Starting Off With SEO, What You Should Do

Starting Off With SEO, What You Should DoIf you’ve not used SEO to get your website and blogs going up the search engine ranks, and you’re going to start now, there are some things you need to do and follow these guidelines exactly.

Basically, SEO changes due to the fact that the search engines keep upgrading their software so that they can get the bet results for their surfers. Also, no matter what the search engines do, there are technicians out there that will do their best to circumvent the rules, come up with honest and dirty tricks called Black Hat tricks, just to dominate the listings. Knowing this, the search engines like Google have specialists around who engineer their software to thwart these people so that honorable webmasters can get a fair shot at ranking in the top search pages.

Honesty and quality are the best policies here. Learning SEO will take you a lot of time as there are so many technical terms, strategies, history to digest and then you have to know how to program software, edit and optimize your webpages in accordance to the newest rules. Luckily for today’s webmasters, Google has emphasized the value of just being clean and crisp, clear, and direct content and web design. The idea here is that if your site is useful, then Google will list it higher. If your site is sloppy and the photos are bad, videos are useless, then you’ll get the boot. You have to have great site navigation and each page has to have your contact data and be relevant to the site itself and the industry its in. You need to know grammar and spelling, get links to and back from reputable sites that are relevant to the site as well. Don’t try to con Google. They’ll know. It’s okay to study the Black Hat techniques to make sure you know what you’re up against but also to know what to avoid. If even by accident you do use a Black Hat technique, Google will beat you to a pulp.

The best foot forward is to examine your site and look at it objectively. Make sure the site navigation is good, all photos and videos are tagged properly with keywords relevant to your site and product and services as well as location so that you can take advantage of what is called Local SEO. This allows for people looking for your type of business in their area that you are in and the search engines will list you accordingly making you easier to find.

Blogging is an awesome way to get up the rankings. When you blog, you talk about your business or anything that is relevant to it. You can tie in any number of subjects and niches via a blog. For example, let’s say your business is dog grooming but you want to attract customers who are baseball fans. Well, what you would do is dress up a few of your dogs in major league costumes, maybe even dye their hair in team colors. You can add keywords to the pic and video of it that pulls in traffic from fans of the teams. People will see it and then share it on the social media networks giving you more mileage. There are any number of combinations to choose from and it all boils down to creativity and relativity.