Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of SEO In E-Commerce

Don't Underestimate The Importance Of SEO In E-CommerceThe web is all about e-commerce. If you’re selling via the web, you had better be on top of the latest regarding how an e commerce site is built and what it should and should not be comprised of. Luckily there are templates and platforms from which to build on but the one mistake that far too many people make is not incorporating the latest in SEO techniques from the start.

SEO is a series of highly specialized skills using various technologies and tactics to the point of becoming both an art and science. Pro SEO specialists know how to approach any problem and apply what they know to get results others might not achieve.

Why is e commerce so special in this? Because e commerce employs many agendas all encompassing everything from direct sales, videos and pictures, interactive graphics, payment systems and more. E-commerce sites cover that wide a spectrum and all of it is grist for the mill regarding SEO.

This means an SEO pro will take advantage of every twist and turn even a CMS or Content Management System involves. The SEO pros will know exactly what to do with every facet of the e commerce site for optimum ROI, however, if you set off to run your site without them at the start, you’ll be just asking for trouble down the road. That’s where people end up mostly, all messed up with nowhere to go and then have to pay far more for SEO to rescue them had they the good sense to get SEO done in the first place.

SEO is an ever changing series of tactics, techniques, and technologies that include every thing from keyword research to trying to accommodate the search engine’s newest software and algorithms. Not only that but making mistakes early could get you penalized to the point that Google will never index your webpages. Remember, Google indexes webpages not websites, so each page of your website has to be optimized with SEO.

This is all about fundamental procedures being laid down at the start to make sure you’re getting the most out of your website. Again, every facet of your site can be used in SEO, and today, the value of sub groups such as local SEO and social media SEO are also of vital importance and each is a specialty unto itself. Local SEO allows for you to pinpoint your location, notable events and celebrities nearby as well sports teams. If people can’t find where you are you and they are at a loss. This all ties in with social media SEO. Your Facebook and Twitter and other social media pages and accounts the SEO pros will optimize so that people are interacting with your website in real time. This shows Google that your site isn’t just static, that it’s alive and popping and the links to the site from social media pages shows that people, not bots, find your site of interest, of use, which is what Google wants its surfers to get access too. Google got tired of spam sites that only trapped surfers into endless upsell scams to the point of overwhelm. Content marketers and ‘Black Hat’ aficionados have been put in check by Google’s new software that screens them out and that’s why you need a SEO pro who knows what to do so that you won’t get penalized, is essential.

The SEO specialist already has a suite of tools ready made to tackle your e commerce site. Remember, you’ll be going up against the competition and you can bet your bottom dollar they’re using SEO with their e commerce site so if you neglect it, you’re just losing ground and giving your competitors the upper hand.

So don’t neglect SEO and your e commerce site. It’s not only essential, it’s survival.

Image credit: Affordable SEO Tampa