Older Websites and Outdated SEO Practices

SEO consulting services by SEO company in TampaGoogle uses many factors when it ranks a website. However, the same factors are used for every website rather than different factors applying to different websites. This is something that some SEO professionals have wondered about because Google’s algorithm is complicated. It looks at every point of a website to determine relevancy and freshness so the site can be appropriately ranked.

While many people out there working to get their websites to rank the way that they want them to, there are some individuals who own older websites that wonder about how they can maintain their rankings over time. This is a concern because they see newer websites passing them by on the search engine results page.

Older Websites vs. Younger Websites

Sometimes those who own new websites find that they have to try very hard to compete against the older websites due to the fact that older websites have grown over time and have much more content. If the tables are turned and it’s the older website that is falling behind, then it is best to take a fresh look at the website and make sure it evolves with the times.

SEO is an ongoing process and one that changes as algorithms change. When it comes to old websites, the same template and content becomes stale. If you update the content, integrate a blog, and ensure you are giving users the best possible experience, then you can effectively compete against the younger sites that continue to grow. You can completely turn around your descending website and make it ascent back up the page so you’re the one the younger sites have to keep up with.

Article Directories for SEO

For years, some SEO professionals have plugged articles into article directories in order to create links to a website. At one time they were very effective, but over time article directories have gotten a bad name because of the fact that the content is very generic and can be considered spammy.

Initially, the theory behind article directories was to post articles into an article directory and hope someone downloads that article and posts it on their own website so that the writer could get some links. Unfortunately, the content in article directories tends to be of low quality. Because of how Google’s algorithm handles such content that may be syndicated all over the Internet and is of a low quality, the practice is not as successful as it once was.

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