Matt Cutts Answers Questions About SEO Links, Archives, and Reconsideration Requests

It’s that time of week once again where we sit down and talk about some recent answers Google engineer, Matt Cutts, provided to questions about common search engine optimization problems. First up is a question about using the same anchor text for several internal links on a site. The user was concerned that by doing …

Sunset in Clearwater Beach

It’s very relaxing to watch a sunset and especially in Clearwater Beach FL. I leave at Clearwater Beach Florida these days and like to watch sunsets almost every day. Today’s sunset is different from yesterday’s and tomorrow’s sunset will be different from today’s. Enjoy a beautiful Clearwater Beach sunset captured on Monday, April 22 2013.

Matt Cutts Answers Questions About Domain Names, Page Ranking, and Unnatural Links

It’s that time of the week once again, where we look at some of the questions Google engineer, Matt Cutts has been asked and the answers he provided. Hopefully, this will give you some good insights into current SEO practices and what you can do to further optimize your website. The first question had to …

Matt Cutts Answers Questions About PankRank, 301 Redirects, and Link Purchasing

It’s that time once again where we look at some recent questions and answers offered up by head Google engineer, Matt Cutts. As the resident SEO expert, he provides detailed answers to people all over the world about how they can make their sites rank higher in the search engine. First of all, a user …

Sunset at Clearwater Beach Florida

My favorite time of the day is the sunset time and especially since I’ve moved to Clearwater Beach FL a few months ago. I can watch sunset every day and will not get bored. Each sunset is different… Here is one sunset picture I would like to share with you