SEO Advantages Make Value of WordPress Unquestionable

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Is your web developer seeing the big picture, are they ensuring that your website doesn’t just look good but will actually be seen? First off the search engines need to see your website and only then will large numbers of people make their way to it: unless you have a big well known brand or give out a lot of Business Cards with your URL on.

A WordPress site has a lot of benefits over HTML, for a start your web designer can’t fail to set up a website in WordPress that is going to be good for HTML. It is naturally designed to be search engine friendly, all text is visible and it is easy to manage links and flow of pagerank round and off of your site. You may though need to have someone else really get your SEO going but with WordPress that is easy. For businesses in Tampa WordPress comes highly recommended whether you work with us at Affordable SEO or not. We prefer WordPress though as it is much easier to work with and do SEO for; there are both built in SEO tools and free add-ons to make sure that keywords can be put in easily to all pages. It seems a shame when there is so much on offer from WordPress, Tampa businesses often come to Affordable SEO with great looking websites that are nowhere on Google and other search Engines, we look at them and find that what they really need in some cases is a new or substantially redesigned website. You may think that Affordable SEO would relish selling businesses in Tampa WordPress websites but usually it simply cuts into a company’s SEO budget meaning we can’t do as good a job for them.

Even in its most basic form with no plugins WordPress is easy to optimize for Search Engine Spiders, this includes easy ways to add tags to new posts and pages and an easy way to setup optimized permanent links to pages.

SEO is about building links as much as placing the right keywords in the right places on all pages, for this you need link bait as well as actually going out and building links. Even with building links often people will check your site before giving you a link and it helps if it is looking good and full of content. With static HTML sites or sites with hard to use content management systems that no one in a company knows how to use no one will ever quite get round to adding content. The more content the better the chance of getting a link to something that another site owner thinks will interest their users. Having a company do your SEO on WordPress, Tampa’s Affordable SEO or someone else, will create good articles with the right keywords but great relevant content can be created by staff as well and done more often and continually. Google love to see new content so the easier it is for staff to add something on a daily basis the better your SEO results will be.

For business in Tampa WordPress is going to be the best option for most corporate sites that won’t be transactional and will be mainly content driven but even for e-commerce and other sites WordPress and its plugins to allow all sorts of uses for a site including making it into a store are worth looking at.

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