Should I Even Bother With SEO For My Ecommerce Store?

Should I Even Bother With SEO For My Ecommerce Store?If you have any sort of online presence, you will need to engage in SEO efforts. This is true whether you have a website, blog or eCommerce operation. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why SEO matters when it comes to your online store.

1) Everything Gets Indexed

Google and other search engines index everything that is published on the Internet. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get your product descriptions and other vital information posted on the Internet where everyone can see it, comment on it and share it. If you target the proper set of keywords and are active on social media, focusing on SEO can result in a large boost in sales.

2) SEO Reduces Customer Acquisition Costs

You could always pay for a prime spot in the search results or pay to have your store featured on various online mediums. However, getting there for free can put you in front of your customers without having to spend precious marketing dollars. Additionally, getting that word of mouth advertising is always worth more than paid advertising or otherwise forcing yourself in front of the customer.

3) Site Elements are Part of SEO Efforts

How well your site is designed and how well it functions play a large role in how visible it is. For example, Google will punish sites that don’t load quickly or sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. However, you should make it a point to have your site load as quickly as possible and be available for viewing on as many different devices as possible. Therefore, you are engaging in SEO efforts just by properly designing your site.

4) More Traffic Means More Money for Your Site

The eCommerce section of your site is not the only component to your online presence. If you can attract a lot of steady organic traffic, you may be able to put advertisements on your site that provide a steady revenue stream. This means that you are going to get money from sales as well as from advertisers. You should also consider how high levels of traffic could encourage affiliates to want to promote your products to their followers or site visitors.

5) SEO Helps You Create Better Product Descriptions and Better Serve Your Customers

When you write with SEO in mind, you have to think about who your target audience is and what they want to see. By thinking about your customers and their needs, you create a site that better caters to their desires, which increases the odds of making a sale. Therefore, even if you don’t think that SEO is important in terms of choosing keywords or ranking high in search results, it can be used as a tool to figure out what your customers want, which should be a priority from day one.

If you are thinking about or have created an eCommerce component to your website, it is critical that you give at least some thought to SEO. Doing so will boost visibility, boost traffic and help boost sales while preserving your marketing budget. Therefore, it should be a consideration in every decision you make regarding your online store.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who has worked in eCommerce for the last five years.  She currently writes for Rakuten Super Logistics and recommends them for all your online order fulfillment needs to further your success.

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