IPv6 Day is coming

In 1977 Vint Cerf, the program manager for the ARPA Internet research project, chose a 32-bit address format for an experiment in packet network interconnection.  At that time nobody could have predicted that the experiment would evolve into todays Internet connecting billions of people across the globe.

For the past 33 years the 32-bit address system  have provided great services. However now we are running out of space. IPv4 addresses expected to run out in 2011. As of right now there are around 50 million IPv4 addresses left and this expected to run out by approximately by November 2011 . What is going to be next? Oh.. by the way you can see by yourself hoe many addresses left here .

The IPv6 is the only long term solution at this time. Currently only 0.2% of Internet users have native support IPv6 connectivity.

Google has announced World IPv6 Day, a 24-hour test of the next genersation protocol on June 8, 2011. read more …

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