Taking The Confusion Out Of Local SEO

Taking The Confusion Out Of Local SEONo business can survive with any aspect of its administration in a state of confusion. That being said, if you don’t have consistency regarding your business’ information such as address-phone number-website URL across all business directories then you’re going to lose traffic, customers and revenue.

Local SEO must include local business directories, and local business listings. Without them, you’ll lose attention and much more. There are hundreds of such venues and you’ll have to either input your data manually or have a script or something that inputs your data across venues. This is all well and good, however it’s not perfect and errors can occur to the point that one site with your data doesn’t coincide with other sites, even your main one. When that occurs you’ll need to get busy and correct the situation and do so quickly.

The reason for this is just that, consistency. Without it, people will go to the wrong place, call the wrong number, buy from the wrong URL and you’ll lose page rank on the search engines to boot.

You can’t allow this to happen. You’ve got to stay on top of things and sometimes it can be so much to do that you’ll have to hire a professional agent or agency that can do it for you.

Yes, there are companies and agencies who specialize in making sure your online information is consistent and coordinated.

Don’t underestimate the need to undertake this task when need be. It would be gross negligence on your part. To take on the task yourself could take days or much longer depending on how far you’ve gotten in submitting your data. Each site has to be properly coordinated or your online presence will look unprofessional and sloppy. Some of the sites with you data on them might be outdated, not just have errors on them. A specialist will see after a full analysis where you stand and then work out a battle plan to get things corrected and fast.

Don’t interfere and definitely don’t start changing your phone numbers or other data valuable to Local SEO. It sounds like a silly thing to do but people sometimes have a tendency to do such things and cause more harm than good.

If you need to get your phone and address and URL coordinated with the various local SEO, local business directories, and local business listings, then click on the link below as our services know what to do competently and affordably.

To check on the consistency of your your business location information (title, address, phone number, website URL) across multiple local directories and listings use this link –> https://www.optimizelocation.com/partner/affordableseofl/diagnostic.html

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