SEO Practices That Can Help or Hurt Your Rankings

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There are some SEO and SEM practices that can hurt your website and there are some that can help it. Knowing what those are can make a difference in the techniques that you use to get the exposure that you desire for your site.

1.   Using Disavow to Remove Bad Links

The main purpose of the disavow tool is when bad or “negative” SEO or SEM strategies has been applied and it needs cleaned up. However, this mainly applies to links that need to be taken down or “disavowed.” Sometimes individuals do not use the tool until they have received a message from Google that tells them that there are bad links that need to be cleaned up.

If you know that a bot has created bad links to your site or that you have created some bad links yourself, you can go ahead and use the disavow tool to remove those links so they do not affect your site negatively.

2.   Borrowing Small Bits of Content

Google is in love with original content and it is the best way out of many of the SEO and SEM techniques out there to rank well, so a question that tends to come about is whether or not it is safe to stitch together copied pieces of content from other websites in order to create a whole article.

The answer to this is that even when you use hyperlinks to credit the original author, it is not original and that may not play in your favor. If you wish to credit a source in something that you have paraphrased into original content, that is different. Take Wikipedia, for instance. You may be able to do what they do in regards to pull information from certain sources and crediting them. When doing this, the content is still unique and that can work on your website.

3.   The Fate of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another area getting a lot of attention because it can be a way for the guest blogger to plug their URL and get some exposure. Some have predicted that Google will penalize guest blogging website.

While there are times Google will look at guest blogging, it is still safe in the meantime. However, individuals using guest blogging as the only way to get links may not benefit. Unfortunately, there is a lot of spam and that is usually because of poor SEO and SEM practices.

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