New Methods of Backlinking to Build SEO

Backlinking Tips in post Panda 2.0 eraBack in the old days, it used to be that getting as many links to your site, through whatever means possible, was your best bet for SEO. However, nefarious backlinking strategies will now get you punished and result in your site plummeting in the rankings. With Google’s Webmaster Guidelines in hand, here are our favorite new ways to build links:

1. Blog regularly. Sounds simple, but having a blog for your business is an excellent way to create new content on a regular basis. Sharing that content on your favorite social media sites will then see it picked up and distributed further. This is how you build solid links and a great SEO strategy for the long-term. There’s no other way around it.

2. Create stuff without text. Yes, content is king, but you need to make other things too now for a solid backlinking profile. This means taking photographs, making videos, or recording a podcast to increase the appeal of your site and your content’s shareability. A popular way to accomplish this is to create infographics. They spread like wildfire across the web and can continue to spread your site’s name and bring you traffic for months after they’re posted.

3. Create a resource. This means writing a blog post or article but there’s more to it than that: you need to make a resource that is bigger and better than any other article like it on the web. This is no small feat but it can work wonders for bringing you steady traffic and building your SEO.

4. Teach people how to do something. How-to articles are still one of the most popular types of articles online, so take advantage of that fact and teach people in your industry how to do something cool. It’s a definite backlinking win.

5. Build a Wikipedia entry. While not every type of business will qualify for this, in general it’s an excellent way to drive more legitimate traffic to your website. Wikipedia is an authority site, which means it’ll increase your PageRank in SEO terms and it will also expand your backlinking profile considerably. So many people use the site as a reference, after all.

Follow these quick tips and you should see an improvement in your optimization efforts and in the number of new links to your site each month. Remember: nothing happens overnight, but when maintained over the long haul, you will see results.

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