The Evolution of SEO Ranking

The Evolution of SEO RankingWhether or not your website and business are ranking high, and if so to what extent via website search engines will play a critical role in determining the popularity – and success – of your website or business.

For example, the most sought-after high ranking Google is by no means an easy search engine to receive popularity, or top Search Engine Results Page (SERP) from. In fact, Google has regularly changed its algorithms in which its website crawlers or “spiders” roam the internet for websites, businesses, keywords, and imagery to determine what and how each should rank when it comes to search results. So, while plenty of businesses or specialists claim to be “SEO experts” – and they very well may have tremendous experience – ultimately, their true value and purpose to you and your company will come down to their research skills. Additionally, their willingness – as any respectable SEO professional knows – to both adapt to and study market changes such as rules or web search results policy.

In reality, Google and other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing have the serious responsibility of regularly checking the current market and websites for new as well as known SEO tactics which might be used to artificially boost rating or hits. Often, some of these techniques to dishonorably increase SEO ranking will include; keyword SPAM, misleading titles, text, or other ‘underhanded’ techniques – which in many cases will actually drop ratings and get a website flagged.

Something else to consider when it comes to evaluating your current SEO ranking, as well as bringing on a possible “SEO Expert” to your team is not only their approach and previous example sites, but, also the length and ways in which they offer to boost your SEO ratings. For example, one that is not sharing his or her tactics or specifics with you could absolutely be considered a risk. Also, do not pay for work in advance without seeing results, and, try to take measures to wait at least a business day or two to see if any of your sites rankings get redacted due to search-engine policy or code violations.

Often, the most efficient SEO ranking strategy or services are those which are designed to be effective long-term, and will take more than just a few weeks to setup. Just keep in mind, much like with any other business challenges, responsibilities, and services that if it seems too good to be true, then it likely is.
Ultimately, some of the most proven, effective approaches for achieving SEO ranking success are done through conducting your own research, exploration of the market, and hard work. Honest businesses, products, and workers alike are typically rewarded for their efforts – just make sure you do your due diligence in meeting the demands (for example mobile) for both current and prospective customers.

Do not use unauthorized or unappealing images or sizes, graphics, or text. Remember, you want to be interested in your website or product yourself, so be passionate about the SEO, website design, and any other work done on your site. Think like a customer; “Would you be interested in your website or products? Why or why not?”

Image credit: ArtsyBee