Answering The Big SEO Questions

Answering The Big SEO QuestionsSEO or Search Engine Optimization, is still of much debate nowadays regarding its effectiveness.

That being said, know the world of SEO and having one’s doubts put aside is very important.  There is a lot of ground to cover for businesses who don’t believe SEO can be of any value anymore.  Here are some simple questions to ask oneself regarding SEO.

Is SEO still valid?

In today’s market SEO is still alive and kicking.  Some would debate its effectiveness but it comes down to the final results.  The search engines aren’t going to ignore SEO anytime soon because there isn’t enough technology to properly counter it and may do more harm than good.  On the other hand, SEO has gotten so corrupted by profiteers that the public isn’t being served well to the point of exhaustion.  Search Engines like Google know this and are working on alternative technologies to remedy the situation.  That being said, SEO is still here and calls for a sharp eye.

Doesn’t SEO take an expert?

SEO may seem intimidating to the layperson but overall it isn’t that complicated a process to learn the basics and innovate.  The problem is getting through all the hype and false data about the subject.  You have to look at what the pros say works the best on a basic level and then do your own detective work to figure out those neat tricks the professionals use to excel.  Be cautious of those SEO guru courses that claim to be able to get your site to the top of Google in a day or some other such claim.  They’re just out for your money.  So follow the basics and you’ll get the gist of SEO.

SEO is only for rich people right?

Not necessarily.  In some cases it will cost you a pretty penny to get the best in SEO for your website.  This is because the top pros demand such a price as their strategies and techniques do indeed work.  The problem is trying to figure out which one of these experts is honest or not.  Testimonials from clients are enticing but in today’s world of corruption you can’t trust anyone.  That being said, it costs more to test each and every top notch company unless you go to a forum of high respect and get that information from industry pros and customers.  Communicate, communicate, communicate, is the keyword here before you buy.  Even when you do hit paydirt some major competitor with more cash than you will find out who your SEO guru is and offer them more money to topple you and the game is afoot again.

Google doesn’t recognize SEO anymore?

Google does indeed recognize prsent day SEO.  The issue at hand is that the SEO experts exploit the system so that the public ends up with results that are far less than optimal when it comes to their time and effort.  When that happens, everyone loses across the board because revenue is lost, and applied false data is spread undermining the entire world.  It may not seem serious but think in terms of the effects.  A crooked SEO company gets a crooked construction product to the top of the search results, that product gets worldwide sales, a year later buildings and other structures start falling apart injuring or killing people and costing governments billions.  Google wants to prevent this but can’t just wipe out SEO overnight.  This is the battle before it and they’re working on it night and day.

How can I benefit from SEO today?

The best way to benefit from SEO today is to learn the basics.  Get the reading material, talk to the pros, get the right software and technology.  “Make hay while the Sun shines!”, is the best advice at present.  Watch out for crooks and pay attention to the industry and things should be good sailing.

Finally, SEO is at a crossroads with lots of speculation as to which way the industry will go.  It’s a make or break time for search engines and surfers too.


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