Does it have anything to do with a recent information became available off the WikiLEaks website?

Wired (2011-11-30) -The international police organization Interpol has issued a Red Notice for the arrest of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange, in connection with a sex crime investigation in Sweden.

A Red Notice is kind of international wanted poster seeking the provisional arrest of a fugitive, with an eye towards extradition to the nation that issued the underlying arrest warrant. Interpol transmits the notices to its 188 member countries, including Britain, where Assange is believed to be located. Interpol has no authority to compel a subject’s arrest. It issued 5,020 Red Notice last year for a variety of crimes. read more. read more…

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