Boost Your Small Business Day: Stay Active & Productive

ideas you might wish to try from a digital marketing agency

If you have a small business, you understand there are bouts of time when you are just sitting behind your computer. There are many tasks that need to be completed, which may not leave you a lot of time for staying active.

However, do not take this as a sign of being lazy. You spend lots of time and energy on your job, with all focus on the job at hand. It is essential, though, for you to stay active for your well-being. Here are some ideas you might wish to try from a digital marketing agency.

Setting an alarm to get up and move around is a straightforward way to get your body moving. You are the best judge of how often you want to move. Maybe every hour, you get up and move for 5 minutes. Or perhaps that seems too frequent for you, so you decide every two hours you get up for 10 or 15 minutes. There is no right or wrong answer to this, as it is entirely up to you.

You can also do some desk exercises during the day to promote movement. Things that are simple to do include arm circles, shoulder shrugs, leg lifts, calf raises, leg swings, squats, torso bends and twists, head rolls, and lunges.

If you have meetings for your small business, you may consider doing stand-up meetings. Your spine will thank you as it is made to be moved. Many companies have virtual meetings. If this is the case, and you are not required to be on camera, stand up. Or, if you do have to be on camera, consider using a standing desk.

Let’s chat about office chairs for a minute. You may consider swapping your regular office chair for an exercise ball. Utilizing an exercise ball can help improve your posture while you are working. And during breaks, you can do some exercises as well!

During your breaks, you can take a brisk walk outside. If you work in a building that has steps, you can also run a few flights of steps. This will get the heart pumping and wake up the entire body.

You will also want to stretch the body during the day. Stretching not only makes the body feel good but also helps to make muscles flexible so one can maintain a wider range of motion. You can also ward off sore muscles by using simple stretches throughout the day.

If there are other individuals who work in your small business space that you need to communicate with, instead of calling them or emailing them, walk to them to relay the message.

To stay healthy, it is essential to schedule regular exercise in your day. You may have success with this by actually scheduling it into your daily planner. There are a number of things you could do, either solo or with a group of others. If you live near Clearwater, you may take a walk a few times per week on the beach. Or you may decide to take the kids to a giant playground and act like a kid yourself. Pickleball, dancing, kickball, volleyball, and karate are all things that recreational departments offer.

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