Matt Cutts Answers More Questions About SEO

Matt Cutts Answers SEO QuestionsWe’re going to talk about more questions and answers from Google engineer, Matt Cutts today. In fact, we have a really interesting one first up. A YouTube user asked him where he saw Google search 10 years from now and Cutts responded that he envisioned the search engine becoming much smarter. It would be integrated fully into augmented reality devices, include voice search, and may even be able to synthesize information. So, if you were to make a search for the top ten movies of all time, it should come back with results pulled from multiple sources to create a list for you.

Another question had to do with javascript and SEO. The user wanted to know if it would be okay to disallow Google from crawling javascript and Cutts responded that it’s fine to add nofollow tags to specific attributes or URLs in the javascript, but it’s not recommended to disallow all javascript. You see, when Google runs javascript, it can figure out a lot about your site and learn more about other pages on your site. It’s a much better idea to allow than disallow, across the board.

The third and final question we’re going to talk about today had to do with site downtime. The user wanted to know what he could do to recover his Google rankings after his site was down for a few days. Cutts explained that it’s normal for a site’s rank to dip when it goes down because Google always wants to provide a good user experience–that means not pointing people to a 404 page or a defunct link. Still, they do  generally give sites the benefit of the doubt. So, if your site is only down for a day or two and when it comes back, all the same pages are there, it will likely recover rather quickly.

In short, there isn’t anything extra you have to do SEO wise to get your ranking back when this happens. Just put the site back up and wait. That’s all you can really do.

Hopefully these questions and answers have been helpful to you. Matt Cutts is the resident pro at all things Google search, so it’s invaluable to get his personal insights on matters such as these.

We’ll have more exciting SEO information for you next week, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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