You Had Better Match Mobile And Desktop SEO

You Had Better Match Mobile And Desktop SEOThe jury is in regarding the importance of having your websites and blogs mobile SEO friendly. You had better get on it or you’ll be left in the dust and fast.

Mobile continues to expand as a massive new and profitable venue for web marketing. Your sites should be mobile friendly with the kind of specialized mobile SEO that only pros can provide. Your SEO campaigns have got to have at least 50% mobile SEO investment or you’re talking the kind of neglect that leads to ruin.

Mobile SEO has specialties you need to know and prep your sites for. Basically the tried and true apply but with a twist. You still have to have an informative, engaging site with a good linking portfolio, keywords, keyphrases, graphics and photos and videos that are relevant and well tagged. In other words, your site whether mobile or desktop must be professional level across the board or you will get penalized in the search results.

There’s lots of tools provided for free regarding getting your site mobile friendly from Google alone. There are tons of video tutorials too from professionals from around the world. Not taking advantage of these fee tools and not being willing to learn mobile SEO is just outright gross negligence.

Mobile SEO calls for the standards but also formatting for the various mobile devices. You also need to optimize for Apple and Google maps, local listings optimization, voice search and more.

Local SEO is far too often overlooked and it can be the difference between success and failure. If people don’t know where you are, how to find you, and your geographical relationship to them, then you’re just some floating phantom on the web. Adding information of your local value is very important. If your business is ‘wedding cakes’ and you don’t emphasize where you are, people searching for such a product in your location won’t see your services. You must add your location as well as any discounts or goodies. You would have your site listed with ‘wedding cakes at a discount in Tampa, Florida located at 111 Smith Street’. That kind of data pulls in more parameters and you’ll be spreading yourself out in several areas at once. Making the most and getting the best equity.

Google themselves admit to catering to mobile devices regarding their searches. That being said, to ignore adding a mobile campaign to your sites is foolhardy to say the least.

This is an example of the changing of markets via technologies. Mobile has proven itself to be more efficient in may ways to desktops and laptops. Most people are only interested in calling and texting friends and family, sharing photos, videos, and points of interest. Finding sales and discounts, and specialty shopping items. They’re not interested in the ‘computing’ lifestyle. It’s for geeks and big game players. The average person wants convenience and entertainment. They’ll go so far as to watch movies and play games on a mobile device but they don’t want the nuts and bolts of computing that far too often the hardware and software companies put too much emphasis on.

So think in terms of convenience. Think in terms of what does mobile offer your customers and how you can make the best of a situation with optimizing your sites for mobile and local SEO.