5 Ways To Obtain Inbound links

Affordable SEO CompanyGetting links to your site is difficult and time consuming if you don’t know where to start, you could just throw money at the problem but this is not necessary and an affordable SEO company, doing SEO work for you should realise that to keep the work affordable they should stay away from paying for links; paid for links aren’t even that valuable usually.

1. Give away Content

An affordable SEO company will use content in many ways for SEO, creating content is basically an alternative to spending money, this is because you are still offering something of value. Give away content either through article databases that give a link back to your site and let other people use your content if they also give a back link, or make a deal with a specific blog or news site. The first option has less value as you get the same content everywhere and Google treat most as duplicates. If you make a deal with the right blog that is relevant to your site and has a good page rank where you give them content and the content links back you will get a lot of value for SEO and direct traffic.

2. Comment on Blogs

Comment on blogs and other websites, make sure they are do follow sites so that any links you put into your comments will actually work and be visible to search engines. Comments on blogs and other sites need to be approved often before they will go up or can be taken down if they are seen as spam. This means they only work if done so that the comment is actually constructive and useful and the link you are giving relevant to what the article is about. Focusing only on relevant blogs and articles also means that you will get more value from the links you get from these relevant pages.

3. Use do follow forums

Forums are used in a similar way to blog comments and with similar rules on relevance and being constructive. Forums may give you more direct traffic as often with blogs and articles comments are rarely read. You can also post more than once in a forum to place your key words and phrases in another post which will appear on the same page, this way your post including the link is less likely to be picked up as spam.

4. Create Linkbait content

If you can do this it’s the easiest way to get links back to you, create great content on your site that people will find and then link to out of choice. An affordable SEO company will want to get you one way links whenever possible and the best are often these voluntary links. Content may just be an article but more often will be video or something downloadable such as an ebook or useful piece of software.

5. Submit to relevant directories

This is where you might spend some money; if you are going to pay to be on a directory though make sure you are getting good value for money. Where you get a link from should be relevant, so choose the most relevant directory you can and the most relevant category you can. You will get more value from a small directory that focuses on only local businesses or only businesses within your industry than by putting your website with tens of thousands of others on a directory that wants to be all things to all men.

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