3 Tips from Matt Cutts for SEO of a Large Company

Affordable SEO Company TampaWhen trying to implement search engine optimization on your website, it’s vital that you know all the tips and tricks from the most experienced people out there. Nowadays, that means going to Matt Cutts of Google. He knows exactly what needs to be done to best optimize a large website.

As a part of a website’s strategy, he indicated that site owners needs to do three specific things to make the most of their position on the web. For now, these tips hold up despite recent algorithm changes.

The first SEO tip involves increasing how quickly your pages on your website load. At first, you might be wondering what this has to do with search engine optimization, but it’s actually very important, according to Cutts. Think about what you experience on the web. When you visit a website that’s slow to load, you likely just leave it without pursuing it further. However, if the page loads quickly, you’re more likely to stick around. The same thing goes for search engine indexing. The quicker the load time, the better off you’ll be

The second tip you want to utilize involves using an internal content management system. This can be leveraged in a variety of ways, however one of the most common methods is having a blog on your website. It’s a good idea to have everyone in the company contribute in some way or another by writing articles or what have you. The more content on your site and the more readily updated it is, the greater your SEO will be. It’s also important to maintain solid internal links between these articles.

The third and final SEO tip Cutts offers involves utilizing social media to the best of your ability. Social media is essential this day and age and if you care at all about your customers, you will be engaging with them frequently. Make it a point to have profiles on all of the major SEO sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. This makes it easy for your customers to interact with you and spread the word about your business. People like to talk about companies they like. You just have to make it easy for them to do so.

Though this SEO information is from 2011, it still very much applies to the user experience on the web today. With some effort, hopefully you’ll be able to implement these tips into your company’s website and see results quickly.

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