Google Local Place For Your Small Business

Google Places
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Perhaps should you really don’t have your website built yet it is best to at least develop a Google local place listing for your small business. It truly is very simple and folks in your city may find your website on Google local place without difficulty plus they may give your website an evaluation and also review your business products or services. However it is the best idea to create a web site besides your own Google local place listing where you can advertise and market your products and service.

Presently if you are a one-man show business and don’t have a live website it would be a great idea for your business to start with Google local business place. It should not take longer than 15 minutes to create a Google local place listing.

Keep in mind before you get started:

  • Google local place for your business is absolutely free
  • And will require you to have a Google mail account (gmail)
  • Your local place listing should have a mailing address

At this time Google local places feature is not available in all countries. Check country availability here.

Below are the main reasons on my opinion why you might need to create a Google local place listing:

  1. It helps your business to be visible to your potential customers evne if you don’t have a website
  2. It helps with local SEO for your website
  3. It allows your potential customers to review and to existing customers to write a feedback about your business products and services
  4. It allows you to place related images and video about your business
  5. It improves visibility of your website or a business for your potential clients  on Google maps

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