The Role of the How Search Works Website in Your SEO Efforts

How Search Works: SEO in perspective
Picture credit: Google

In order to use the How Search Works website, all you have to do is Google it and you will find it at the top of the search results page. After you click, you are brought to a page that shows you the story of how search works. The first part focuses on crawling and indexing and how 60 trillion individual pages make up the Internet. This is a number that is constantly growing.

In the second part of the How Search Works site, you learn that Google follows links from page to page and they sort the pages by their content. You even learn a little about the algorithm and how it understands what is being searched for so it delivers the right results.

Battling Spam

Through the How Search Website, individuals get a peek in the third part at what Google has to deal with when it comes to fighting spam. Spam can include cloaking, hidden keywords, blackhat SEO practices, hacked sites, and much more. Google gives a peek of what Google looks at and how they go about removing spam.

Google has to battle spam because doing so keeps results pure. It is very important that website owners, webmasters, and SEO specialists understand what constitutes spam so those practices can be avoided. By avoiding those practices to begin with, you do not have to worry about cleaning up a spam mess later.

The Index

Google uses over 200 factors to determine how a site needs to index. Google also keeps changing its algorithm to ensure the purest results are delivered. The How Search Works website touches on this fact. It also touches on the fact that the results can take different forms. The results that are delivered to you will depend on whether or not you are using a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Google knows what kind of device you are using and will deliver the results accordingly.

By understanding how search works, you can fine tune your SEO practices to ensure they are as accurate as possible. While it is impossible to know 100% what makes Google’s algorithm tick, having a good idea can help you succeed.

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