Facebook Will Conquer the World

I am not surprised that Facebook is becoming more and more popular not only in the US and Europe but slowly evolving into the main social network on the planet. I think that there is a very good possibility that extraterrestrial  visitors will start communicate with us via the Facebook account.

My Russian friends have been slowly migrating from their local social networking sites over to Facebook. It’s imminent, Facebook is already number 1 Social Network and soon will be the only one. Actually this notion is not very appealing to me simple because without the competition we might still stay in the 19th century actually even without Facebook.

The statistics I collected from the World Map Of Social Networks spells out that Facebook has around 600 million users worldwide . The Facebook is #1 social networking site in 115 countries out of 132 countries analysed.

And I also forgot to mention that Twitter is becoming #2 and Linkedin #3 social networks.

Image has been copied from http://www.vincos.it

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World Map of Social Networks

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