Four Important Things to know about SEO for Your Businesses

SEO is a word that many small business owners will have heard of Affordable SEO Company ~ Tampa SEObut may not comprehend very fine. As a small business owner you need to know most importantly what SEO can do and why it is vital to your business however at the same time you need to apprehend how it works. By understanding how SEO works you can make sure you are choosing an proficient and affordable SEO company and also know what to expect and when.

Here are the four main things you need to know about SEO

1. A definition of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, also it’s worth knowing that when talking about it you say the letters S.E.O rather than trying to pronounce SEO as a word. Search Engine Optimization is actually optimization of your website for the sake of search engine rankings: i.e. to make sure your website shows up high in results for related search terms that website visitors are looking for.  Also worth knowing when searching for a good affordable SEO company is the difference between On-page and Off-page SEO: On-Page SEO is what you do to the pages of your website to improve your search engine rankings. Off-Page SEO is things you do elsewhere such as building links to your website.

2. What SEO can do for your small business

Search Engine Optimization come from under marketing but is an indirect way of getting traffic to your site, what SEO is good for though is getting targeted traffic to your website. SEO is compared to many types of marketing and even compared to other online marketing very affordable if you find the right affordable SEO company. The effects of SEO though do sometimes take some time to work and it is an effort driven activity mainly: though of course skill does come into it as well. SEO by making your website displayed on Google and other search engines in the first few results for search terms that are highly relevant, and which a lot of people are searching , is a great way to promote your business: highly targeted and to people already looking for what your business is offering.

3. Elements of On-Page SEO

Keyword research is very important, some SEO companies will try to get you to the top of search engines for the wrong keywords. A good value and affordable SEO company though will concentrate on keywords that are very related to your website’s separate pages, don’t have so much opposition that you will never get to the top and do have sufficient traffic, if this analysis phase isn’t done you could just be wasting your money. These keywords are then put on to your website’s pages, ideally not too many on each page and repeated a few times on the pages they are on. These search terms tell Google that your website is related to what people are searching for. Also it’s imperative for on-page SEO is that the pages of your website are well planned and easy for search engine’s software to read when they analyze your site.

4. Off-Page SEO- Link Building

Off page Search Engine Optimization comes down to link building almost purely. An affordable SEO company will ensure that you have plenty of links built from business related websites that are well thought of by Google and other search engines. A poor SEO company may build you a lot of poor quality links that could actually damage your website’s ranking positions.

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