Making The Most Of Video SEO

Make no mistake, video is one of the most important vias to success on the web. Using video and SEO tactics that are sound and responsible will provide significant rises in traffic as well as conversion and retention.

The video realm online, is massive to say the least.  Everything is tied into video. Just look at the size of YouTube.  It’s not only the top video site, but it’s also the 2nd largest search engine.  You can find all sorts of relevant, up to date videos from weather to breaking news to your favorite bands, sports, and topics of interest.

That being said, there are many ways to get your video SEO game on.

Basically, you’ve got to follow the fundamentals.  The tried and true techniques and strategies that the winners are using.  It’s all about structure and creating the right kind of content as well as what to do with that content.

First of all, make relevant content.  That’s the first major step.  Don’t just slap up any old video that is nothing more than you blowing your own horn.  It’s about you providing quality content that is relevant and useful to the surfer.  Such content as “how to” videos and “problem solving” videos within your niche will not only get the attention of the surfers, but also the search engines like Google who are looking to list authority sites.  Since YouTube and Google are the biggest search engines, optimizing your videos along their protocols means a double punch of professionalism and profit.

For example, if your niche is pesticides, then you’ll be better with videos that address the needs and info that people need like “how to find the right pesticide” or “are there organic pesticides?”.  Things like that.

You’ll need to tag each video as well. Using long tail keywords will do you good. Do your keyword and keyphrase homework here.

Use your websites to your advantage and make a good marriage between the video sites and your website and blog.  In other words, put those abridged, relevant videos on the video sites that have links to the full blown videos that are hosted on your own domain.  This will drive traffic to your sites and improve retention and boost conversions.

Make sure your videos can be shared by social media by all means.  Just one video that is made well, can go viral with just one person sharing and posting.  If your video answers a question that others, like your competitors haven’t addressed, then you’ll be in the driver’s seat and rack up all the traffic.

Transcripts are of big value too.  Have transcripts written for all your videos as these will be added ammo for the search engines and provide a great service for the surfers as well. This especially goes for those “how to” videos that have detailed instructions.  Likewise for those question and answer videos and webinars.  These will be chock full of keywords and keyphrases and the search engines will see it as informative and relevant which is all to your favor.

Overall, following these basic steps will give you the advantage that video SEO has to offer.

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