How to Handle the Shift From SEO to SEM: Part 2

How to Handle the Shift From SEO to SEMSome of the usual SEO concerns are still relevant, such as having a well-built and credible website with code that is well-structured and free of errors. Keywords still hold importance as does geographic search engine optimization and local search marketing. However, “keyword stuffing” is no longer an accepted practice. Keyword stuffing involves loading a page with keywords and Search engines now ban websites for this practice.

What’s new is the management of online business development campaigns, which exists within search engine marketing, or SEM. SEO specialists and web designers have found that targeted content marketing is the most effective form of SEM. This means that the site or blog is frequently updated with fresh content that is engaging and credible. This content can be delivered on multiple platforms, such as blog posts, articles, interactive media, email campaigns, and many others.

Content Marketing’s Role in SEM

Content marketing is defined as the practice of creating and distributing valuable and relevant content that acquires, attracts, and engages a targeted audience. The goal of the content is to convince the customer to take action that is profitable.

In order for content marketing to be effective, the target audience has to be researched so they are presented the right information. This practice is referred to as determining the “Buyer Persona.” The focus of the content produced based on the data is focused on communication that inspires loyalty rather than sales. In other words, it takes a “soft sell” approach in order to achieve better conversions.

The “New SEO” makes this content marketing a priority for validating authorship and achieving better page rank. Google can tell how relevant a page is through the page’s popularity, repeat visits, and other data. It is important to keep in mind that content marketing only works when the target audience is a specific audience. If there are multiple targets, it is important to create separate blog sections. The more targeted the content, the easier Google can see what is being promoted so the site is ranked accordingly.

Honing Your Strategy

Many bloggers and web designers have found that giving content a personal touch is best. While there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to which marketing forms are best for your business and budget, content marketing works. It can become a major part of your SEO or SEM strategy. All you have to do is focus on creating interactive and engaging content that is reliable.

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