How to Do or Not to Do a Good SEO

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What is the big deal if JCPenney hires the SEO optimization firm to do SEO optimization and the company succeeds.

Allegedly, JCPenney hired SearchDex, a privatively held US-based company established in 1998 to work on the SEO optimization.  Well, at least JCPenney hired a US-based company.

The bottom line is SearchDex has successfully achieved its goals because over the holiday shopping season JCPenney was ranked extremely high on the keywords such as”dresses,” “bedding,” “area rugs,” “furniture,” “skinny jeans,” and dozens of other terms. Again, I want to say – great job SearchDex!

I have to admin that SEO firm has made a really great job building around 83 thousand inbound links for the site. It does take time and money.

PC World writes “With its billions, Google can afford to pay people to do nothing but sniff out suspect search results driven by link farms and 86 them. You’d think with an example this egregious Google would have noticed — especially since it had warned JCPenney three times before about dicey search results.

Or maybe it strives not to anger companies like JCPenney, whom the Times points out spends millions on Google ads, in addition to lord only knows how much on SEO trickery. Cutts says the idea is absurd; the European Union, on the other hand, is investigating Google for this very practice.

NY Times also writes “Is it possible that Google was willing to countenance an extensive black-hat campaign because it helped one of its larger advertisers? It’s the sort of question that European Union officials are now studying in an investigation of possible antitrust abuses by Google.”

What do you think?

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