Why SEO is important for Small Tampa Businesses

SEO Tampa | Affordable SEO CompanySmall businesses have limited advertising and marketing budgets, this means they should be careful how they spend there money, perhaps then they should go for tried and tested methods of advertising such as Yellow Pages and advertising in local papers? Certainly a lot of people believe that SEO being relatively new is something that small business should shy away from and leave for the big multinationals to dominate.

Well this thesis is wrong and for businesses in Tampa SEO can give great value with relatively low investment if done correctly.

For a start the way people go about finding businesses and doing an information search has changed drastically, Yellow Pages companies will now give you an online listing as well as a listing in the actual pages, why? Because they know that the paper version is dying as more and more people look for businesses online. Unfortunately for the Yellow Pages companies few people go online and start a search at their websites, generally people go to a search engine.

Once people get to a search engine they may do a search for a business they already know of in order to find out more; as a business in Tampa SEO can make sure that you at the very least come up top on search engines such as Google for your own business’ name.

Other people search for a business type but if they need a business that is local they will put in the location into a search as well, for example ‘Tampa SEO’. This is good news for small businesses serving a local area, the amount of competition locally should be relatively small and while big national and multinational businesses go after the obvious general keywords to make sure they dominate results businesses in Tampa can use basic SEO campaigns to make sure they are coming up on Google for people looking for businesses locally.

If you are serving a wider area or selling nationally or internationally with your small business though this still doesn’t mean as a business in Tampa, SEO is no use to you. There are thousands of potential search terms for most businesses, in some cases more if you sell a wide range of different products and services. Most people use perhaps 5% of the keywords and those are the keywords for which there is a huge amount of competition. There are still though many keywords that get a few searches every day, if you have a site with dozens or even hundreds of different keywords on this adds up to as much traffic as a couple of highly competitive keywords but you can get to the top of Google much quicker and start getting traffic straight away.

For many businesses in Tampa SEO has been a let down because they didn’t research the right keywords or keywords that they could get traffic for fast. Also though other elements are important including building links and creating plenty of fresh unique content to go on to a website; some of this work is best done by a SEO company but by creating some content and building some links in your downtime the cost of SEO can be kept right down for your business.

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