Webmaster Tools, SEO, and Penalty Link Examples

Matt Cutts from Google wearing San Dimas HS t-shirt
Matt Cutts wearing San Dimas 88 HS t-shirt

Today we’re going to discuss the latest video from chief Google engineer, Matt Cutts, who offers up regular tips and tricks to webmasters. The topic for today is penalty link examples.

When you manage a website, it’s important to have an understanding of your linking strategy. This means you need to know what sites link to yours. It should be a priority to make sure you have links from high-quality websites with a high PageRank. This is very important for SEO. If you use Webmaster Tools, as you should be, you won’t necessarily see any comments about your incoming links. This will simply be reflected in where your site ranks in the search engine results.

However, if the Google Webspam team has taken a specific action against a link to your site, there will be a notice or message in Webmaster Tools. In some cases, there will be example links of the incoming links that netted a penalty. Sometimes, however, there won’t be any examples and this can leave site managers stumped.

Even if you do receive example links, they won’t always be comprehensive. That is, you might have more offending links than the ones listed. The ones listed are examples to help you get back on track with your SEO and to identify the type of links that are getting you into trouble. Cutts says they just can’t list out every single offending link, because sometimes there are millions of them and they just don’t have the capacity to send out notifications that cover everything.

Still, Google is planning on including more details in Webmaster Tools messages in the future and hope to include at least a couple of example links to help webmasters identify and solve link building problems. This should be extremely helpful and you will no longer have to sit and wonder what the problem is.

SEO can be tricky to implement and even more difficult to maintain, especially when it comes to managing inbound links. You may be punished for links you had no hand in creating, which is why keeping tabs on everything through Webmaster Tools is so essential for your success with optimization.

You can’t leave your SEO plan to chance. And Cutts assures people in his latest video that changes will be rolling out that offer up more detailed messages to webmasters. Though you shouldn’t expect every last detail, you can expect more details in the near future.

PS. Obviously Matt advertizing the San Dimas High School while wearing the San Dimas HS Football t-shirt  on this video.

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