Things You Need To Know About Social Marketing

social-media-marketing-seoBusiness nowadays is relying more and more on the advances of social media.  The social media websites and venues are growing at an alarming rate and marketers are often challenged on how to utilize them best in their business.  There are emerging solid routes to better efficiency but it takes a good deal of common sense and ingenuity to fully exploit what social media marketing has to offer.

The biggest danger in learning social media marketing is to avoid the know-it-all gurus who put out ads and courses of such expense you could buy a car instead.  You’ve seen these ads where some guy in a t-shirt and jeans is posing in some tropical region with a pina colada drink in one hand, a hot sports car and mansion in the back and a good looking woman in a bikini on his lap.  This is all bull and that so called guru is making money by selling guru stuff not expertise in social media marketing. The best route is to use common sense and study on your own and be innovative when it’s smart to do so.

First of all don’t be a know-it-all yourself.  Realize that you have a learning curve that is made up of smaller learning curves and organizing your study time is important so that you don’t miss a step.  Knowing the tools and terminology of social media marketing is the first step.  The language changes every week as new technologies and techniques emerge but knowing the basics will allow you to have something to stand on.  Then as new terms and software, techniques emerge, your learning curves will be less of a challenge.  Again, knowing what you’re doing is the first step.

Once you’ve got your training in it’s time to go to work.  You have a brand that you’re trying to raise trust in so that you can sell and raise capital.  You don’t just jump into a social media group and start blabbing about yourself or plastering spammy ads and messages all over or you’ll be asking for trouble.

This is where the most important part of your social media marketing comes in, trust.  Without people trusting your brand you are not going anywhere.  You’ll be sitting there with people dropping you from their contact and friends lists and reporting you for being an annoyance and spammy.  You would literally have to start over from scratch and that’s not easy.  Trust is built up over time and with smart communication and follow through.  Joining a social media site you should play things soft, don’t ever get involved in arguments regarding politics and religion and don’t let anyone get you angry.  Let your conversations lead to your skills and services.

In addition to knowing what you’re doing and carrying yourself professionally using social media marketing, don’t forget or underestimate the tried and true offline methods.  Always have business cards with your websites, blogs, etc. on them.  Make cards for different people you would meet.  Newspaper ads, circulars, and the like as well as just chatting it up at social events and business gatherings can add to the success of  your social media marketing goals.

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