Selecting an Affordable SEO Company: The six key questions to ask

SEO TampaFor someone who knows little or nothing about SEO and Online Marketing it is difficult to make sure you are choosing a reputable company that will get you not just results but good results. Who you choose must also be an affordable SEO company, meaning that you actually see a return on your investment.

How long has the company been in business?

Have the company been around long, at least in Search Engine Marketing terms? Search Engine Marketing is a fairly new discipline, but many companies have five or more years experience. There are some good new companies with experienced people who have worked with online marketing elsewhere but there are also new companies who know little more about Online Marketing than you and will learn it as they go.

How many Examples of previous work can they show you and do they have testimonials?

To ensure you are using a company who really know how to do a good job make sure they have done a good job before. Many people will have examples of previous projects and explain what they did and what results they got. Testimonials are even better showing the business owner was happy with the work; you may even want to contact one of the companies they have done work for to make sure the testimonial is genuine and ask about exactly how good they were and whether it was an affordable SEO company.

Will the company meet with you in person or on the phone to discuss you objectives?

Too many businesses who claim to be an Affordable SEO company aren’t: to be an affordable SEO company they have to meet your objectives, not there’s. Many companies who don’t take their time to find out what you want to achieve will go away and send you a lot of traffic but not relevant traffic and not traffic that is valuable to you. Make sure you choose a company that will take their time to work with you to understand what you need.

Will results be based on traffic, conversions or profit?

When you decide what you need make sure that the objectives given to your affordable SEO company are the same. So if you want to see a certain number of sales or conversion rate from SEO traffic or want to get a certain number of telephone enquiries choose this as the objectives. Many SEO companies will simply send you as much traffic as they can: having made sure that they are paid based on increasing your traffic rather than profit. An affordable SEO company will make sure that you get a good return with relevant traffic leading to traffic most wanted responses.

Will their strategy include checking your website is Search Engine Friendly, researching and adding links and building links?

A good SEO strategy from an affordable SEO company should make sure first of all that you have a website that will be easy for search engines to understand and don’t appear to be trying to trick them. You then must have key words and phrases researched and then links built, from relevant sites. All three of these are needed for a successful SEO campaign.

 Will they get you to the top of Google for relevant words or just any words?

As mentioned key phrases must be relevant; many companies offering seemingly cheap prices claim they will get you to number 1 in Google: if this is for a term that no-one is searching on though this is useless. Often they will choose what sounds like a good keyword but which research would show was actually seeing low volumes of searches or was too ambiguous.

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