Small Businesses should take a look at Google plus’s pages for business

Google Plus for Tampa Small Business

Google Plus is slowly catching on and having a presence on there is surprisingly important for SEO. Tampa businesses can now use Google plus’s business pages feature that has just been launched.

Google plus is, to put it simply, Google’s answer to Facebook, but until recently there was one obvious difference. On Facebook you had both user profiles – which were most of the time only viewable to friends who had accepted your friend request or where you had accepted there’s – and then there were

Facebook pages for businesses, bands, brands and basically any entities that were things people might like and then follow, with no need for reciprocation. Google meanwhile had until recently only offered standard user profiles that worked in a similar way to Facebook’s standard pages.

Now though if you have a small business you can set up a page on the new Google plus for business style pages and we certainly recommend this for any Tampa business looking to improve their SEO. Tampa businesses can benefit from a wide variety of features that only Google plus business pages have.

One useful feature for the purposes of SEO Tampa businesses should use is to ensure you have a plus 1 button on their Google plus page. The Google Plus one button is a way of people easily recommending you and your business when they come across you, both on Google Plus and elsewhere on the web. Though plus one is a new feature it seems that Google are already considering how many plus ones a page or site has to decide where it comes in Google search rankings so it could become vital for SEO. Tampa businesses may also be interested in having on their Google plus pages maps showing their location, this makes it simple for people who come across you to see where you are and even get directions right then and there from their address – or if they are accessing your page from a smart-phone they can even get direction from where they are automatically.

Some Tampa businesses may wonder why they would want to have a Google Plus page as well as their own site? A Google Plus business page though can be a great place to build a community of customers and get testimonials posted and questions asked. People will often use Google Plus to ask friends for recommendations as well and if you have a page on there it makes it that little easier for someone to send a friend to you.

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