Getting Your Marketing To Go Viral The Social Networking Way

 Getting Your Marketing To Go Viral The Social Networking WayOne of the biggest challenges of an internet marketer or anyone using the web to make money is getting that message or content to go viral. There’s no magic bullet or super trick but there are basic strategies the pros use to get the ball rolling.

First of all, if you have a product or a personality or anything you feel needs to get out in public big time, then you’ll need to evaluate how valuable that product is to the public. Second is how will you present it to the public, what approach would be satisfactory? It’s a matter of not using the old ways but either modifying them to the new paradigm and using the new techniques that have proven tried and true.

Social networking is the steam engine here and everyone knows it. To use social networking effectively, however, takes some know-how and expertise. It’s not like you’re going to just post on Facebook and suddenly get worldwide attention. It can happen and that we call organic website traffic. What happens there is that someone makes a post that other people like and then they share it, repost it and it spreads like a virus. No one can predict what will go viral and what won’t but using smart and proven methods we can narrow down things sociala great deal and come up with a formula that works. It isn’t easy by any means so don’t let some SEO guru come along like one of those old used car salesmen and try to hustle you out of money.

Getting started means getting your product, project, and or name brand out there. Using social networking you can get a message board or Facebook fan page going. It will take time but the momentum builds and over time you’ll have more and more people visiting and engaging in the conversations. That’s the key and this is the step you cannot afford to mess up on. You must engage the audience. Answer questions, ask them too. Validate and commend others and you’ll see the retention rate rise and new visitors. This is what gets the content viral as a start. You need to build up an audience. Some people have more than one fan page or page where they communicate on. Getting that big audience means that you can calculate possible sales and so on.

It’s a smart strategy of combining various communication resources and programming that brings about a viral result. That’s where hashtags come in as well. Hashtagging is all the rage but it’s because it works. It doesn’t take a lot to study how to hashtag, it’s when to hashtag and about what to hashtag that is the key. Doing it right means results and after a bit of practice you’ll get the idea and be able to apply it easily.

This is what this area of SEO is all about. A specialized area but a highly effective one. Knowing it down pat is so important that it can make or break a campaign. Study carefully and remember you have to participate in the conversations, questions, answers, and get your staff and friends to do so too.

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