Winners and Losers of New Google Algorithms

Google has recently revised its search engine algorithms to improve the quality of search engine results.
According to Google, it’s supposed to improve already high ranking of the good quality websites and at the same time to decrease the ranking of the poor content websites. Web sites known as content farms have recently been reaching high ranking which prompt Google to get new algorithms implemented. I hope Google’s new algorithms will work like a charm and we all will be happy with the results.

Okey, this is how it’s supposed to be in theory. In practice things can become contradicting and might not agree with the theory at all.

The good thing is that it seems that new Google algorithms are working. For instance, Suite101 site, one of the largest content farms has lost 95$ visibility and according to, Suite101 traffic is down 19%/. Great results Google!

However, as it usually happens in real life some bystanders might get hurt during cleanup activities. For instance, “Apple products blog Cult of Mac wrote a post saying their traffic has been significantly damaged by the changes” and on the other hand, site actually gained in visibility.

Leander Kahne, an editor of wrote “On Monday morning I woke up to find my website had been effectively delisted from the Internet by Google.

My website–, an Apple fanboy site–was collateral damage in Google’s war on content farms. Last Thursday, Google changed its Page Rank algorithm to demote sites with empty content. Somehow my site got caught up in it too. I read about it in The Guardian lying in bed, and I nearly flipped inside out. I’ve spent the last two years working my tail off to build up, a startup with one full-time staffer (me) and a small but talented pool of contributors. It’s a scrappy, shoestring operation. We’ve made every mistake in the book, but I’d hoped to make a living off the site this year. Things were looking good–until this.”

I hope Google will address problems like that in a fast manner. Otherwise its reputation might start suffering.

There are always going to be bad guy winners and good guy losers. Life is not fare. However if you play by the rule of white hat SEO, most likely nothing bad is going to happen to your website SEO score. Oh, at least on the long run.


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