Video SEO And You

Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And YouToday, video is such a major part of the web that billions of them are loaded each day on sites throughout the world.  They range from every topic imaginable and with the easy access to smartphone cameras and software, the average Joe or Jane can easily become a videographer of sorts.  That being said, the marketing and business person needs to know how to use video SEO to their advantage and it may not be as difficult as it seems.

First of all, there’s YouTube and the thousands of other YouTube clones out there.  YouTube is not only a video posting site but is also the second largest search engine, top social networking platform and more.  If you know your video SEO you’ll make gains you hadn’t thought of before.

Video SEO is similar to standard SEO or search engine optimization with a few tricks aside.  First of all you need to know how to shoot video.  Not those incompetent videos shot by people on their smartphones of some people fighting or dumb pet tricks, but a clear, concise video focusing on your product and services.  Perhaps some good graphics and a crystal clear narration.  Once that’s done you’ll be able to upload your video to YouTube and its clones.  That’s not the end of it though, now comes the optimization.

You’ll need to use a title that is catchy and engaging.  If your name is Joe and you have an auto body shop that specializes in building classic muscle car engines then that’s what you focus on. Not “Joe’s Engines” but a title like “Joe’s Rocking Classic Muscle Car Engines”.  This will impinge on the surfer and raise your visibility.  Next comes keywords.  Pick only relevant keywords not just stuff it to the max.  Those keywords will be the stepping stones upward for your video presence on the video sites and your site and search engines as well.  A good description is a must have.  Make that description relevant but entertaining.  A good description not only gets the attention of the search engines but also the surfers who will share your video on their social networking pages and embed the video too.  That’s the clincher.  People sharing and promoting what you have is like having a free advertising team on a global basis.

Don’t forget to use tags and a site map as well as these tools will enhance your chances of survival and expansion.

Overall, the age of video and video SEO is still new and growing.  No one could possibly watch all the videos there are in the world but if your video has that extra something that your competitors don’t, you’ll be standing up and getting noticed on levels you might not have been prepared for.  Humor is plus.  Add a bit of humor to a non serious subject as people love to laugh.  They’ll grab that sharing URL and then the next thing you know your video is spread to all four corners of the Earth.  Your “view” stats might shoot up to a million or more and that’s money in the bank.

Remember, engaging content, well done keywords, descriptions, tags, site map, social networking and your video SEO should be spot on.

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