The Marriage Of Social Media Marketing And SEO

Social Media Marketing

Far too often entrepreneurs make the mistake of not realizing the importance of combining SEO and social media marketing. They’ll focus on one or the other and soon find themselves in a quagmire of low stats and lower performance.

The reason is that both these platforms compliment to one another and only the savvy and alert will know how to utilize them efficiently. The game has changed and is changing fast. As more people get online and more commerce is done, a company doing business on the web is going to be hard pressed to get attention much less revenue. With all the hackers and spammers out there working night and day to get to the top of the search engine results, the average marketer or website owner is up against the wall. It has gotten to the point that competing against these ne’er-do-wells is pointless, however, Google and other search engines aren’t going down without a fight.

The key here is to get back to studying the data that SEO and social media marketing provide. That meta data is very important not just to see how many hits one gets but where they come from, time, date, region and more. What content do they like and are they sharing, liking, reposting what you have provided. Are the public talking about your services in good tidings and are those reviews spreading virally around the web. All this data and more are necessary for success and that means doing the homework, testing, studying and keeping it going. Without such you’ll find yourself falling behind or paying a good sum of money to get someone else to do it for you and that means overhead you shouldn’t afford.

It calls for looking at the procedures and tactics the big shots use and remembering that following the fundamentals is just as important as following those golden nuggets of wisdom along the way. That’s a major trap right there, the golden nugget online marketing courses promising to solve every problem you’ll have with SEO and social media marketing. They can’t. You can get gurued to death listening and buying such products. It’s best to get the free information often accompanying a website like Facebook provides and the free tutorials that others put up on sites like YouTube. You will be astonished at what you can find on your own. You can chat with fellow marketers, entrepreneurs and such at many blogs and forums and you’ll know from the start if the venue is honorable or not. Anyone trying to get you to buy everything they have means you’ve run into a spam minefield.

So the bottom line here is getting the data and doing the due diligence. You have to realize this is a marriage between SEO techniques and social media marketing and that calls for studying a massive amount of information that is ever changing. Not only that but the trends involved can be overwhelming. Every day something unexpected goes viral and changes the landscape of what is trendy and popular. A website or business has to be on the ball to take advantage of these things with keyword rich text, excellent content and ever ready response to surfers. When people are liking your site, comments, etc., you have to get in there and reply back, give and take information and then structure your websites, social media profiles and pages accordingly.

This calls for being on the ball 24/7 and it calls for staying on top of SEO and social media marketing trends.

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