SEO Mistakes Not To Make

SEO Mistakes to avoidHaving SEO or Search Engine Optimization done correctly means one’s website will be in the game at a top and efficient position. It takes skill based on the science and technology available as well as some good common sense and insight. That being said there are a list of serious mistakes that webmasters and site owners do that kill any good attempts with SEO.

Poor quality content

No one wants to visit a site where the content is poor. Hire professional copywriters and not those nickle and dime ones. Make sure the pictures an videos are clear and well done. Don’t slap any bells and whistles on the site to look pop culture or cool. Get to the point. Your content should be about what makes your site unique and how it services your surfers. If you’ve got a business and your business is about pet care don’t slap some big picture of you and your kids or girlfriend all over the site. Surfers aren’t interested in your personal opinion of yourself, they’re interested in what you provide. Quality content means putting on the site works you created or hired someone to do. Professionalism is easy to spot. Sloppy work is sloppy work, no contest there. This is where a pro level SEO service is needed.

Keyword stuffing

Some people doing SEO have no clue as to how to populate a webpage or website with the right keywords the proper way. They stuff the same keyword anywhere they can and then wonder why the search engines penalize them. There’s a science, a technology to how to use keywords and a little bit of study will bring about surprising results. Keywords don’t bring a page to the top of a search engine alone nor overnight. It takes time and is done in coordination with other factors of website construction and management.

Inefficient use of social media

Since social media is one of the biggest traffic sources and growing, having SEO done right that incorporates it would be advisable. Not using social media properly is missing out on a major source of standing and growing traffic as well as boosting your presence on the search engines. When people share your website content that data is now available to the search engines. The more links to your site from organic traffic sources, the higher you’ll rank and the more credible you’ll appear. This isn’t a difficult thing to do. There are plugins that have icons and links to all the major social media around the world! A simple bit of cut and paste code and people visiting your site can click any number of these icons and suddenly your content is all over the place and these plugins are free! Do not underestimate the power of social media and SEO and don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Be competent and your SEO will benefit from it.

In addition

In addition to the above mentioned procedures make sure your link building is sane and not slapped together with links coming to and from irrelevant websites. Search engines see this and know your site is amateurish or a spam farm. Keep things smart, use a plan to make sure you’ve got a guideline of efficient and effective SEO techniques. It’s all about fine tuning things and using common sense that will help you avoid these SEO mistakes.

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