Getting SEO Results The Non-Link Building Way

Getting SEO Results The Non-Link Building WayNew innovations and tried and true methods of SEO are making waves in the industry.  Trying to figure out what the big search engines are looking for has content marketing gurus and experts on their toes.

The big issue here is that there are changes happening in the search engine optimization world and now, with Google’s algorithms changing for the better, the old ways may not be as reliable anymore or may one day soon become extinct.  The reason for this is simple, quality.  There are so many results leading to sites with such horrid content that it undermines the search engines and their delivery of great results to their customers and surfers.  The more spammy a website is, the more money the search engine loses and everyone else loses as well.

The search engines would love to list the top quality sites, however, their traditional use of ranking sites based on links to the site has proven to be the problem overall.  Link building experts spend night and day making websites with terrible content and using tricks and skills to add links to these sites so that they’ll rank higher in the search engines.  This is going to die out and those that practice it should be aware they could lose their top rankings overnight.

It’s a matter of Google realizing that everyone has been losing out on fine content because of the link builders and the sleazy network they’ve created.  Professionals know, however, that fine, quality content is the winner overall and their efforts to provide such content is winning overall.  This allows for Google and other SE’s to modify their algorithms to recognize the chaff from the wheat of websites and list those quality sites first.  This should upset the slimy underworld of spam laden link building sites but I in the end, the public gets the best, the search engines get the best and it’s all good.

What’s the logic behind all this? Simple application that is not only working but is destined to dominate.  Here’s how it works.  A site has quality design, quality copywriting, not that article or copy that’s written in sweat houses in Nigeria or Pakistan, but real, well written content.  Video and audio are also done well and as time goes by, smart promotion, word of mouth, will bring in real links that come from a special series of sources shows the search engines that things are real and not robotized.

As the flow of the tide goes toward rewarding quality content, that means people and businesses will get their fair shot at the top rankings.  It means hiring content marketing providers that only deliver top quality products and not hacked out trash they got from some cheap producer.  This alone means an upheaval in the way SEO is going to be done in the very near future.

This advance in SEO has many experts nervous.  The smart optimization company will take this into account and start hiring the best talent they can get their hands on.

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