The “New SEO” is Old Fashioned Marketing

social media marketing and seoSEO is the subject of a lot of change. There is change in how Google evaluates signals and treats brands. There are also changes in how optimization in the new landscape is approached. Overall, there is a lot of uncertainty within the realm because of the amount of change that happens. Sometimes it is even possible to be clueless as to how to achieve victory, but what the SEO specialist has are guides, indicators, and best practices that get results regardless of change.

The Market Shift

A search engine is a business. The function is to help people navigate the Internet in order to find what they want. That fact that the site on top of the search engine results page can make someone a lot of money is just part of the game. In the past, some of the world’s biggest brands couldn’t even be found in that place because they were slow to embrace the online marketing world that small businesses ran with. Now that that time is over, businesses of all sizes are competing for the same spots.

The Big Picture

When evaluating the last year, a lot of changes have occurred in the world of search engine optimization. Search engine algorithm updates are the main culprits. This has resulted in a complex equation that has to be solved to achieve ranking success. For instance, links are not going to work on their own. Technical SEO, links, content, authorship, in-depth articles, and social media are all important.

Gone is the time when links could push you ahead regardless of the other factors. Now there is a much bigger picture to look at. There are more constants mixed in with the whole. There are more variables and there is not a scientific calculator that can simplify it. In other words, it all has to be done the hard way.

Old School is New School

Basically, search engine optimization has taken steps backward while moving forward. There used to be a distinction between search engine optimization and online marketing, but now there isn’t. SEO goes hand-in-hand with old school marketing. That thing called “word of mouth,” it is now called “social media.” Remember billboards? They are now the images in your inbox. All-in-all, the world is going back to its marketing roots. The differences are that the delivery method, access to information, and the expectations of the audience have changed.

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