Duzzle Art: Amazing Arts by Doug Powell

Doug has been experimenting along with random puzzle parts from jigsaw puzzles since 2001. The vintage puzzle parts provided an appealing deflection for color while creating Retro Spin Art. Since 2007, Doug has been developing comprehensive mosaic portraits of the people face. Artist says that his specialty is being capable to demonstrate great details right down to eye lashes, lips and other fine facial features. Doug has gradually established and enhanced the technique of developing this artwork and also has originated the phrase to describe it as Duzzle Art.

Doug’s Duzzle Art website has been opened a couple of months ago and and today visitors can also purchase Doug’s arts including original Dyzzle art, reprints, Puzzle piece jewelry and the famous Liberty T-Shirt.

Visit Dougs shopping gallery @ http://www.duzzleart.com/quick-shop/

Duzzle Art: Autism Puzzle Pieces
Picture credit: DuzzleArt.com


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